27 September 2016

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EN: Is been a while since we desired to make this move and now is finally done. We will invite you to check our NEW BLOG because the entire activity has moved at http://letstalkaboutfashion.com 
We have the same name as we used until now, but we came with more content, topics and ideas in order to give you the right information ♥

RO: A trecut ceva timp de cand ne dorim sa facem aceasta mutare iar acum este in sfarsit realizata. Va invit sa vizitati noul blog deoarece acolo este mutata intreaga activitate: http://letstalkaboutfashion.com 

Avem acelasi nume ca si pana acum, doar ca in plus o sa gasiti mai mult continut, mai multe idei care au ca scop oferirea informatiilor necesare si utile ♥ 

29 August 2016

When the details make the difference

Outside is cloudy and it`s raining since I woke up. I wanted to get out of the bed and look on the window and see the sun rising but this was only a dream. My plans were ruined for today, the shooting postponed and the only thing I could have think of was to get out and enjoy the fresh air after a summer rain.

But well, not everything happen as we plan or want. But it seems that faith wanted me to post a grey outfit with just a small splash of color at the bottom of the outfit. The Yellow Knotted Mules are my favorite lately and the satin works perfect with my pajama look.

What do you think about this trend? Everyone dresses like they just got out of bed, but I really love it. It can be casual and elegant at the same time and also you can look more relaxed if you prefer to wear the outfit by day.

Let me know what you think about it and stay tuned because I`m preparing a new face for my beloved blog that will be soon lunched with a surprise for you ♥

Wish you all a new wonderful week,
Kisses, M ♥

 I was wearing:
H&M Shirt
Pajama Pants: Similar Here
Jessica Buurman Knotted Mules Here
Swarovski bracelet
Sunglasses: Similar Here
Bag: Similar Here
Fur Bag Charm: Here

26 August 2016

The beach season comes to an end

Hi loves! Most probably this is my last bikini post for this year since the season is about to end. I kept it for the end of the summer as a reminder of how great it was.

There are still unwritten stories that will be kept as memories for myself because as you all know, we still need to have a private life and if they are kept this way, sometimes we enjoy them more.
Today I won`t keep you long, just because we all have to take advantage of the last summer weekend. Do you have any plans? I have none, but I`m going to think about something and maybe as I previously told you, I will enjoy one more day at the pool ♥

Kisses and wish you all a wonderful weekend,
M ♥

I was wearing:
Shein Coconut Tree Print Swimsuit: Here

25 August 2016

All Black and White

I just got back from a short run and right before entering the shower I wanted to share a new outfit with you. Well, not only because I was to nervous to show it but mostly because today it willl be a busy day and this is the only moment when I have a few minutes left free.

It`s hard to get back form your holiday and be on track with everything, even more that I still want to enjoy the few days left of the summer and I want to have them bu the pool. The good news are that maybe this weekend you`ll find me there ♥

But tell me, how do you manage to get back to work and succeed in remaining focused on what you have to do and not having your mind in completely other directions? Because I`m not really successful at this lately.
If you can imagine, last night by instinct I found myself searching for another holiday destination!

But one week from now, we will officially start a new autumn season and for sure will be magnificent. It should be since we have a hell of a summer ♥ In a good way for sure ♥

Wish you all a wonderful day and stay tunned because new things are about to come!
Kisses, M ♥

 I was wearing:
Hat: Here
Jerome Boateng sunglasses: Edel Optics
H&M t-strap shirt
Romwe Skirt: Here
Paul Andrew Sandals: Here
Michael Kors Bag: Here
Tommy Hilfiger Watch: Similar Here

24 August 2016

Sailor on Duty

 Hi loves! The weather is so moody lately, but today I want to share with you my sailor inspired outfit that I wore for our last night in Cannes. I thought it will be perfect and that it will match perfectly the atmosphere there and I was right. Everyone admired the dress and also the combination of white and blue with the red details.

Regarding the city, there are too many things to be mentioned but I don`t want to bore you that much again. Still, I want to recommend you if you`re going to explore the city, to take also time to go to the Radisson`s roof top restaurant. You`ll have a 360 degrees view over the city and the French Riviera, which will amaze you. During the day I don`t think it will be that interesting but if you`ll be there at the sunset you`ll love it for sure.

I hope you`ll enjoy the pictures and you can find more details about my outfit in the I was wearing section. Hurry up because most of the items are not on final sales and you can have them at a super price :D You know that I`m always sharing with you these details because I think that it is extremely clever to invest in statement pieces but is even better if you`re not going to spend a fortune on them!

Wish you all a wonderful day,
Kisses, ♥

 I was wearing:
Kraxy Rabbit Dress: Here
Michael Kors Bag: Here
Prada Sunglasses: Here
Casadei Sandals: Here ( On Final Sales)

23 August 2016

Time to be the Prom Queen is close ♥

September is just around the corner and the new season on wedings and proms is about to start. All the girls dream to be the Prom Queens and we all know how hard is this. Together with Sherry London we made some selections of Prom Dresses that will help you to get through all the drama and the shopping crisis in outfits that you`ll shine and get the entire attention!

First of all the red dress never gets out of style. The elegance of a qualitative lace that creates a one shoulder long dress will help you make a statement. If you also pick the right accessories the outfit can be even more attractive. I was never quite a fan of the combination of red and black so this is why I`m suggesting you this time a combination of red and nude.

22 August 2016

Day 3 of our Holiday spent in Nice

Hi loves! Today I will share with you more details about our short trip from Cannes to Nice & also the details of my Pocahontas outfit ♥
First of all, there is a short trip. We took the train from Cannes and in 30minutes we arrived in Nice, but it is extremely important to take the TGV instead of the Regional train becuase it`s both cleaner and faster since the second one has stops in all the small stations and the irony is that at that moment was also cheaper if you can believe it, since we paid 22 euros for 2 persons both ways, instead of 28 euros.
From Nice you can also go in Monaco too and you`ll have another 30min maximum. It`s worth the time, but in our case we were to exhausted and we skipped it.

