31 March 2015

Dor de romanesc + 2 invitatii duble la evenimentul de lansare Iutta

In aceasta postare am ales sa va povestesc putin despre brandul Iutta si despre evenimentul de lansare pe care il vor avea. Sper sa va incante informatiile si sa le admirati creatiile cum de altfel am facut-o si eu. 

 Iutta dă viață pădurii de argint și lansează prima colecție de pantofi la Galateca

Iutta, brandul cu dor de românesc, lansează în data de 02 Aprilie la Galateca prima sa colecție de încălțăminte cu motive tradiționale. Noua linie va fi expusă în vitrina galeriei de artă contemporană ca parte din proiectul `Măiastra Design`, într-un decor ce are ca tematică pădurea de argint. Conceptul va da viață elementelor de inspirație eminesciană într-un set-up organic axat pe eleganța mesteacănului.

Si am pregatit si un mic concurs pentru voi: Vreti sa veniti alaturi de mine la evenimentul de lansare Iutta? Puteti castiga 2 invitatii duble:

Pentru a participa la evenimentul ”Padurea de argint” de joi, 02 Aprilie, la Galateca, si a descoperi in premiera noua colectie de incaltaminte Iutta, te invit sa imi scrii intr-un comentariu raspunsul la intrebarea: Care este modelul tau preferat din linia ”Conduri cu dor” pe care o puteti gasi AICI si de asemenea voi avea nevoie si de adresa voastra de email pt a va putea contacta. Modelul meu preferat cred ca deja v-ati prins care este din poze asa ca nu o sa vorbesc prea mult pe seama acestuia, insa sper sa va inspire. Concursul este valabil pana maine, 1 Aprilie, ora 22:00. Un premiu surpriza oferit de partenerii Iutta te va astepta la intrare si nu este o pacaleala.

 Castigatorii vor fi desemnati prin tragere la sorti, urmand ca tot maine sa fie anuntati si informatii despre ora evenimentului.
Mult succes tuturor si abia astept sa va cunosc :D

29 March 2015

Over the knee boots love

Good evening loves! How was your weekend? 
Today I want to share with you something new about me. Over the knee boots (Again) and a new entry dress that is amazingly comfortable. I have promised you that I will make a new post soon with my small collection of over the knee boots, what do you think about this? :D

Even if this trend is not from yesterday and maybe most of the people are already bored when it comes to over the knee boots, I can`t renounce...not yet. I still love how they look and I also know that there are lots of possible combinations and because in my city the weather was not quite the best lately, there wasn`t so many possibilities until now. So, most probably you`ll see more outfits like this one :D.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the day and wish you a wonderful week. See you next time!
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Dress: Here
Over the knee boots: Here
Clutch: Old

27 March 2015

Spring is back in town

Hi loves! Well, the title of my post is referring to the previous days when the sun was up, there were no clouds and it was not raining cats and dogs. But still, I`m extremely happy that I managed to enjoy those days and to wear some of my favorite spring items because believe me I`m so over the winter clothes.

You can see in these pictures my red pleasures. When we talk about leather jackets, I managed to obtain an impressive collection with different shapes and colors: black, grey, pink, brown, green, burgundy and now the new in red one. For the last one I`ve made a small passion since it`s new and since I couldn`t explain why I didn`t get one until now. :D But it doesn`t really matter anymore, Is mine now!

All the other items have the direct link to the website ♥
I just hope you like the pictures and I can`t wait to hear your impressions since I tried again to remove black from the outfit :D

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Red Leather Jacket: Here
Red Selma Michael Kors Bag: Here
White Dress: Similar Here
Grey boots: Zara
Bracelet: Pandora
Wood Watch by Jord

25 March 2015

Giveaway Winner + A new Sheinside Giveaway

Good morning girls :D Since a Sheinside giveaway ended and I was a complete mess and forgot to announce the winner, I`m doing it now: Madalina Ticu, Congrats, you`re the winner of a $100 voucher :D We will contact you as soon as possible if all the requirements have been met.

