26 September 2011

Outfit of the day: Button up

As i promised you, here is the post with the outfit from the Cosmetics Beauty Hair Fair. Is very simple , casual and comfortable outfit! 
Also i want to tell you that i have big plans for the next months , but i will keep them secret and i will let you know when they will be in the final phase. But untill then you have to keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck , because i need it :D
I wish you a wonderful week, 
Kisses,Manuella ♥

25 September 2011

Outfit of the day: Orange and Blue and Giveaway winner

Sorry for my lack of posts this week, but i was in a rush and almost 24/24 busy!! But here i am with a new post and also the winner of my first giveaway ,which i will announce at the end of the post :D If you`re so curious go to the bottom of the page ...haha!
Anyway , even if we are at the end of September in Bucharest is still warm and i can`t rennounce at the summer clothes :( but sooner or later i will be obliged to do this !!!
So i will let you enjoy the pictures and also i will let you know who is the winner :D
Kisses, Manuella ♥

19 September 2011

Do it like a Dude

Hy girls!! Here is a new outfit post :D not the one i`ve promised you yesterday with more details about the outfit i wore at the Cosmetics Beauty Hair fair...but another one which i find it more interesting!
These boots are the latest aquisition and i`m so proud of it because i can match them in so many efortless outfits but  still  chic ♥
About yesterday it was the perfect day spent it with Marius, visiting some places like the Arc de Triomphe( i wish it was the one from Paris, but we have one in Bucharest too ), the Village Museum and a wonderful place in Snagov!
Anyway a new week starts , wish you the best :)
Kisses,Manuella ♥ 

18 September 2011

Cosmetics Beauty Hair fair

         This weekend took place Cosmetics Beauty Hair fair at Romexpo and i was invited by Diva Hair to be the model for a doll eyes make-up made by Suzana Visan. This make up is part of the fall/winter 2011 trends and I will show you the result and you will have to tell me your oppinions !
    Also more details about the outfit i wore i will post in the next days because it was a bad hair day and because of this i don`t really like the pictures ...( this sounds a bit stupid i think ) so i will try to make some new ones !!
    Have a great Sunday girls,

15 September 2011

Outfit of the day : Brown loafers

       And now...the shoes i refused to wear some months ago when i first saw them, but actually i`m the kind of person who accepts the challenges and only in certain circumstances i say no! I hope that i`ve managed to create a cute and chic outfit , because it wasn`t quite easy for me to wear this "men shoes" !
       Also the First Giveaway will end in one hour!! I have to say that the winner will be announced next week and also contacted by me for more informations , so follow the blog in the next days to see if you`re the winner!!
       About tomorrow, well i will be at Romexpo starting with 11 in a make-up show , so i will expect you to come and maybe we will have the opportunity to know each other and talk!

      So , those who will come, see you tomorrow! ♥
Kisses, Manuella

11 September 2011

Raluca Martinescu Collaboration

     "Casual business woman"  was just a part of the collaboration with Raluca Martinescu`s collection! 
   And now here i come with some other pictures and outfits that she created for the  September line !

I hope you enjoy it and for those who didn`t take part yet... come and join HERE my first GIVEAWAY, where you can win a MAXI SKIRT  on the color you wish :D ♥
Kisses ♥

4 September 2011

Animal Print

I`ve always wanted a pair of animal printed flats and a few days ago i found these ones. What do you think about them? Is the bow to much?!
 Also for a week i will not be able to post because i will go at the mountains tomorrow where i will stay untill Sunday...nothing fashionable ,only gym suits and sport shoes !!
So wish me luck ... :(

And for those who didn`t take part yet... come and join HERE my first GIVEAWAY, where you can win a MAXI SKIRT  on the color you wish :D ♥

Kisses ♥

1 September 2011

Outfit of the day and Giveaway time :D

    This post will be splitted in two parts, so read untill the end !!
Firts of all i will talk a bit about the outfit of the day because i`m in love with this red skirt that i was so lucky to win , so huge thanks to Anaivilo from Wonder Fashion  . I have only one picture and i`m sorry about this but i think is enough :D
Secondly, is time for my for my first giveaway and for one year of "Let`s  talk about fashion".
I`m so happy to tell you that the prize is also a skirt just like the purple one , but is even better because you can choose the color :D.