About the city, since the attacks that happened just a short time ago, the city was peaceful and I can say a bit empty. The terrible moments are still in the air, but we enjoyed a walk by the sea and also the streets of Nice with no incidents. I guess is safer now that there are police officers around the city walking between the tourists. 

Last but not least, I decided to be Pocahontas for a day by wearing a leather outfit found on Kraxy Rabbit. Simple leather, suede leather, braids, white and brown... the ingredients for a perfect outfit that was completed with a pair of pom pom sandals, a brown Michael Kors Bag and my all time favorite pair of sunglasses from Prada.

You can find all the links to each product in the I was wearing section.
I hope you enjoy it and wish you a wonderful week,
Kisses, M ♥

I was wearing:
Kraxy Rabbit Skirt: Here
Leather White Top: Here
Choies Pom Pom Sandals: Here ( at a discount)
Prada Sunglasses: Here
Michael Kors Bag: Here
Wood Bracelets: Similar Here

21 August 2016

You`re planning a trip to the French Riviera? Read more about my experience

Our second day in Cannes, was beyond perfection. We had decided to go and relax by the beach and to enjoy a cold Granita. I have to admit that this was my favorite drink during the holiday and I know that basically is not that healthy, but come on, it was just for a few days :D

For me, everything was just in the right place and by spending a few days there, for the first time I started thinking how it can be to live there. And everything in my mind was just perfect and relaxing, you know the kind of activities and life that we should all enjoy at some point in time? Well Cannes fit them all, at least from a theoretic point of view ♥

I will continue to tell you more about this place and have a small story with each picture that will follow. In this way I think you`ll have a better image and you`ll understand better the magic of the city.

In the mean time, you can purchase the items I wore by clicking on the specific product you`re interested in and you`ll be directed straight to the product page:

I was wearing:
Palms Dress: Here
Pink Basis Sandals: Here
Hat: Similar Here 
Beach Bag: Here (at a discount)
Sunglasses: Similar Here

18 August 2016

The unexpected trip to Cannes ♥

 Hi loves! I know it`s been a while since my last post, but as some of you already know from my Facebook and Instagram accounts, I`ve been on a short holiday...again :D
It was unplanned mostly because we wanted to go to the seaside in Romania, until we found that there were no rooms left and we decided to change the destination and go to Cannes. In the next posts, I will show you more pictures with the city, the beach, their delicious seafood and the entire vibe.

 Just for you to know, we took our flights to Nisa, because in Cannes you can arrive only by private jets and from Nisa we took the train that arrives in Cannes in no more than 30 min. Also if you want to know where you can stay, the best is to stay arround the train station because it`s extremely close to the center and to everything that you`ll want to see.

I loved it and for the first time, I`ve said that it was one of my best holidays. ♥
Wish you all a wonderful day and even if it`s sad, summer is almost over and we have to get back to work as we should, don`t you think?

Kisses, M ♥

 I was wearing:
Sunglasses: Similar Here
Choies Jumpsuit: Here
Flats: Here
Beach Bag: Here

5 August 2016

Bonding With Mother Nature

Hi loves! Today I`m back to you with a more casual outfit, perfect for those summer days when you want to enjoy the day and spend it maybe at a picnic with your friends. I`m so over wearing heels and these gladiator sandals are more than perfect for my feet.

Also, for the perfect outfit you should try and combine a comfy kimono with a small but useful backpack... like I did. Somethimes, even if it`s small or big, a bag is a bit uncomfortable and this is when the backpack comes to save the day ♥

One more thing that I want to tell you about, is related to the sunglasses. Recently I became a football fan... not really common for a girl, but I watch the Euro 2016 with my boyfriend and if you watched it too, you have probably noticed that the German team was great and their results were really good.
Jerome Boateng was also part of the team and right before the Euro, he launched a new sunglasses collection and I said to myself that I must have a pair. Said and done ♥ Maybe is not one of those brands you want to have in your collection, but I don`t really give much attention to the brand as I give on the person behind the collection and on the shapes and models available...

I will invite you to take a look at his collection Here and let me know what you think. Also it`s in collaboration with Edel Optics, so their quality is undoubted.

Wish you all a wonderful weeken! 
Kisses, M ♥

I was wearing:
Romwe Kimono: Here
Jerome Boateng Sunglasses: Edel Optics
Pink Basis Sandals: Here
Leather Backpack: Similar Here
Nude Shorts: Similar Here

1 August 2016

Garden Party by Pandora

 Last week I attended the Garden party organized by Pandora right after my arrival back in Bucharest. Everything was so dreamy and gorgeous that I didn`t even realized when time passed by and the clock showed 10pm.

Sure, we had flowers, a great garden set up, sushi and the new Pandora Collection together with a short speech held by the Ranevents Team about the Autumn and Winter Collections together with the new one Pandora Rose. Pure perfection and great vibe. Loved it and

 I will let you enjoy the pictures and some pieces of their collection. For more, visit their stores and for sure you`ll spend some money in there haha.

Kisses, M ♥

I was wearing:
Shein Dress: Here
Casadei Sandals: Here
Old Bag: Similar Here

30 July 2016

Give a girl the right flowers and she will love you forever ♥

Good morning loves! Today I have a special post that is meant to be about us, all the women around the world and about, like we do like to call, small attentions that we like to receive once in a while... if not everyday :D . I always loved to receive flowers, usually any kind of flowers, but my favorite of them all, are and will always be the red roses: color, passion, beauty and love.

I noticed during editing and writing this post, that I have a different glow and smile in these pictures than in the usual ones. I guess that in the end, small things really make us happy and grateful for what we have.

