24 July 2011


  Hey everybody! how was your weekend? Mine was very nice, work and fun as usual! today i`ve had also time for some pictures and i thought it will be nice to share them with you soon and to start the week in a good manner :D That`s it for today, because in my country is 00:00 and i`m a bit tired so i will go to bed and see you soon, with new collaborations and projects :)
Kisses, Manuella ♥

17 July 2011

Stripped blazer !

Last week the postman came with a medium box ...and i knew that inside it is my new collaboration item, this gorgeous Decadence striped blazer thanks to Yozo.com ! I will show you more pictures and i`m sorry for the low quality but my camera soon will die and this is all she can do :( Be sure that you will see it more because the texture and the shape of it is perfect for many outfits and styles! And about me...what can i say, i`m a bit busy( as usual ) but i will never renounce posting :X
Have a great weekend,
Kisses, Manuella ♥

13 July 2011

Perfect summer day!

              As i promised ,here it is the new post! Short jeans and a transparent shirt is the perfect match even if the shirt has long sleeves ( and it can be a bit ridiculous for summer) !Also i have to admit that this outfit is inspired from another blog and i adapted to my clothes and of course to my style!
               As i mentioned also on my personal facebook page ( if you`re not already a member join it 

and you`ll be in touch with all the updates ) soon i will have a new surprise for you and my next post will contain a new collaboration item that i really like even if again it has long sleeves....
               Haha and i just gave you a hint, can you guess what it is?

Stay tuned,Kisses
Manuella ♥

7 July 2011

High heels and floral print

                  I have some great news again : i just receive another style collaboration item , and soon i will make some pictures with it and can you guess what it is? :D 
                 And yesterday i`ve made some great photos with my friends ,even if my outfit wasn`t spectacular but it is casual and simple.I didn`t forgot what i`ve promised ( to post more) ,but  i will do my best to keep my promise :D
                So that`s it for today and stay tuned for my next post :D
Kisses,Manuella ♥