22 June 2016

Aquazzura, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein Underwear, Casadei and many more at more than 70% DISCOUNT

I want to tell you something super cool, that you can use only until this Friday: 25% Discount, on the already discounted items. Does it sound awesome to you? What`s even better and I couldn`t take advantage of it because I did not knew about it in time, is the fact that you can have up to 70% discount and add 25% discount more at check-out by using the code: 25EXTRA 

I hope I have your interest now and you can Click Here and you`ll be directed straight to the website. Don`t forget is for 3 days only available so pick your favorites and order them asap.  If you like something from the pictures, don`t forget that you have a direct link to each so you can have a fast access to your favorites.

1. Aquazzura style. If you follow me on Snapchat already, you know which is the pair between this Aquazzura ones I have picked. If you don`t, I will let you guess or wait until Friday when they will arrive, in time for my B-Day.

2. Casadei is always an option: I have my eyes also on some pairs of heels from Casadei. If you`re asking why I started with shoes, is mainly because I am trying to avoid the bags for a while and take a short break from them but I will continue with them.
1. Red Cut Out Sandals 2. Suede Clogs (middle) 3. T-Strap Heels ( bottom left) 4. Caged Booties

Now, let`s move on to bags. We all love them, but I honestly don`t have place for not even one. So, I have made a small selection for you and I bet you`ll enjoy it!

3. Bags Collection: Classics, Trendy or super Useful. These are my picks that for sure will match one of the reasons we all buy a bag. Well, there is one more that for sure will beat them all and I`m talking about: "I bought it because I liked it!!"

4. Calvin Klein Underwear: I was asked by some of you where I found the Calvin Klein original underwear. Now is the time to let all of you know the secret. And don`t forget about the info shared previously: you can enjoy beside the 30 up to 50% discounts an extra one of 25%. So you can sum them up and obtain the best price ever. Is not called smart shopping for nothing, right?!
From left to Right: 

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