And since you may be upset due to this delay, I decided to start a new Giveaway in collaboration with Sheinside, where you can win your favorite item. The available products can be found on the following link: Here. Do you have any favorite? You can have it by following the steps:

1) Register on Sheinside HERE
2) Leave the comment under this post with your email address (same one you use for signing up) 
3) Share the contest picture, available HERE
4) Like Manuela from Let`s talk about fashion Facebook Page, available Here

The contest will be available for one week since now (26.03.2015 - 02.04.2015), and the winner will be announced as fast as possible. And is a promise that it will be faster than the last time :D

Good luck my loves 

Kisses, Manuella ♥

Favorite Color Combo not for a long time

 I don`t know why, but lately I became a black and white addict. I know I have to change this and do it as soon as possible and today was my first attempt to do so. The nude, white and khaki combo seems to be quite appealing but I think that it won`t keep to long. I have order so many things in black and white that my wardrobe  seems to be borrowed from someone else :D

 But I know, spring is here and I will do my best to keep the things happier around here, since the bright and pastels colors always bring a smile on our faces.

So, I hope you enjoy it and don`t forget to enter my latest giveaway Here.

Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
White shirt: Here
White Fringe Jacket: Similar Here
Pants: Zara availabe Here
Heels: Garkony
Bag: Dasha
Wood Watch by Jord: Available Here

23 March 2015

Martie, luna femeilor rasfatate

 Astazi v-am pregatit o mica surpriza. Stiu ca luna Martie este luna doamnelor si domnisoarelor si desi este pe sfarsite, vin in intampinarea voastra cu un cadou care sunt convinsa o sa va placa. Eu sunt foarte incantata de rezultate asa ca m-am gandit ca o sa fiti fericite si cand o sa vedeti despre ce este vorba.

Asadar, impreuna cu Electronic Doctor va vom oferi 3 tratamente complete: un tratament pentru riduri, un tratament pentru vergeturi si inca un tratament de regenerare celulara la nivelul dintilor si gingiilor care stopeaza sangerarile gingivale, sensibilitatea gingiilor si chiar parodontoza. Sunt 3 din problemele cu care foarte multe persoane trebuie sa se lupte. Electronic Doctor va ofera solutii de care puteti sa va bucurati atat la sediul lor cat si acasa, prin imprumutarea aparatelor necesare problemei voastre. Ce poate sa fie mai minunat de atat?

In cazul meu, stiti foarte bine ca am slabit destul de mult acum ceva timp. Nu o sa va arat poze foarte explicite fiindca nu cred ca este cazul, insa da, si eu am avut mici vergeturi. Cum este bine sa tratam problema din timp, a fost mult mai usor iar rezultatele sunt extrem de vizibile.

Cum puteti beneficia de unul din aceste tratamente? Foarte simplu:

1.  Adaugati un comentariu in care sa mentionati de ce tratament doriti sa va bucurati si adresa voastra de mail
2. Share pozei de concurs, disponibila Aici
3. Like paginii Electronic Doctor Aici

La concurs va puteti sa va inscrieti atat pe Facebook cat si aici pe blog, inscrierile fiind apoi centralizate. O singura inscriere este valabila iar prin inscrierea voastra sunteti de acord sa intrati in baza noastra de date. Extragerea o sa fie realizata cu ajutorul programului random.org iar castigatoarele o sa fie anuntate la scurt timp dupa incheierea concursului. Durata de desfasurare: Pana pe 22 Aprilie 2015

 Mai multe informatii despre activitatea lor, premiile detinute si rezultatele tratamentelor: Aici si Aici

19 March 2015

Midi Dilemma

Hi girsl! Today I have a small dilemma. I`m so into midi skirts and dresses lately and I ordered a few, but after making this pictures I think that they don`t fit me that well. When you want to wear this skirt length you must have the proper height and I think I have it but, I don`t know, is not the only midi skirt that I have but maybe I`m having a bad day :D

What do you think? I just love this dress and I`m thinking if I will wear it more or not. About the rest of the outfit, well my fav Selma bag from Michael Kors and the fav heels ♥ You can see all the details and where you ca find it as usual, at the end of the text.

