27 December 2014

Celebrating time

Good evening ♥ First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas no matter where you are, together with your families and friends. I barely managed to relax and have some free time but in the end everything was amazing, even more because I can`t find a better way to relax, than in bed, watching the lights of the wonderful Christmas Tree after some wonderful hours spent with my family and friends.

For today I have prepared another winter outfit that is suitable for different occasions that may occur during these days. The entire outfit was made by me so you can also order it by sending an email at: manuela.lupascu91@gmail.com and the touch was added by the wonderful accessories and the Luxury collection ALBERTINE`S for YVY Bags

I think that the sequins are enough so the accessories remained simple and yet extremely chic.
I hope you like it and maybe you can be inspired for your next outfits.

Kisses, Manuella ♥

Photo credits: Adrian D. Photography
Location: Double Tree by Hilton

The magic of Christmas

Good evening! Since outside is not snowing or raining anymore I was able to wear items that are not extremely big and not so good looking :D As you all know I am a summer lover and the cold weather is not between the things I love but when we talk about Christmas well is a different story :D

The most wonderful thing about it is the part when we receive gifts hahah. I`m a bit mean because I also love to surprise the loved ones with  wonderful gifts that will bring a smile on their face and also I love to decorate the Christmas Tree but I will wait until the Christmas Eve as I already mentioned ♥ And going back to receiving gift, well I have to tell you that this bag, oh this bag was supposed to be a surprise but I completely ruined it and I couldn`t wait more to wear it after I discovered it :D Awesome, right? haha

I hope you`ll have a wonderful day
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Jacket: Here
Blouse and Vest: Here
Shorts: Here
Bag: Moschino
Boots: Staccato

21 December 2014

Sequins and Love ♥

Good evening loves ♥
Today I will show you another outfit that is suitable for this period of the year. I can`t get enough, I know, but for me December is the most beautiful winter month. Everything around me seems to be much more beautiful. It would have been better if this change would could last the entire year, but at least there is hope that we can stop being so mean with each other and see the beauty in everybody. 

Also I decided to show you this outfit and not a casual one, mostly because for me each Sunday is kept special. Even if tomorrow is Monday, for me is the perfect day to relax enjoy the small things like cooking and watching a movie at home and also to reflect and see how I can improve everything that I`ve done.

So I hope that you can also enjoy your day and let`s start the new week in a positive manner and I can`t wait to have my own Christmas Tree but I will wait until Christmas Eve ♥ It brings a different feeling and it reminds me of my childhood ...

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Dress: My own design (email me at manuela.lupascu91@gmail.com)
Bag: Yvy Bags
Heels: Il Passo

Location: Double Tree by Hilton
Photo Credits: Adrian D. Photography

18 December 2014

Christmas Tree dilema ♥

Girls, today I want to talk a bit about the Christmas Tree :D I know that for some of you it is a bit early but I know that the others were to excited to wait and already made it, right?

I must confess, that I`m part of the first group: I love the decorate it on the Christmas Eve and to listen specifics songs. I know that is not really in the benefit of the earth but for sure I will go for a natural one because I love the smell that spreads in the entire house. My doubt is what color combo to pick: red and gold, blue and silver, white and purple... so many combinations and only one choice.

I need some help...what should I pick? Any suggestions?

About the outfit it`s just one of my crazy ideas. This dress was made to feel comfy and yet to have that something. What do you think? And because it is a bit cold outside my old pair of over the knees boots made the perfect match. Can`t wait to hear you impressions ♥

I was wearing:
Over the knee boots: Old and I forgot the exact link :D Sorry
Clutch ♥ : Luxury collection ALBERTINE`S for YVY Bags available Here
Watch: Guess
Dress: Made by me and you can also order it by sending me an email at: manuela.lupascu91@gmail.com

Photo credits: Adrian D. Photography
Location: Double Tree by Hilton 

 Kisses, Manuella ♥

16 December 2014

Is the season to be Jolly....

 Hi loves ♥ Lately outside is so cold that I can barely find the courage to go outside and enjoy the day...brr I don`t like it and I also don`t like to wear to many items because in the end I will probably look like a balloon. 

Anyway, for me this is like the perfect combo when it comes to cold weather. A fluffy Cardigan, something black at the bottom and the perfect bag, with which I can confess that I`m madly, truly and deeply in love ♥
Yes, I have a bag addiction lately and it seems that the high heels are now my second choice when it comes to shopping. Weird, right?  But, you know, at 2-3 bags, I can still have a pair of new high heels :))

And the bag situation, well, I posted more pictures about my addiction to the black Yvy bag on blog, facebook and instagram. Until a few days ago, it was a bit complicated to have yours, but now thei have their own online shop where you can go and surf for gorgeous and yet extremely qualitative leather bags: I have my first bag for almost 1 year and believe me is in perfect condition. You can see for yourself more HERE .

I hope you like it and stay tuned because there are more to come,
Kisses, Manuella ♥

Foto credits: Adrian Dumitru

I was wearing: 
Cardigan: Here
Leather Pants: Here
Boots: Staccato available Here
Bag: Luxury Collection ALBERTINE`s for YVY Bags available Here
Watch: Guess

14 December 2014

White Winter Mood

Good Morning loves ♥ I know you kind of missed me lately and I`m happy to receive all your wonderful emails asking when I will come back on blog with new outfit posts! Well, here I am with a new outfit post and I am really ok, but lately I was a bit busy with my well known passion: sending all the orders to all of you in time, creating some new items that I hope you`ll love especially for the Holidays, preparing a new photo shooting and also searching for wonderful places that I will be soon revealed where you can go and prepare for the Christmas Party and for the New Years Eve ♥ After the success that the nails and hair posts I thought it will be a very good idea, right? :D

I hope you`ll enjoy everything I have prepared for you and stay tuned because more interesting posts will follow :D

I wish you a wonderful week
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Jacket: Here
Jeans: Zara
Boots: Zara
Bag: Dasha