But I`m not gonna lie, I would love to wake up every morning and have a big bouquet of red roses on the nightstand. I would wake up happier and full of joy, ready for a new day, even if it`s presumed to be a good or a bad one ♥

I hope you`ll like my shooting for today and I`m really curious what are your favorite flowers? 

Wish you all a great weekend,
Kisses, M ♥

 I was wearing:
Shein Dress: Here

Location: Floria in Strada

29 July 2016

Feeric Fashion Week is all about People

Ultima zi feerica si ultima postare despre aceast eveniment. Desigur, o sa va vorbesc pentru ultima data despre acesta insa au ramas in continuare multe lucruri nespuse, amintiri minunate si experiente ce nu le voi uita prea repede, fiindca imi vor ramane mereu in suflet.

Pentru mine, totul a inceput acum cativa ani, cand la recomandarea Gabrielei Atanasov, Mitichi imi scria pe facebook... da, pe facebook, imaginati-va :D
Stiti, acel calendar care in acel an a reunit bloggeri din toata tara, M Calendar, in care eu am ales sa o interpretez pe Sarah Jessica Parker, ei bine el a dorit ca eu sa fac parte din acest proiect si desi eram la inceput si recunosc, putin sceptica, am acceptat provocarea primita si o sa ii multumesc mereu pentru ocazia oferita si pentru restul experientelor si amintirilor pe care am reusit sa le creez alaturi de toti cei din echipa Feerica. Multumesc Mitichi ♥

Insa acum este timpul sa va povestesc despre ultima zi petrecuta la Sibiu, despre prezentari si despre ultima Gala desfasurata in Piata Mica pe deja consacratul pasaj suspendat. Dar sa incepem cu prima prezentare a zilei!

28 July 2016

A 4 a zi Feerica la Sibiu

All great things come to an end! Trist dar adevarat. Toata aventura Feerica petrecuta la Alba Iulia si Sibiu a fost extrem de minunata si ma bucur ca am avut ocazia sa cunosc atat de multe persoane diferite si unice alaturi de care am reusit sa creez legaturi datorita pasiunilor comune: moda si pofta de viata.

Poate cumva v-ati plictisit de aceste postari, insa mereu Feeric Fashion Week a venit cu ceva nou, inedit si incredibil de bine realizat. In a 4a zi, am avut ocazia spre exemplu sa participam la o prezentare de moda realizata la Castelul de Lut situat in Valea Zanelor ( in apropiere de Sibiu) unde am admirat o noua colectie semnata Charles & Ron.

Va pot spune ca locatia parea desprinsa dintr-o poveste si cu siguranta daca aveti ocazia trebuie sa mergeti sa il vizitati. ♥

Charles & Ron

Photo Credits: Iuliana Cristina Popescu from In the dim light
& The Storyalist

25 July 2016

Cum am reusit sa slabesc sanatos

Astazi o sa va povestesc mai multe despre problemele mele cu greutatea din ultimul an. De cand ma stiti, probabil ca ati observat ca am luat cateva kg si ca formele corpului meu s-au schimbat. Nu o sa spun ca sunt grasa sau ca am fost grasa... insa va pot spune ca nu ma simteam bine cu greutatea pe care o aveam.
Tot procesul de slabit, este de durata, asta pentru a obtine rezultate care sa te multumeasca si care sa te faca sa te simti bine in pielea ta dar care sa nu iti afecteze sanatatea.

Ca sa intelegeti mai bine situatia, am reusit sa slabesc de la inceputul lunii aprilie aproape 7kg. Desigur, as putea avea o scuza pentru vacanta din Italia in care nu am reusit sa ma abtin de la pizza, paste si inghetata... insa mereu gasim scuze care sa ne acopere vina de care suntem doar noi responsabili fiindca cel putin in cazul meu, nimeni nu m-a fortat sa mananc. ACCEPT: Sunt pofticioasa si imi place mancarea.

Dar, momentul critic s-a petrecut cand am inceput sa  fac curat in dulap si blugii boyfriend... nu prea mai erau asa boyfriend pt ca devenisera destul de stramti, iar pantalonii scurti nu ma mai incapeau. In acel moment, m-am pus in fata oglinzii si am inceput sa ma analizez, lucru pe care nu il mai facusem pana atunci. Sincer, nu mi-am dat seama de formele pe care le capatasem... iar oglinda parea sa imi fie in acel moment cel mai mare dusman al meu.

Cantarul nu a fost nici el prea prietenos...indica 65,8 kg. Stiu, este un numar mare iar asta fiindca si eu eram destul de mare. Cel putin in raport cu numarul de kilograme pe care il aveam de obicei.
Si de aici a inceput aventura mea impotriva kilogramelor in plus. O sa va povestesc pasii care mi-au schimbat starea si desigur greutatea:

1. Alimentatia:
         Marea mea problema era legata de dulciuri, mancat la ora tarzii chiar si noaptea ma trezeam din somn, faptul ca sunt pofticioasa si cu greu ma abtin de la ceva si usoara dependenta de coca cola.

Incep cu lucrurile la care am renuntat: nu mai mananc dupa ora 9 seara, si asta pentru ca mereu ma prinde cel putin 12 noaptea la calculator editand poze si scriind articole. De asemenea daca ma trezesc noaptea, prefer sa beau doar un pahar cu apa si am renuntat de tot la cel mai prost obicei pe care il aveam.
Cat despre pofte, dulciuri si mancare mai putin sanatoasa. Nu am renuntat la ele, insa am redus cantitatile. Imi este pofta de ceva, gust si atat, iar mancarea nesanatoasa o pot avea doar o data pe saptamana. Insa incerc sa nu fac din asta un obicei saptamanal.