Wish you all a wonderful evening
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Bag: Michael Kors available Here
Jacket: Here
Dress: Here
Shoes: Here
Bracelet: Pandora

17 March 2015

Office tips and inspiration

Hi loves! Today I want to share with you one of my recent outfits and will come as a business outfit proposal.
One of you asked me to come with some outfits that will be suitable for a day at the office. Well, I can see many outfits that can be a bit reinterpreted and also adapted to your own style. For example the previous outfit, available Here. You may not be able to wear leather pants or slip-ons at the office, but you can sure change them with a pair of black simple pants and some black stiletto, right?

And to come back to this outfit, again, I know that you may see a bit of skin but what keeps your for changing the blouse with a longer one? Or even to keep it, because my blouse has the perfect lenght but it is a bit large and it was windy outside, this was the result. But you don`t really have clouds and wind in your office, am I right again? :D And yes, pick another jacket or maybe a blazer will be much more suitable.

And as a bonus, in my case these pants from Kurtmann combined with a pair of high heels create the effect of super long legs. But take care, if you don`t have the proper height and you add flats instead of heels, in the end you may obtain the reverse effect.

So, I hope this may help to inspire you for your next outfits
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Blouse: Here
Jacket: Derin, Old
Palazzo Pants: Here
Bag: Dasha
Heels: Here

15 March 2015

Black and White Mood

 Hi loves! This spring started as we all wanted but it seems that the weather still wants some clouds and a bit of rain. Is not my favorite kind of weather, but still, we have to adapt and make the best of it.
Today I want to present you my latest outfit and I hope that it will inspire you for your next outfits. And as a hint, in my case, because I`m not always in the mood for picking items and be creative, I try to organize my outfits in the weekend for the entire week. I know it may take some time, but is the best way to be efficient. 

Believe me, that when you`ll wake up in the morning and you don`t have eyes even to see where you`re walking, your outfits will be chosen fast and you`ll take what will be in front of you without thinking too much. I`m not saying that is not something that I`m doing too, but I prefer to avoid this kind of situation and if there is something that had changed without knowing, I am adapting the outfit to those conditions: if weather had changed, if a certain event needs a certain dress code, if I`m not in the mood for heels anymore and so on. But is easier and faster, plus the result is always better.

I hope that my advice will be helpful, and also I want to ask you something: I`m thinking to make a hair tutorial, where I will show you how to obtain the perfect curls. What do you think, It will be in your interest?

Meanwhile, I wish you all a wonderful Sunday and see you next time :D
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Dress as a Vest: Here
Leather Pants: Here
Slip-ons: Tamaris
Bag: YVY Bags
Blouse: H&M
Bracelet: Pandora

Photo credits: Adrian D Photography

10 March 2015

Over the knee

Hi girsl! I hope that your week started as you wanted, cause mine, oh mine, is like I never dreamed. I won`t tell you more because all the info will be shared at the right moment. 
Today I want to present you one of my outfits that I shared with you last week. But I brought some changes since I wore it with my faux fur jacket and right now it`s not suitable since the weather changed and Spring came to town. And also I`ve made a promise that I will stop wear it since I abused it a lot and maybe you`ve got bored with it.

