30 July 2015

Aqua dress and Red heels

Have you seen the pictures on my Instagram or Facebook accounts from the C Fashion Gala?! If the answer is yes, then you already know this dress, because I decided to wear it but the accessories were a bit different, meaning that instead of red I decided to pick gold sandals and clutch.

For this outfit post, I changed my mind as already mentioned and pick red. I just received my new Jessica Buurman order with this beautiful red sandals and I became addicted to them and of course that I couldn`t resist. 
This is also the advantages of versatile items: you can make different combinations that can add a completely different touch of your outfit that will match your mood.

So in your opinion what is the preferred combination for this dress: Red or Gold? As you have seen, my decision is not made and I will go for both of them :D

Have a wonderful day and enjoy it because the weekend is so close :D
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Dress: Here
Sandals: Here
Michael Kors Bag

28 July 2015

How to wear sequins skirt by day

 Good Evening girls! Today I want to share with you my idea of how we can wear sequins by day. Indeed, my skirt is not that elegant and hard to wear by day, but in the end we can see it as an option for a night outfit.
In my mind, the perfect combinations stands in simplicity and in a result that is both chic and comfortable. So, the white blouse doesn`t come as a surprise in this combination. As for the accessories, since the skirt has a nice color combination it is extremely permissive but I decided to keep it safe: A white bag that is in medium size and my Inia Lavin marsala sandals that matches some of the sequins from the skirt.

 I hope you enjoy my suggestion and for all the details about the items check the I was wearing section :D

Wish you all a wonderful day
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Blouse: H&M
Sequins Skirt: Zara from Kurtmann Here
Inia Lavin Sandals ( contact@inialavin.com)
 Bag: Similar Here
Marc Jacobs Watch

26 July 2015

Summer White

Hi loves! Here is a late night post for you with a suggestion for super hot summer days, perfect for the  new week that is right by the corner. 
I had a pleasant weekend and I hope you had it too, but for the moment I will let you here with all the details of what I am wearing and more pictures, because I have to prepare my schedule for tomorrow and I will go to bed early this time because I feel exhausted :D

Kisses and sweet dreams ,
Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Dress: Here
Bag: Old
Sandals: Here
Marc Jacobs Watch

22 July 2015

Changing attitudes

Good evening girls! Today I think that I`m going to complain a bit about the summer heat that we had to face today :)) I know, I have told you many times that I`m a summer lover but days like this, oh God, is incredible hard to be faced.

Regarding the new outfit, I`ve been through a change of mood and I wanted to wear black leather. The first thing that came into my mind was this outfit, but I have to admit that in the first instance, I wanted to wear a pair of black studded boots :D But since the previous outfit post included another pair of boots, I`ve made a small adjustment. I included one of my favorite pairs from my mini collection " Inia Lavin" and as far as I`ve seen it is also one of your favorites too.

That`s it for today :D I hope you enjoy the new recommendation and see you soon.

Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Fringe Vest: Here
T-shirt: Zara from Kurtmann
Leather Shorts: Old
Sunglasses: Similar Here
Sandals: Inia Lavin ( contact@inialavin.com)
Watch: Guess
Necklace: Here

21 July 2015

White and Brown

I have had prepared this outfit post for you for a while now and I`m happy that I can share it with you. I hope you don`t judge me too much for my decision to wear boots in the summer. But if it makes you feel better with the idea, are that kind of suede boots perfect for spring summer. I have them for a while, meaning for more than 2 years or more, but I think it is the second time when I give them a chance to see the light :))

Continuing with the brown part of this outfit, well, my favorite Michael Kors bag. I am the owner of 3 bags and honestly I don`t think that I will add another one. I like the new models a lot, but I like to diversify. Is not a definitive statement, we will see how things will go.

And the last but not least, the summer white jumpsuit. I couldn`t see any other kind of outfit or combination for it. On a second thought, maybe I see myself wearing it also on the beach if the sun is heating the entire place. But for a extremely hot day in the city this is my ideal outfit... indeed, with a pair of boots at my feet :))

I hope you like it and check the details for each of the items I`m wearing
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Jumpsuit: Here
Suede Boots: Levi`s
Bag: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Watch: Marc Jacobs

17 July 2015

Look: There`s a girl in town dress in boy`s clothes

Good evening girls! I have prepared this post from early in the morning but since I was on a rush, I postpone it and realized that I can edit it and post it from my phone... Doooh!! Sometimes technology beats me and recently I figured it out that the blogger application can help me with this.

Even more, right now, most of you are at the Robbie Williams concert and I really hope you enjoy it :D

A while ago, I told you about the Shopbop website and about their sales on sales. Well for my b-day I decided to buy a wonderful pair of Marc Jacobs glitter oxfords that came in time for the event. I wasn`t able to share more pictures with you, but better late than never, right? 