Inca un lucru important, nu mancam dimineata. DELOC. Acum, prefer sa imi fac un shake pe baza de iaurt degresat de baut, un fruct care poate sa difere ( banana, fructe de padure, kiwi samd), miere, migdale, caju si orice alte seminte nutritive. De precizat este faptul ca nu le iau prajite. Restul meselor sunt compuse din gratar de pui, salate, vita la gratar, legume sotate si fructe.

2. Sportul:
Cel mai important pentru un corp armonios si sanatos este sa faceti miscare.

Am alergat... des si mult. Am ajuns la alergari de 15km insa am realizat acest lucru treptat. Fiindca am facut sport de performanta 12 ani de zile, corpul meu este destul de rezistent la efort asa ca am putut sa incep 5 km. Pe care la inceput am vrut doar sa ii alerg intr-un timp cat mai bun. Cand am considerat ca este suficient, am trecut la 6 km, 8km, si 10 km. Iar cei 15 km de care va spuneam, i-am alergat pur si simplu din ambitie, sa imi dovedesc ca pot sa realizez tot ce imi propun si ca munca o sa imi aduca rezultatele dorite.

De asemenea, de curand am inceput sa si inot. Vara va recomand sa inotati mai mult decat orice. Eu nu suport sa alerg pe o asemenea caldura si de aceea am preferat sa merg la bazin si sa inot macar o ora. Inotul iti lucreaza tot corpul in acelasi timp si va ofera o forma frumoasa a corpului, asta pe langa multiplele beneficii pe care le aduce, precum plamani mai sanatosi, o inima mai puternica, indreapta spatele pentru cei ce petrec foarte mult timp la calculator spre exemplu.

3. Suplimente care sa ajute in acest proces.
De multe ori, este dificil sa reusesti chiar de unul singur si un ajutor este mereu binevenit.

Acum aproximativ 2 saptamani, am inceput sa testez deja faimoasele ceaiuri WOW TEA. Sincer, eram extrem de curioasa de efectul pe care o sa il aibe. Revin iar cu o paranteza, cand faceam inot, primeam extrem de multe suplimente nutritive care aveau scopul de a ne ajuta atat pentru a rezista la efort cat si pentru a ne reface dupa antrenamente.
Cred in suplimente si in produse 100% naturale si daca sunt urmate de pasii necesari, cu siguranta ajuta mai mult decat v-ati astepta.  Trebuie sa precizez ca orice produs nu isi poate face efectul daca nu este ajutat. Nu puteti alerga 10 km spre exemplu, sa mancati la fel de mult si sa va asteptati sa slabiti. Cu siguranta in cel mai bun caz, doar va veti mentine la greutatea pe care o aveti.

Acum, pot sa ma si laud cu numarul de kilograme la care am ajuns. In ultima luna, de cand am inceput sa folosesc si acest ceai, care ma intriga extrem de tare la inceput, am reusit sa slabesc dublu, fata de cat reusisem pana in prezent. Mai exact in ultima luna, am reusit sa slabesc 3,5 kg si am ajuns la 59,2 iar acest lucru merita sarbatorit cu cateva poze la piscinaaa ( Chaboo Pool and Club)

O sa spuneti ca nu exista secrete miraculoase si asa este. Nu doar ceaiul a contribuit, dar a ajutat exact la fel de mult cum a ajutat si sportul si alimentatia si chiar vara, care datorita calturii elimina pofta de mancare.
Insa toate impreuna ajuta la un rezultat pe care eu mi-l doresc.

Lupta mea cu greutatea nu se termina aici si probabil o sa fie o batalie fara sfarsit pentru ca asa cum va spuneam... imi place mancarea si recunosc!!! Momentan, mi-am propus sa ajung la 54-55 kg fiindca imi doresc sa o iau treptat, iar de acolo o sa vedem ce se mai intampla ♥
Asa ca, sper sa va inspire schimbarea mea si sa va incurajeze si pe voi, cele care va confruntati cu aceasta problema sa faceti primul pas catre un stil de viata sanatos.

Fiecare are o perceptie diferita asupra greutatii si a ceea ce inseamna gras sau slab, insa mereu este important sa va simtiti bine in propria piele si sa fiti multumite de modul in care aratati!

Summer Detox: WOW TEA
Costum de Baie: Shein
Blugi Scurti: Shein
Palarie: Similara Aici

Locatie: Chaboo Pool and Club

Feeric Fashion Week- Day 3

Hi loves! Dupa o saptamana extrem de obositoare dar de vis din toate punctele de vedere, ieri am ajuns inapoi la Bucuresti. Desi este aproape 12 ( s-a facut 2:30 intre timp) eu sunt inca in pijamale si stau intinsa pe canapea, scriind aceasta noua postare pentru voi.
Trebuie sa recunosc, sunt putin melancolica fiindca total s-a incheiat parca extrem de repede, asta poate se datoreaza faptului ca nu am avut foarte mult timp liber la dispozitie, iar ritmul alert nu ne-a permis decat sa ne bucuram de fiecare moment si sa putem pleca fiecare spre casa, cu convingerea ca am creat amintiri extraordinare alaturi de oameni minunati, pe care ii cunosteam deja sau pe care tocmai i-am cunoscut dar care au intrat rapid in vietile noastre.

Dar povestea nu s-a incheiat si acum a sosit timpul sa va impartasesc mai multe detalii despre cea de a treia zi din cadrul Feeric Fashion Week. Mai exact, joi au avut loc 3 prezentari individuale si 4 prezentari in Feeric Venue ce s-a desfasurat in fiecare seara la Redal Expo.