I manage to order this pair of boots and after a while, due to our postal service which has big issues, are finally mine. I have to say that I adore them: extremely comfy and sexy in the same time ♥

 And 2 more tips for online shopping: Kurtmann has the best prices for the mass market brands like Zara, Bershka etc you can find the direct links for my Zara blouse and shorts. And the second one is Shopbop and if we want to talk about famous brand and designers they also have great prices, special offers and the sale section, see it Here, has only must haves at extremely low prices ( I found a pair of Alexander Wang sandals at $100 and something but until I decided to buy them, they became out of stock :( )

So I invite you to check the links and visit their websites for goodies that make a statement and for which you don`t have to spend a fortune :D

Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Blouse: Zara available Here
Shorts: Zara available Here
Over the knee boots: Here
Bag: Michael Kors Available Here
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

8 March 2015

Make-up by MAC, Pandora si 8 Martie

Poate va intrebati  ce legatura au toate cele 3 lucruri mentionate in titlu?! Ei bine, toate promoveaza frumusetea, eleganta si aduc zambetul pe fetele multor doamne si domnisoare. Cu aceasta ocazie va urez si eu La multi ani tuturor si sper ca ati avut o zi minunata, plina de rasfat.

Pentru mine insa, formeaza o scurta poveste:
De curand am fost la MAC pentru a ma bucura de un machiaj inspirat din fimul Cinderella care urmeaza sa apara saptamana viitoare. Impreuna cu Alexandra Frigescu, pe care o admir pentru munca ei, am decis sa optez pt un make-up care de obicei nu prea ma reprezinta. Ma rog, poate nu a fost realizat foarte bine pana acum insa de data aceasta pot spune ca smookey eyes nu mai este renegat :))

Mergand mai departe, prima persoana care m-a vazut cum aratam a fost desigur, mama. Reactia ei, nu foarte complexa si fara a sta sa analizeze cat de elaborat este machiajul a fost: " Whoaaa, iti sta superb, arati diferit". Desigur, de ce am ales sa va povestesc asta?
Fiindca astazi este 8 Martie, iar eu cand eram mica, am invatat ca este ziua mamei, a persoanei pe care eu o pretuiesc cel mai mult si care imi este si mi-a fost alaturi mereu, neconditionat. Daca as sta sa va enumar toate situatiile probabil ca ar dura enorm pentru mine si destul de mult pentru voi sa cititi, insa va voi enumera cateva.
Dupa cum stiti, multe din pozele de pe blog sunt realizate de ea. Nu este fotograf evident, insa tinand cont de experienta vasta :)) as putea spune ca se descurca extrem de bine si cel mai important este ca mereu este rabdatoare cu mine. Pot ajunge destul de enervanta daca ceva nu imi iese, daca ajunge sa imi fie mult prea frig sau daca incepe sa se intunece. Desigur, sa nu credeti ca nu pastrez anumite limite dar nha, noi si toanele noastre :D
Hainele pe care le realizez, ei bine, ma ajuta si in acest caz. Desigur in functie de timpul pe care il are si acum nici nu vreau sa o pun la munca la fel ca in China. Dar niciodata nu spune nu.
Sprijin si sustinere? Ei bine, daca nu m-ar fi sustinut in toate, dar toate prostiile care imi trec prin cap, nu as fi ajung unde sunt si probabil ca visele mele ramaneau in acest stadiu. Insa incet dar sigur, prind contur si cu fiecare realizare pe care o am, prima care se bucura de vesti este ea. Iar fericirea de pe fata ei, este de nepretuit pentru mine ♥

 Mai departe, fiindca povestea a unit atat machiajul realizat la MAC, cat si data de 8 martie este randul sa trecem la urmatorul punct din poveste. Pandora a creat noi bijuterii pentru a celebra frumusetea feminitatii special pentru Ziua Mamei. 

Stiti, in general charm-urile Pandora spun o poveste. Pentru mine, noul charm este cel mai important probabil. Am ales sa il adaug in mini colectia mea: este vorba de un charm in forma de inima, cu multe alte inimioare si in interiorul careia este scris "Mom" ( se observa si in poza adaugata). Stiu ca este simbolic si ca nu doar asa ne manifestam dragostea si afectiunea, insa de acum inainte eu il voi purta cu mare drag si probabil ca de fiecare data cand ma voi uita la bratara, imi voi aduce aminte sa cred in visele mele si sa muncesc de 10 ori mai mult fiindca este cineva care crede in mine si care ma sustine neconditionat.

