24 November 2011

Diva Hair contest !

From Yesterday you can vote your favorite blogger and her fashion icon! The contest will end on the December, 4th .
You will have the chance to win 300 lei to spend on the Daily Brands site if you tag yourself and 2 other friends in the picture!!
So what are you waiting for, go and vote!

P.S.: I promise to gather myself as soon as possible to post another outfit post :)

Kisses, Manuella ♥

20 November 2011

Think Big

   In the last post i`ve told you about the wonderful event i took part ! This is the outfit i wore that day and i didn`t manage again to take pictures with me at the place. That`s not such a big problem because i found this wonderful place and the result is great. 

  As about what i`ve done lately i don`t have much to say! Is a difficult period for me but we are not here to complain ! 
I hope you`re having a wonderful weekend and i hope mine will be too( Think big),
Kisses, Manuella ♥

18 November 2011

End of the week

    This was the outfit i chose to wear at the Versace for H&M event!  A new DIY maxi skirt and my new leather jacket and i don`t know why but i didn`t manage to get the true color of the skirt! 
    Yesterday also i`ve had the pleasure to be invited at Gala Avanpremiere by the wonderful Oana from Diva Hair and because i was on the third raw i didn`t manage to take some qualitative pictures but i highly recomand you to visit Oana`s blog because there are some gorgeous pictures and her top 3 somehow coincide with my top 3 :D Here .
   So expect tomorrow to see some pictures with the outfit i wore and maybe some pictures from the event!!
Have a wonderful day ,
Kisses, Manuella ♥

14 November 2011

Diva Hair contest

   As they used us, the girls from Diva Hair lounched another great contest, and i`m one of the lucky persons involved in it!!
  This time the contest will be in collaboration with the amazing store Daily Brands, which i highly recomand to visit at www.dailybrands.ro .They have a great variety of clothing, jewelry, bags and shoes from well known brands like: Calvin Klein, Guess, Moschino, D&G and many others and they also thought to bring a wide range of products for men. So don`t hesitate, and check the site because also you may find some great presents( Christmas Holidays are close or maybe you just want to surprise someone with something special), season sales and a wonderful contest for fashionistas where you can win a trip to Vien :D
Awesome right?
  And now let`s talk about the contest. The challange is to create an outfit inspired by a fashion icon and after one picture will be upload on the Diva Hair Facebook Page and from that moment the contest will start and you`ll have to vote your favorite outfit.

13 November 2011

Sunday morning surprise

This morning the mailman made my day ♥ He gave me this wonderful invitation to the Versace for H&M event!!! So is there any of you coming? I will be happy to meet you and during the shopping session we can make pictures and enjoy the collection  :D
Kisses, Manuella ♥

P.S.: Tomorrow i will have another post , so stay tunned :D