O sa va continui povestea acestei zile in cele ce urmeaza si nu uitati ca la sfarsit veti gasi si poze cu tinutele pe care le-am purtat ♥

1. White and Gold Outfit:
Shein Dress: Here
Gold Sandals: Here
Bag: Similar Here
Marc Jacobs Watch: Here
Sunglasses: Similar Here

2. Black outfit:
Violeta Marcu Dress
Sunglasses: Similar Here
PU Cut out Leather Skirt: Here 
Prabal Gurung Sandals: Here
Clutch: Similar Here

Photo Credits: Iuliana Cristina Popescu from In the dim light

22 July 2016

Princess for a day - Feeric Fashion Week Day2

A doua zi de Feeric Fashion Days de la Sibiu, a avut pregatite pentru spectatori, cum era de asteptat, locatii surprinzatoare si inedite ce se potriveau perfect cu conceptul si viziunea fiecarui designer ce avea sa isi prezinte colectiile.

La orele amiezii, brandul argentinian Ruma Zapatos, a deschis sirul prezentarilor cu o colectie de pantofi extrem de speciala, avand ca atractie principala detalii suflate cu aur alb si roz de 18karate. Prezentarea a avut loc pe pasajul ce leaga strada Mitropoliei de strada Xenopol.

O sa va povestesc mai multe in randul fiecarei prezentari fiindca trebuie sa stiti povestea fiecarei colectii si a designerului in cele ce urmeaza.

Cat despre tinuta mea, Raffaela Moraru a avut grija sa stralucesc si imi place sa cred ca am fost o adevarata printesa la Palatul Brukenthal... mai in gluma, mai in serios.
Dar asta cu siguranta datorita minunatei rochii corai pe care am purtat-o si care pe langa faptul ca m-a facut sa ma simt speciala, a fost si extrem de comoda. Ador rochiile lungi, dar cele asimetrice sunt mereu practice si iti ofera aceeasi eleganta ♥ Voi ce parere aveti?

Tinuta a fost compusa din:
Rochie: Raffaela Moraru 
Geanta: Michael Kors
Incaltaminte: PinkBasis

Photo Credits: Iuliana Cristina Popescu from In the dim light

21 July 2016

Day 1- Feeric Fashion Week Sibiu

De ieri, Feeric Fashion Week s-a mutat la Sibiu. Cea mai importanta saptamana a modei din Europa de Est, a debutat marti in curtea interioara a Palatului Brukenthal. Mihaela Cirlugea a pus in scena un adevarat spectacol de dans si moda rasplatit cu ropote de aplauze la final de prezentare. Colectia designerului roman este intitulata "Painting Tim`s Dreams" si are ca sursa de inspiratie filmele lui Tim Burton.

Pentru prima parte a zilei si tinuta mea a fost cat se poate de lejera si veti gasi mai departe detalii despre aceasta cat si despre urmatoarele prezentari ale zilei. Continue reading, pentru ca urmatoarea prezentare a fost pe cat de surprinzatoare pe atat de spectaculoasa.

Tot aici va voi lasa si detaliile despre tinutele pe care le-am purtat atat pe timp de zi cat si la petrecerea despre care o sa va povestesc mai jos ♥

Prima tinuta:
Ochelari de soare: Prada Aici
Geanta: Michael Kors Aici
Bluza: Romwe Aici
Pantaloni: Similari Aici
Bratara: Swarovski
Ceas: Guess Similar Aici

A doua tinuta:
Rochie: V for Vintage
Cercei: V for Vintage
Clutch: Similar Aici
Sandale: Aquazzura Aici

Photo Credits: Iuliana Cristina Popescu from In the dim light

19 July 2016

Feeric Fashion Week- Alba Iulia #feelfeeric

 Buna dimineata ♥ Dupa cum bine stiti, weekend-ul ce tocmai s-a terminat l-am petrecut la Alba Iulia si va pot spune ca a fost #FEERIC la propriu si la figurat. Acum va scriu de la Sibiu deja, fiindca ne pregatim de o noua zi plina de prezentari inedite si colectii surprinzatoare.

Sambata am avut parte de emotii, oameni puternici care ne invata sa traim si sa ne bucuram de viata la maxim. Mai exact Feeric Fashion Week a pregatit in colaborare cu Asociatia Open Your Heart, cea de a zecea prezentare Atipic Beauty din care am avut onoarea si deosebita placere sa fac parte si sa sustin in acelasi timp initiativa de a atrage atentia asupra dificultatilor cu care se confrunta persoanele cu handicap motoriu.

Tinuta purtata de mine este semnata  Irina Zgaia si va pot spune ca in prezentarile de la Alba Iulia, ea a fost cu siguranta preferata mea ♥

11 July 2016

Weekend Mood Outfit

 Hi loves and Happy Monday! Today I have prepared for you another casual outfit because it seems that this summer I`m so into flats and comfy clothing. It`s perfect for the weekend but also for holidays where all we want in the end is to fell great while exploring new places and cities.
Also, I remembered about my super spacious and great Michael Kors bag. It`s been a while since I last wore it but this is the advantage of reorganizing from time to time our wardrobes, don`t you think? :D

I hope you`ll enjoy it and I have to go now, because it seems that it will be a crazy week since this Friday we will be on the move to Feeric Fashion Week and I have to prepare my outfits for a long week spent there is great company ♥ I will show you more once we get there ♥

Kisses, M ♥

 I was wearing:
Shein Jumpsuit: Here
Hat: Similat Here
Michael Kors Bag: Here
Amiclubwear Sandals: Here
Tommy Hilfiger Watch: Similat Here

9 July 2016

We are going to #FeelFeeric

De astazi intr-o saptamana incepe o noua editie de Feeric Fashion Week. Asadar ne vom vedea in Weekend-ul urmator la Alba Iulia iar apoi, de Marti pana Sambata ne vom da intalnire la Sibiu la cea mai importanta saptamana a modei din Europa de Est. 
De fapt, este prima editie in care denumirea sa adopta numele marilor saptamanii ale modei din intreaga lume precum: London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week si Milan Fashion Week.

