27 June 2016

Rome and Vatincan

In our last full day in Italy we decided to visit Vatican and this is the outfit I wore. It is extremely important to know that if you want to visit the Vatican Museum and the Basilica San Pietro  this kind of outfit is not allowed since I had open shoulders. But there is no problem: you either come with something in your bag to cover yourself or buy a scarf like I did from the Piazza San Pietro and I think it`s quite a business for them.

For more details check the following section about what I`m wearing and if you are interested in Vatican, read down more for pictures and info.

 I was wearing:
Prada Sunglasses: Here
Choies Jumpsuit: Here
Bag, The Morodan By YVY Bags: Here
Marc Jacobs Watch: Here
Mood Bracelets: Here
Flats: Similar Here

We decided to get there by the Metro. Since we were staying at Piazza del Popolo, we had to take only 2 stations to get there and a short walk, 5 minutes from the station to Piazza San Pietro. It`s extremely easy to get there.
 So, for those visiting the first time this place, is good to know that you can visit the Basilica San Pietro for free. There is no ticket needed and take care because we were quite surprised by the fact that the personnel there apparently wanted to send us to visit the Vatican Museum and in the first instance they did not want to let us enter the Basilica. Strange but we actually told them that we also want to visit it and what is the problem? So in the end we pass by them.

 Another good thing to know about Vatican is that you have to wait in a long line to get inside the Museum. Well, people wait there for 3 hours to enter, but you can either buy the tickets online or you can buy them from a place near the Basilica at an extra fee ( 20 euro per person, instead of 14 euros if I`m not wrong) and get to skip that enormous line. Inside of it, you`ll find great paintings done by some of the best and well known painters, sculptures and ancient objects.

Also, you cannot skip the Sistine Chapel which was painted by Michelangelo between 1508-1512.  Taking into consideration that it was painted during that period of time, you`ll be amazing by this truly piece of art.
And as a personal thought, I find it hilarious, that even if you can see naked men and women on the ceiling, you`re still not allowed with open shoulders inside. Anyway, we all have to respect the rules.

We spend a lot of time visiting Vatican so we had time during this day to visit only the streets of Rome taken then by random and picturing my outfit of the day!

I hope you enjoyed all the details and my outfit ♥ This is mainly our entire trip since during the last day we just relaxed on the streets of Rome without visiting anything else. But we have in mind to visit again Rome since we were so in love with every corner of it!

Kisses, M ♥


  1. Amazing photos! love your look!


  2. Amazing jumpsuit! LOVE the color!


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