From the moment I saw them, I knew that I will wear them in this combination: Culottes, my black YVY Bag and a white simple blouse. Sure, I have in mind more outfits, but most of them are much more suitable for autumn. You`ll see what I`m talking about in time :D

I hope you like the outfit and for more details and direct links to each item check the I was wearing section.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Blouse: Here
Culottes: Here
Bag: YVY Bags
Shoes: Marc Jacobs available Here
Bracelet: Pandora
Watch: Marc Jacobs available Here

16 July 2015

Good Morning

Good morning loves! Well, it may be a late one but I`m sure that you`re going to enjoy this post. It full of colors and joy; at least in my opinion. I love this season and I want to spend every second of it at the fullest. 
Sometimes, I have to admit that I love to wear classy black items. But when I am and I still want to be full of energy I completely change the vision of my outfits. I think that most of the times, what we wear and how we choose to be, influence a lot our mood and spirit. 

But, maybe you`ll love it or maybe you`ll say that is a crazy combination. Indeed, I`ve tried something different because I just realized that it doesn`t matter how many things we own, there are still some items that we completely neglect.
In my case, I found that I don`t own a pair of red sandals and a royal blue bag. At least I don`t really remember to own them :)) I know that somewhere in my closet, I have a pair of red pumps, maybe from last year and they saw the light just once. But sandals...red sandals, nope. I decided to face the situation and I just ordered one. Do you imagine it? :D

Regarding the bag, I still don`t have in my mind the perfect shape and from where to buy it. But I`m thinking to make a smart investment and to buy one that is both extremely gorgeous and qualitative. So, I`m coming with a proposal and I will ask you to share with me your impressions: Check it HERE ( By clicking "HERE" you`ll be directed to my specific bag ♥). I have to tell you that this is not my final decision and I will search more for one that will make a statement :D

So, I hope you like my newest post and wish you all a wonderful day!
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Zara T-shirt and Skirt Available at Kurtmann Here
Michael Kors Bag available Here
Mac Jacobs Watch: Here
Fringe Boots: Inia Lavin ( contact@inialavin.com)

14 July 2015

Versatile Jumpsuit & Fashion Gala

 Good Evening girls! Today I want to share with you my latest outfit together with some news about an upcoming event that I`m sore some of you are going to love.

So let`s take them step by step. First of all, let me tell you that this jumpsuit is the most versatile and comfortable ever. Even if it comes with invisible straps that you can attach if you want, I decided not to wear them because I felt safe this way without having the fear that at some point the top of the jumpsuit will fall. I had the chance to wear them both with flats and heels and the last version being available here. The only hard decision was related to what I`m going to wear it because it is suitable for many combinations and colors :D Details and links about what I`m wearing will be available at the end of the text!

I hope you like it and now, let`s move to the second topic of this post: Summer Edition of the Fashion Gala ♥ Is a great event organized by Alin Galatescu in Bucharest and Chaboo Club on the 23 of July
The event will start at 9 p.m and  the Fashion show will include names like: Rita Muresan, Agnes Toma, Simona Semen, Norina Stoica, Aleha Toncea, Marie Ollie, Roxana Butnaru and Lou Lou. So I think that we shouldn`t miss it, right? More info will be available in the last picture of this post ♥

Official Media Parter: EVA.RO 
Media Partners: SapteSeri, Kudika.ro, VipStyle, Click!, Etiquette Magazine, Ele.ro, Iqool.ro, Elegantine Magazine, Revista TONICA, Urban.ro, VinSiEu.ro, InOras.ro, Themysteriousgirl by Larisa Costea,  Add Some Style by Irina Sandu, Express the style. By Ingrid Ispas, Read my Mind by Luminita Balaban, Let`s talk about fashion by Manuela Lupascu, Sweet Paprika by Gabriela Atanasov, Shopaholica Confessions by Alina Vlad, The Daily Tutli-Putli by Raluca Rosu

The only issue right now will be: What should we wear? :D I hope I will see you there in a great number!!

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Jumsuit: Here
Watch: Marc Jacobs
Bag: Michael Kors
Sandals: Inia Lavin ( Orders at: contact@inialavin.com)

13 July 2015

B-day Dress and Giveaway Winner

Hy Loves!! Today I wanted to make my presence felt since early in the morning but it seems that editing a bit the pictures and writing the post it took me much longer than I expected. Even more my laptop wasn`t helping me at all :)) 

But here I am, in the end, presenting you the outfit I wore at my Birthday Party. Many of you asked me about this dress and I have to admit that I really love it too. Also, I`ve made a small change: on the 4th of July I wore a pair of nude stilettos. If you are from Bucharest, you can remember that it was a rainy day and extremely moody in the first half. And as much as I wanted to wear these sandals, it was impossible since the roads were still wet. 