Pentru mine, este prima data cand voi participa si la show-urile de la Alba Iulia si va pot spune ca sunt mega entuziasmata sa cunosc atat orasul cat si designerii ce vor participa si vor deschide aceasta noua editie. 

Anul trecut, Eduardo Perez și Diego de Biase, creatorii argentinieni din spatele brandului Sarah Jessy Jones au deschis, prin prezentările de la Alba Iulia atât săptămâna modei cât și calea designerilor din America de Sud spre piața generoasă a Europei de Est. Succesul prezentărilor de modă susținute de cei doi designeri a dus la o listă de designeri sudamericani de-a dreptul impresionantă pentru ediția din acest an. Astfel, alături de numeroși designeri argentinieni, publicul va putea vedea colecții produse de designeri din Paraguay și Chile. Iar participarea internațională la Feeric Fashion Week nu se oprește aici. De-a lungul celor 8 zile, pe pasarelele Feeric vor defila creații ale unor designeri renumiți din Singapore, Liban, Suedia, Malta, Serbia, Grecia, Italia, Franța sau Germania, la care desigur sunt adaugati si designeri din Romania. 

In final, peste 50 de designeri din intreaga lume au confirmat participarea la aceasta editie pentru a isi prezenta cele mai noi colectii la Feeric Fashion Week.

7 July 2016

Eye Catching Yellow Dress

Good morning loves! For today, we have the most eye catching dress I have probably ever wore. When I was a blonde, yellow seemed to be one of those colors I will never wore because I looked too... pale even if I had a tan.
But now things have changed and my hair is darker, actually a big part of it is in my natural color. It`s been a while since I`ve seen it because if you can imagine I first got blonde around 8 years ago. I am enjoying it at the moment but when the entire length will be healthy enough, I will get back to my favorite hair color.

Also, this was the outfit I wore for my b-day party. I managed to wear this new pair of Aquazzura sandals with the yellow dress. I wanted so bad this pair of heels and I was so happy when I received them, you probably have seen on my Snapchat account too.

I hope you like it and maybe it will be a great inspiration for you during these summer days.
Kisses and wish you a wonderful day!
M ♥

 I was wearing:
Aquazzura Pina Colada Sandals: Here
Shein Yellow Dress: Here
Carpisa Clutch: Similar Here

5 July 2016

Jumping in my new Denim jumpsuit

 Hi loves! My Holiday is now officially over even if the summer has just begun. I took too much time for me, I have to admit, but it was perfect and it was something that I needed for a while now: a wonderful trip to Italy, parties and sure, my super B-Day party. All together made a wonderful combination.

I`m not saying that all the fun is over now, but I will be more focused on my work then ever because I`m in the best shape and vibe ever. Even more at the end of next week, I will travel to Alba Iulia and Sibiu for the wonderful Feeric Fashion Week, but I will tell you more details but the end of the week. We are going to #FeelFeeric for sure and you`ll see every part of it through my eyes and of course, social media account :D

In the meantime, here is a new super casual outfit post. I wanted for a while already to have a denim jumpsuit... And this one is the one I was looking for. Combined with a pair of sneakers and my blue Michael Kors bag is just perfect.
You`ll find all the details in the following section and just click on the item you`re interested in and it will direct you straight to it ♥

Kisses and wish you all a wonderful week,
M ♥

I was wearing:
Romwe Denim Jumpsuit: Here
Sammydress Sunglasses
Calvin Klein Sneakers: Similar Here
Michael Kors Bag: Here
Bershka basic Turtlenec: Similar Here

4 July 2016

Back to my first love & Birthday Celebration

 Some of you might already know that I was a professional swimmer for 12 years and the pool was basically my second home. In fact I spent time in it, sometimes more than at home but it was true love, dedication and passion. I know I don`t have the same body as I did 5 years ago, but all the running that you have seen on my Facebook Page and all your support was worth it. Just to let you know, I`m not stopping here ♥ I do want to promote a healthy lifestyle as much as I can.

And oh, I do support the initiative of " Stop Bullying". We all have to be proud of who we are and how we look. Indeed, we all have to take care of our bodies and souls because we only have them once. And this is the main reason for which I decided to have a bikini post on my Birthday. Is a celebration of love... love yourself and love the ones around you ♥

For my Birthday, I wanted to go back to my favorite environment and enjoy it at the fullest and Chaboo Club and Pool was kind enough to make my day perfect ♥ Well, this happened on Saturday, because it was sunny and nice. Today is all rainy and cloudy but this is not going to be a problem for me and for the fun I have planned.

Kisses and don`t forget to be kind :D ♥

 I was wearing:
Sammydress sunglasses: Here
Romwe Swimsuit: Here

Place: Chaboo Club and Pool

30 June 2016

Pre Birthday Outfit Post ♥

I was so enthusiastic to share with you this pictures that I could not wait until tomorrow. The sad thing about this pictures is the fact that a lose a big part of them and I just can`t recover them in any way :( And some of them were so great, because the sun was extremely strong and we have waited a while for a cloud to appear and once it was in the right spot everything was just perfect.
But you`ll not be able to see them and I just had the chance to see them on the camera while we were shooting. Well sad story but I managed to find some nice one to and share this ones!

I wanted to make this post a bit festive, due to this gorgeous dress and to the fact that soon ( on Monday) I will turn 25. I can`t even realize how fast time past by but I`m grateful for everything and stay tuned because I`m preparing a nice post for you ♥

Until then, the weekend is near and I have to prepare a party :D
Kisses, M ♥

 I was wearing:
Shein Red Dress: Here
Pink Basis Nude Sandals: Here

27 June 2016

Rome and Vatincan

In our last full day in Italy we decided to visit Vatican and this is the outfit I wore. It is extremely important to know that if you want to visit the Vatican Museum and the Basilica San Pietro  this kind of outfit is not allowed since I had open shoulders. But there is no problem: you either come with something in your bag to cover yourself or buy a scarf like I did from the Piazza San Pietro and I think it`s quite a business for them.