 Gata, the story is over :D Va doresc o seara minunata si e timpul sa ne bucuram cat mai putem de ziua aceasta fiindca incepe o noua saptamana si mai avem putin timp ramas pentru a ne reincarca bateriile :))

Kisses, Manuella ♥

6 March 2015

New outfit plus important news ♥

 Good morning loves! Who woke up in the mood for shopping? Because I have some great news for you about some great discounts ♥ at Shopbop. I don`t know if you are aware if this site, but believe me, is pure gold hahahaha. Designer clothes, bags and accessories at special prices, on sales and even more they have right now discounts like 15%, 20% and 25%.
I have to say that we can save something and is the perfect moment to invest in statement pieces. In my opinion this is actually smart shopping and we should take advantage of it. It will be available until Sunday March 8, 2015 4:00AM Eastern Time (New York time zone) so fast, fast, fast... group your friends, do some online shopping because the bigger the order, the bigger the discount.

And to talk a bit about what I`m wearing. This is the kind of outfit that I`m wearing at 10 a.m. No heels even if I think I look a bit silly when I`m wearing sneaker, but it was always one of my addictions. My fav vest I gave up on the faux fur vest, even if I`m remaining constant with the color and my new in Michael Kors bag ♥ I was like, the happiest kid yesterday when the mailman came and told me that I received a gift and I only have to sign the papers. You can find a direct link to it as I used you, at the " I was wearing" section ( P.S.: it is available at a discount)

Sorry about repeating the word "Discount". It`s one of my fav words/periods and there is nothing that I can do about it. So, let me know if there is something you`ll love and that will be in your property soon, hahha

Have a wonderful day girls
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Vest: My own design, limited edition ( you can order yours at manuela.lupascu91@gmail.com)
Boyfriend Jeans: Here
White Blouse: H&M
Bag: Michael Kors, available at a great discount HERE
Sneakers: Converse
Hat: Here
Sunglasses: Here
Bracelet: Pandora

4 March 2015

For the love of lace and faux fur

 From the first picture I supposed that you may say that I am wearing a chic and elegant outfit. Well, I hope that it won`t come as a disappointment the fact that I`m wearing sneakers. I was carrying a pair of nude stilettos just in case, but in the end I decided to go for the sneakers for a chic yet casual and comfy outfit.

I`m not the one that breaks the rules but from time to time I don`t like being normal or better said to go for the safe combination. So, I hope the critics won`t be so harsh.

As you may have seen, lately I`ve made a passion for the beige faux fur and in combination with my new lace bra, that I completely adore and you`ll probably see it in many combinations when the weather will change, I think it looks great ♥

You can find all the details and links to the items I`m wearing at the end of the text :D

I hope you like it and I want to wish you a wonderful Spring
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
My own faux fur again :D
Bra: blushandmai Available Here
Pants: Here
Bag: Dasha
Sneakers: Converse
Sunglasses: Here
Watch: Wood Watch by Jord

1 March 2015

Spring, welcome in town

Good evening to all the wonderful women around here and is not that I neglect the men, don`t get me wrong. But, I want to wish you all, a wonderful spring and  not only spring, because I like to think that we don`t need a specific day to feel special, to enjoy life or to celebrate.

I also have to apologize for my short absence but these days are kind of busy and I`m preparing something special that I really hope you`ll love. But for the moment I can`t tell more, be patient and you`ll find out soon!

And about the outfit, well was something that I enjoyed wearing today. I just love the weather, I can feel the smell of spring in the air and even if I`m wearing a faux fur jacket it doesn`t really mean that I want winter back...not at all :D

You`ll find all the details about what I`m wearing and I won`t keep you any longer because I hope you`ll enjoy the rest of the day

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Faux Fur Jacket: My own design
Dress: Here
Boots: Here
Hat: Here
Bag: Old (local market)