Still, I think that this dress looks much more better in this combination and if you remember, I wore these sandals before in another post but at that moment I decided to adopt a different style. See the other post Here and let me know what version do you like the most. Low ankle or summer gladiators ?! :D

You have all the details and links about what I`m wearing after the big announcement of the $120 Giveaway lucky winner ♥

And the winner of the She In Giveaway, available Here, is: Bianca Ragoveanu, her email being bianca.rogoveanu@yahoo.com
Congrats dear, the She In team will contact you asap ♥

Enjoy your day
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Dress: Here
Clutch: Carpisa
Sandals: Here
Watch: Marc Jacobs

11 July 2015

Summer in the Park

Good Evening Girls! Here is a new outfit post that I wore this week during my course "Dress to Impress" that took place in the Cismigiu Park at the "Book`s tree" (Copacul cu Carti). I don`t know if you know about this wonderful initiative, but you can go there to relax and read your favorite books in a great set up. Even more, during the evening there are some daily activities where you can have fun and learn something new and enjoy the time spent there with your friends :D

About the outfit, well I thought it is suitable for a day in the park and also to face the summer heat. I know that yesterday wasn`t the most wonderful day of this summer but it seems that the heat is back on track so we must adapt and get back to the fluid and comfortable items.

I have to confess, again, that beside the shoes addiction that I have for a while, I added as my favorite shopping items the bags and I moved my preferences from quantity, where I was buying bags just to have as many colors and shapes as possible, to quality, where I can own some statement pieces that will last much longer than the ones that I had to change extremely often due to the fact that they change their shape and structure only after 2 or 3 times of wearing.

So I must present you my new discover, since I have promised you a while ago that I will share with you some valuable tips about online shopping. Well I`m talking about Karine Website which is the authorized seller of the Toscany Leather in Romania. The bags under this logo and made 100% in Italy and they come with 24 months of guarantee. You can see in the pictures my pick and the reason for which I love it is because even if it looks like a raffia bag, it is still made out of printed leather and is perfect for the summer days being versatile and also extremely useful due to its size.

I invite you to take a look and tell me what you think about their website. It will help me to know if you`ll be interested in this kind of tips and I will know if I will continue to share with you my discovers regarding the online shopping :D Oh, and BTW, my bag is at an incredible discount right now and you can also find many other items beside bags like shoes, clothing items and lingerie :D

Also, as you`re used, you`ll find all the links and details about the items I`m wearing in the "I was wearing section" :D

Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend loves
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Hat: Similar Here
Leather Bag: Karine Available Here
Vest: Similar Here
T-shirt: H&M
Shorts: Here
Watch: Marc Jacobs Available Here
Boots: Zara
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Here

8 July 2015

Summer Heat and Perfect Outfit For It

Good evening girls! I have to confess that today I went out only for my X-Body training at the begging of the day. You might have seen my recent activity and also that Fix Your Body Studio was the one out of so many that I decided to pick and go to. I will stop here with this, because I will make a post for you after my first month in order to tell you more about the results and its efficiency. 

Meanwhile, going back o my initial story, I`ve said  that I went out only in the morning and after my workout I came back and remained home. Is incredibly hot outside and I just felt like I was melting and the ground beside me doing the same. 

But I can give you the right solution regarding what we can wear during the summer days. My pick will be this fluid short khaki dress combined with nude accessories. This is nothing uncommon or unusual to be seen during the summer but my idea is that you can wear this kind of dress in the evening like I did yesterday with a pair of high heels sandals, but also during the day with a pair of gladiators. Don`t you think?

Well, indeed, is not the type of outfit that you can wear at work, but is the perfect idea for a casual day when you decide to take a walk in the park, go for a lunch by the lake or any other activities developed in your spare time.

I really hope you enjoy it and I hope that my next post will include my favorite birthday gift received :D I know I didn`t shared with you more pictures and info but I barely had time to post a picture on instagram ( You know how long it takes for one picture to be uploaded, hahahaha) But I will share with you more in the near future.

Until then, take care of yourself and always wear a bottle of water with you ♥

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Dress: Here
Sandals: Zara
Sunglasses Ray Ban, Available Here
Leather Bag: similar Here
Watch: Marc Jacobs Available Here

7 July 2015

Baby Blue in the Summer ♥

Hi loves! My intention was to post early in the morning today so that you`ll be able to relax while following my latest post. But not always I manage to do everything in time.
Moving on, today I want to show you my favorite long dress that is extremely comfortable for this kind of weather. Even more, I think that I recently became a baby blue addicted. I just ordered so many items in this color that I realized only when all the orders reached me and I saw a sea full of clothes :)) And you should understand that were not necessarily that many, but that everything was covered in blue.

Also, as you can see I decided to go for gold details. I think they make the perfect match with the dress, but I have to mention that this combo was possible due to the fact that I also managed to get some tan. Imagine how horrible this outfit would have looked if I had the pale, white skin?! I don`t encourage an excessive tan, but we can all agree that bright colors look perfect on someone with, at least, a bit of tan.

I really hope you like this outfit and I will wait for your impressions. Sorry for my tired face but it was a hell of a weekend :D I loved it and I have to thank my lovely friends for making my birthday so awesome.
As the last thing: I`m looking at these pictures and I think it is absolutely necessary to get a new camera... improved one. Hmm, new aspect to reflect on :D
Don`t forget to check the details about the items you love in the " I was wearing" section :D

Wish you all a wonderful day ♥
Kisses, Manuella

I was wearing:
Dress: Here
Sunglasses: Here
Bag: Similar Here
Watch: Marc Jacobs Here
Sandals: Here