For more details check the following section about what I`m wearing and if you are interested in Vatican, read down more for pictures and info.

 I was wearing:
Prada Sunglasses: Here
Choies Jumpsuit: Here
Bag, The Morodan By YVY Bags: Here
Marc Jacobs Watch: Here
Mood Bracelets: Here
Flats: Similar Here

25 June 2016

All roads lead to Rome

The first full day in Rome and we were truly amazed by the beauty of this incredible city.
I`ve told you in my previous post that we stayed nead Piazza de Popolo so this was our first stop. But we found out that we can go up and have a perfect view from above over the entire square and also enjoy a gorgeous & peaceful place which was more like a park. you can see more in the following pictures ♥

Then, when we went down we succeeded in arriving at Piazza di Spagna but since the stairs ( Spanish Steps) were closed for restoration we couldn`t take too many pictures there. But I think that they were closed until the end of this month, so if you have planned a trip to Rome starting from next one, you`ll have more luck for sure.

I will invite you to read the entire story because you`ll see more tourist attraction and in the meantime if you`re curious about my outfit don`t forget to check the next section because you`ll find there all the details you need ♥

 I was wearing:
Giuseppe Zanotti Espadrilles: Here
Romwe Studded Shorts: Here
Choies Blue Shirt: Here
Croco Bag from YVY Bags: Here
Earings: C&A
Watch: Guess Similar Here
Sammydress Sunglasses: Here

23 June 2016

Last day in Naples and First evening in Rome ♥

So the time for our last day in Naples has arrived. We already had in mind what was left to visit and we kept our schedule as planed.Our first "destination" was up to Castel Sant`Elmo which is the highest places in Naples and we got the 360 degrees view above the city and it was amazing.
If you want to get there you can take the Funiculare from a street near the Piazza Plebiscito or from 2 other metro Stations but I don`t really know their names. Is a must if you plan to visit Naples but just take care because even if it`s a quite area we had a bad incident with an immigrant while  I was taking a few pictures to Iustin. We thought I was actually picturing him and he wanted to broke my camera and he acted quite dangerous... but lucky me, it was a railing between us and it was a bit difficult for him to reach me.

I will let you enjoy the view together with some nice buildings and places from that part of the city and I will continue with the other destination and with our trip and first evening in Rome!

 I was wearing:
Michael Kors Bag: Find it at a discount HERE
C&A Sunflasses
Romwe Skirt: Here
Choies Sandals: Here
Marc Jacobs Watch: Here
Mood Bracelets: Flash Tattoos Romania Here
H&M basic blouse

22 June 2016

I`m all pink and sweet ♥

Today I took a short break from the holiday posts and decided to share with you some important news about a great Sale. If you haven`t seen it just click Here and you`ll be directed to the posts where you can find more details, or Here to be directed straight to the online shop.

Meanwhile, here is a new outfit post for you, perfect for these summer days that keep my mind thinking only at a big pool or at the seaside. Probably we will leave for a few days again just to get some tan and refresh our bodies.

I hope you like it and for more details check the I was wearing section because you can find there all the details!
Kisses, M ♥

 I was wearing:
Sammydress Sunglasses: Here
T-shirt: Similar Here
Romwe Shorts: Here
Bag Albertine for YVY Bags: Here
Amiclubwear Sandals: Here

Aquazzura, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein Underwear, Casadei and many more at more than 70% DISCOUNT

I want to tell you something super cool, that you can use only until this Friday: 25% Discount, on the already discounted items. Does it sound awesome to you? What`s even better and I couldn`t take advantage of it because I did not knew about it in time, is the fact that you can have up to 70% discount and add 25% discount more at check-out by using the code: 25EXTRA 

I hope I have your interest now and you can Click Here and you`ll be directed straight to the website. Don`t forget is for 3 days only available so pick your favorites and order them asap.  If you like something from the pictures, don`t forget that you have a direct link to each so you can have a fast access to your favorites.

1. Aquazzura style. If you follow me on Snapchat already, you know which is the pair between this Aquazzura ones I have picked. If you don`t, I will let you guess or wait until Friday when they will arrive, in time for my B-Day.

21 June 2016

Capri Island

Hi loves! Today I will tell you a few things you need to know about Capri, one of the most gorgeous islands that I`ve even been.
So, since we have stayed in Naples we took the speed boat and we arrived in Capri in one hour . The ticket was around 20euro per person for one way but it is worth it. You can buy the tickets in Naples from the their sea port which is right behind Castel Nuovo.

My outfit for today was perfect and it was a suit ( Blouse and skirt from L`Armario) flats and a super gorgeous gold bag from YVY Bags. But you`ll see all the details in the I was wearing section ♥
I made also a things for the Mood Bracelets from Flash Tattoos Romania, picked for this trip in gold and rose gold combine with the rose gold watch from Marc Jacobs

I was wearing:
Sammydress Sunglasses: Here
L`Armarion Suit: Here
YVY Bags Gold Bag: Here
Flash Tattoos Romania Mood Bracelets: Here
Marc Jacobs Watch: Here
Flat Sandals: Similar Here

20 June 2016

Summer Holiday: First Day in Naples

Well, sadly, we are back home!  And this post will be about our first day in Naples: how we got there, where we have stayed and what we managed to see. I will start quickly by telling you what I was wearing and I will continue with the pictures and stories!

