27 October 2011

Special Post: Wella Awards

So finally i have the pictures from the Wella Awards :D! After walking blind on the stage and manage to sit on that chair , everything that followed was "magic". 
I don`t think that with pictures like this is place for more words, only thanks and apllause for Cyrill Brune!
 I hope you enjoy them and i wait for your impressions
Kisses,Manuella ♥

26 October 2011

Outfit of the day : Burgundy pants

 This pictures were took i think a month ago for a Romanian magazine called Ioana and this outfit was let`s say my favorite even if it wasn`t composed by me .
So i hope you like the pictures and the final result of the shooting :D
Have a wonderful day 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

23 October 2011

Outfit of the day: Shades of gray

  How was your weekend girls? Mine was quite calm and relaxing with no deadlines and important things to do, so i will be able to start the week in a good way with fresh forces.
  As about the outfit well i wanted to combine the items and to create something easy to wear but also chic and somehow elegant in order to be perfect for cold days of fall and for school.
 Have a wonderful Sunday evening 
Kisses, Manuella ♥ 

22 October 2011

Autumn leaves

    So i will keep it short and i wish you a wonderful weekend 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

16 October 2011

Outfit of the day :Horses and balloons

     These days were like heel for me! I was fortunate enought to get sick, the weather is not how i wish and my mood for doing pictures was no more then 0. With all this i manage to take some pictures with the item from my last collaboration. This wonderful LaPallete bag , i can say, is the most beautiful bag from my closet just because is very special and also I think that i`m the only lucky girl in Bucharest who has this kind of bag ♥
     So i hope you`ll enjoy this pictures, and i wish you a wonderful week.
Kisses,Manuella ♥

14 October 2011

Boyfriend jeans

   I`m so excited of my new camera and i can`t stop doing pictures...haha ! it may sound stupid and crazy but i`m in love with it and also i have to learn how to use it at its true potential, so if any of you knows some hints in using a nikon ,i wait for your advice :D
About the outfit, well is casual and the special touch is given by the killer heels, that were present also in the last post. I have some new items in my closet that you will probably see them quite a lot( and these shoes are one of them) because we have a special connection and is imposible for me to stay to much away from them.
  Also soon i will have a new DIY item...can you guess what it is? Don`t think to far, i don`t want to dissapoint you ! But if you won`t guess i think you`ll give me in the same time some ideas...haha here is a win-win situation.
I wish you a fabulous weekend,
Kisses,Manuella ♥

13 October 2011

Half Black and Half White

   As you can see the combination of black and white is my favorite and i love to try different outfits and to mix the items. 
  Also i present you my last aquisition in terms of shoes, ♥ i really love them and the price was very cheep, both from a local market . I don`t think i`ve ever said this but we can really find some treasures in those shops!!
  And as you can notice the quality of this pictures is much better than the pictures in the previews posts( not those ones where Irina, a friend of mine, helped me with her camera). So yes another aquisition that i`m so proud of is my new Nikon camera, that i still learn how to use it at its true potentioal. But is a great step and i hope you`ll enjoy my posts even more now.
I wish you a beautiful weekend
Kisses,Manuella ♥

10 October 2011

Outfit of the day: Fall

  Fall is officially in Bucharest and i can`t say that it makes me happy but i try to fit in this new landscape. Also i hate the clothes for the cold weather , but i`m quite sure  i`m not the only one.
  Also this period some of my new projects are about to start or to end and i can`t tall you more about them but i case they will be a success be sure you`ll be the first who finds out , so again wish me luck because i really need it ♥
  I wish you a wonderful week full of joy and fashionable things
Kisses,Manuella  ♥

8 October 2011

Last post with summer clothes

Well this is the last outfit from the set of 4. That`s why i wear summer clothes ! Next outfit will be with fall clothes and i hope you`ll enjoy it because there are new items in my closet and i`m so proud about them ♥
And what do you think about this cold weather? I can say it makes me sad and all i want to do is to stay in my bad and watch movies :(
I wish you a wonderful weekend
Kisses, Manuella ♥

6 October 2011

Outfit of the day: Mustard

This is the third set of pictures from the shooting i`ve told you about! As you can see my smile started to be fake and  the pictures are not so good as the other ones because the fatigue occured. 
Also i will have an amazing post with pictures from an event that i attended, but i wait for the official photos! I`m so eager to show you :D
I hope you have a beautiful day 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

2 October 2011

Outfit of the day: Black and White Combination

  Good morning !It`s Monday, college starts and i still have a lot of work to do! so i will keep it simple and also i will have a surprise post , i think soon , this week :D...
Have a great week,
Kisses,Manuella ♥

1 October 2011

Outfit of the day: Denim and Maxi skirt

  And now i have something special for you! After a day of shooting and 4 outfits, this is the result :D i hope you enjoy it and don`t forget that are 3 more outfits to come !
Have a great weekend,
Kisses,Manuella ♥