31 July 2012


Hyyyy! Well i have a lot to tell you because last week was wonderful and full of amazing events but right now i`m in a hurry so promise i will try to tell you more next time! 

Now i will show you some pictures from this weekend at the seaside!!

Kisses, Manuella ♥

22 July 2012

Smile like you mean it

This weekend wasn`t as good as i image it. But still i found the mood to take some pictures for you ♥ This is what i wore on 4th of July on my b-day! i hope you like it...wish you all a wonderful day and also i want to wish happy birthday to someone special!!

Kisses, Manuella ♥

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18 July 2012

Flaws and All

Hy!! As i promised you this is the outfit i wore at Lady`s Night at Cinema City. Honestly I`m in love with the blouse/vest ♥ and for sure you`ll see it in many other outfits! 
I wish you all a wonderful week, full of joy and love 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

Buna! Asa cum v-am promis, aceasta este tinuta purtata de mine la Lady`s Night la Cinema City. Sincer, ador aceasta bluza/ vesta si cu siguranta o veti mai vedea si in alte tinute!
Va doresc o saptamana minunata in continuare, plina de fericire si iubire ,
Pupiii, Manuella ♥
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14 July 2012

Something is missing

Sorry i don`t know what to write today because lately, as some of you may know i`m not in the best mood, so the post will be short but i hope you`ll like the pictures and the outfit i`ve had prepared for today.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend ,
Manuella ♥

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13 July 2012

Ladies Night 1st Edition with Cinema City Romania

Last night , thanks to Silvia from Rock& Roses i`ve had participated at Ladies Night 1st Edition in Afi Palace Controceni. There.... many bloggers, make-up and hair style sessions organized for the participants...everything was gorgeous and at 9p.m. we were invited to watch the movie " Seeking a friend for the eng of the world". 
The movie is great, the story is sad but in the same time  beautiful,something like love will always bring together 2 persons no matter what are the difficulties that they have to face , but i don`t recomand it to those who cry ...:)) i was in this situation !

Love and hugs, Manuella ♥

11 July 2012

Who`s curly today?!

Hy, as i promised you on my Facebook Page here is the outfit post! i`m writing it fast because i have to go to the swimming leasons and the kids are waiting for me ♥.
But still I have time to say that i`m not in a "fight" or "war" or however you want to call it with anyone. I`m not the one who`s looking for revange and i don`t do things that i know will hurt someone in a way or another. But people still try to challange me,  Sorry, i`m not doing this and you`ll have to do this alone! The 3R rule implies respect for the others! And i also have another reason why i`m not doing this and someone should know it better!!

Kisses, Manuella ♥

P.S.: Sorry for my tired face!!
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9 July 2012

How to wear this season’s gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals have been at the top of the fashion charts for many years now and this season is proving to be no different! As well as providing an extremely versatile and comfortable footwear option, they are also bang on trend this season.
 Their versatility allows them to jump from casual to elegant in one simple outfit change, making them the perfect option for both the beach and the bar.
 Originally, gladiator sandals were the footwear of choice for both the Ancient Greeks and Romans. These days, you’re more likely to see them strutting down the catwalk. 
 Both men and women can wear gladiator sandals, although the look tends to be much more popular amoung women with only the most fashion forward men daring to bare come the summer months. Gladiator sandals have always been seen as a staple in any serious fashionista’s wardrobe. Some women tend to keep it low-key and opt for a flat style, whilst others step it up a notch by choosing to invest in a pair of gladiator heels.
 There are various styles available, such as sandals with thick straps, thin straps, metallic styles or even heels. Flat gladiator sandals tend to work well with maxi dresses, Grecian gowns and skinny jeans. Medium heeled gladiators work well with shorter dresses and dress shorts, whilst high leg gladiators should be teamed with something very simple to avoid looking over-dressed.
 The high leg option is probably the most daring style to try to pull off as they tend to become the focus point of the outfit. Wearing such a style with something equally as daring will create a look that screams ‘eccentric’ and is best avoided.

 In order to achieve an instant update in style, opt for a metallic pair of gladiators.  This style will dress up an otherwise low-key look. Many styles of gladiator sandals come in a range of metallic colours. Opt for a pair with a more feminine edge and thinner straps to keep the look balanced.
 Wearing a pair of attractive shoes is certainly one way to boost your confidence levels and as your mother always told you, you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear.

 When it comes to investing in a pair of statement sandals, it is important to choose wisely. Brown and black shades tend to look better on longer legs, whilst metallic and bright hues work to elongate shorter legs, perhaps explaining why gladiator sandals are popular amoungst petite ladies everywhere.
 With so many styles of gladiator sandals on the market, there is bound to be a design to flatter your personal style and body shape, and as if that wasn’t good enough, you can also wear gladiator sandals to almost any occasion you like. 

P.S.: Ai highly recomand to visit their site...you can find there from gladiator sandalas,onverse and ugg  to high heels ♥
Kisses ,Manuella

8 July 2012

Love and Smile

Bonjour ...i hope you have a great morning! Still i have to admit that this is the second time when i write this 
post; First time , i have realised that the text is a bit toooo aggressive due to the fact that i am really pissed off 
( latelly i had to get over, not a few, difficult moments) 
What i have wanted to say in the first instance, was in my oppinion a bit to hard to digest by those who feel they fit the situation, but in the end i realised that text doesn`t characterize me: everybody is free to think what they want, to say what they want and even if they are wrong THEY will have to deal with their decisions. At some point each of us realises the mistakes we have made in the past and sadly somethimes is a bit too late. As you can see, the actions of different persons affects not only the person in case but also the ones around him/her and it wasn`t just a single time when i`ve been involved.

Anyway, someone told me that everything happends for a reason and if i want to live my life by following stupid rules and leasons, i will end up old (before the "term") and with many regrets! And that someone is my mom, the only person that was near me no matter what.

I love, i smile...i`m hurt, i cry but honestly a life full of regrets and questions like " what could have been if....?" doesn`t sounds better. Never feel sorry for something you have done.

P.S.: I still love you
Kisses, Manuella ♥

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2 July 2012

Happy B-Day Mom ♥

Today is mom`s birthday so big hugs and a "cold" Happy B-day for this summer hot days because a warm one will be too much. As some of you may already know i`m born a day after her(ok, is wrong said only a day, at some years difference ,haha) which means that tomorrow will be my Birthday :D...and honestly i don`t know if getting old is a reason to be happy :))

About the outfit ...is something casual and comfy that i wore on sunday.

See you soon with a new post,
Kisses, Manuella ♥

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Things I Love

Usually i tend to fall in love with different things. For example i love summer, clothing items, hairstyles...etc and now i can say i`m in love with this pair of short jeans. You can find it on Oasap and for sure you will understand me better if you decide to have it because all the details give them a fresh and special look.
About today, well i`m preparing for the swimming pool now and also for my mom`s birthday which is tomorrow and mine the day after tomorrow, hihihi!!

P.S.: I`m also on Pinterest from today , wait you there ♥

Have a wonderful week,
Kisses, Manuella ♥

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