 I was wearing: 
Hat: Similar Here
Sunglasses: Here
Dress: H&M
Marc Jacobs Watch: Here
Flash Tattoos Romania: Mood Bracelets
Michael Kors Bag: Here ( Find it at a discount) 
Ami Club wear Sandals: Here

10 June 2016

Somewhere in between two styles

Hi loves,

Today I want to show you the outfit I wore at the C&A event. Well, you might have seen more on Instagram and Snapchat ( user: manuellalupascu) about how it was and also you might have seen the fact that I had a different pair of sandals.
And indeed, you were right. Since it was a day event, I considered these lace-up sandals a bit too much and decided upon a pair of classic beige sandals.
Regarding the other details of this ourfit I might say that the Selby Michael Kors bag together with this skirt will be my summer favorites and most probably you`ll see them quite a lot, if not here on blog, for sure on the other social media accounts ♥

Well, that`s it for today, I hope you like my new outfit and for more details check the I was wearing section.
Kisses, M ♥

I was wearing:
Shein Shirt: Here
Romwe Skirt: Here
Jessica Buurman Lace-up Sandals: Here 
Michael Kors Selby Medium Sarchel: Here

6 June 2016

Vacante de vara cu Deichmann

 Trebuie sa va recunosc ca mi-a luat ceva sa realizez aceasta postare si totusi, ma gandesc cu teama ca o sa mai dureze minim 30 min pana cand termin si textul. Totul a pornit de la concertul de aseara Maroon 5, care pentru mine a dat startul oficial la vacanta de vara si la tot ce tine calatorii, distractie si noi amintiri.
De cand m-am trezit, destul de tarziu ce este drept, ma uit la filmuletele realizate de mine si de altii si retraiesc acele clipe minunate de fericire si entuziasm. Stiam fiecare melodie si fiecare vers, iar preferata mea " She will be loved", care este de fapt preferata mea ever, s-a lasat ceva asteptata insa nu se putea incheia concertul fara ea.

Dar gata, nu va mai vorbesc de concert fiindca asta fac de aseara. Si o sa va vorbesc despre tinuta mea de astazi, inspirata de viitoarea vacanta in care o sa plec saptamana viitoare.
Ciao Italia... Roma, Naploli si Capri. Aceste destinatii ma duc mereu cu gandul la tinute albe la care sunt adaugate accesorii maro, precum aceste sandale extrem de comode de la Deichmann.

Si in timp ce scriam aceasta postare, chiar am realizat ac mai este foarte putin pana la mult asteptata mea vacanta. ♥ Cu siguranta aceasta tinuta o sa fie in bagaj si  abia astept sa impartasesc cu voi poze din vacanta.

Voi ce tinuta ati alege pentru urmatoarea calatorie?

Va pup si va doresc o saptamana minunata,
Kisses, M ♥

Tinuta este compusa din:
Rochie Zara: Similara Aici
Palarie: Aici
Sandale: Deichmann
Geanta: Similara Aici
Ochelari Ray Ban- Aici

2 June 2016

Summer Style

 Hi loves! Today I have to keep it short. I am back with a new outfit post and all I can think is about my holiday. Even my outfits are inspired by the holiday mood and I just can`t stop it.

I will invite you to check the I was wearing section and stay tuned because more outfits are to come.
Wish you all a wonderful day!
Kisses, M ♥

 I was wearing:
Shein Blouse: Here
Romwe Shorts: Here
Prada Sunglasses: Here
Michael Kors Bag: Here
Inia Lavin Fringe Boots

31 May 2016

Must have: Floral Print Dress!

I know I am a bit out of the fashion zone... at least some might say mostly because of the red bag/shoes combination. But I will let them say whatever they want to say and enjoy my outfit at the most.

I love this dress, I have seen it online for quite a while, maybe it`s already one year and never got the determination to buy it. But I finally made the order and now I completely love it and in combination with the red accessories is just perfect.

This pair of heels is one of my favorite. I wanted to own a red pair for a while but always ended up with casual ones. You can find a direct link to them and for sure you`ll love them too, since they are extremely comfy and qualitative ( made out of leather).
The Michael Kors Selma Medium Bag  there is nothing much left to say. It`s a statement piece already and you should invest in one.

For more details check the I was wearing section and I hope you all have a wonderful day.
 Kisses, Manuella ♥ 

 I was wearing:
Romwe Dress: Available Here
Michael Kors Selma Bag: Available Here
Jessica Buurman Heels: Available Here

26 May 2016

Short hair and A change of Style

Good morning loves! Today I have prepared a different kind of outfit post and style for you. It is a bit different from what I would have usually wear, but it is just a challenge and it was inspired by the fact that I have to change my ID card again, due to the fact that it expires so soon and I cannot leave the country for my holiday if I am not changing it.

I don`t really understand why it was available for such a short period and even more because I did not change so much, but anyway, probably while you are reading my story, I`m on my way to take the steps needed in changing it.

And yes, in June, mid June to be precisely I will leave for a gorgeous holiday to Rome, Naples and we hope that we will be able to get to Capri too. I will share more at the right moment with you. But in the mean time, don`t forget to follow me on Snapchat, user: manuellalupascu for more live news and updates.

And again yes, this is not really my style with short hair and instead of a pair of feminine high heels to pick a pair of cut out boots, but it`s not that bad I believe.

Wish you all a wonderful day and wish me luck, because I will need all of it.

Kisses, M ♥

 I was wearing:
Leather Jacket: Similar Here
Shein Dress: Here
Choies Cut out boots: Here

24 May 2016

Summer Essentials- Designer items on Sale

Spring sale came just in time to invite us to wear the most desired items at super discounts. So therefore I`m sharing with you the big version of my wishlist with nothing left out, all of them being at super discounts up to 50%.
Just keep in mind that you can invest in your favorite designer items and now is not too late to enjoy them too. And if you invest smart, they will also be suitable for the next years and they will never go out of fashion.

But, I will also invite you to check all the sales pages, because you`ll might find something else to enjoy more then my picks. You can access it HERE.

Well, please, tell me now which is your favorite and don`t forget that under each picture you`ll find a direct link to each item.

Kisses, M ♥