30 June 2014

Vessos and Manuella from Let`s talk about fashion Giveaway

Girls I have prepared a new Giveaway for you. Because I saw that you loved the blouse in the picture that you saw in this post, I decided together with Vessos to prepare for you a wonderful contest where you can win not one, but two prizes that you`re able to see also on their website Here & Here. This means that we will have 2 winners! 
The context will be available for one week, this means that you have the chance to enter until next Monday and after that on the following days we will also announce the winners :D

Because they are way too awesome, they have organized a big celebration for the coming independence day, meaning that by using the following code: IND20 you will get a 20% discount. And take a look to see their attractive prices without discount!!!! And also check their international giveaway HERE where you have other amazing prizes ♥ 
The discount is available until the 4th of July, and if you don`t know this date, represents also the day when I was born. So this week is my birthday ♥ Can`t wait ♥

Anyway, now I will tell you the rules for the Giveaway :
2. Share the contest pictures, available HERE
3. Leave a comment with your email address under this post and with the items ( the blouse or the jumpsuit) you want to win ♥

I hope you like it and good luck loves 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

28 June 2014

Shine like the sun in the sky

Hi Loves! I`m not done with the Feeric Fashion Days pictures but meanwhile I decided to show you the outfit I wore earlier this week, when I was invited to participate as a model/blogger for a great romanian designer which is also a friend of mine, Ana Maria Cornea, at the launching party of a new cocktail, Elegantine ♥ I was very happy to be involved and to wear some of my favorite dresses that were presented also at the Feeric Fashion Days.

And about the outfit, believe me is one of my favorite lately. The blouse has some gorgeous details and the short jeans even if are full of sequins and pearls it doesn`t seem to be too much at all. In fact are one of my favorite shorts lately. And if you`re asking where you can find them, well the obvious answer will be Sheinside. You`ll find a direct link at the end of the text and also I will invite you to participate at my latest Giveaway organized in collaboration with them and win your 2 favorite items ♥ You can see more details Here.

I hope you like it
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing: Blouse: Vessos, Jeans: Sheinside, Boots: Zara, Bag: Dasha, Sunglasses: Romwe
And big thanks to Silvia from Bucharest Style for the wonderful pictures.

26 June 2014

Sheinside Summer Giveaway

Hi Loves! Well as I told your earlier in my previous post, I have prepared a new Giveaway for you in collaboration with the Awesome Sheinside site. You always ask me about them and we thought that you deserve a gorgeous gift for your engagement ♥ 
So, we will have only one winner, but the winner will be able to pick 2 different items, meaning you can`t pick 2 dresses, you have to pick for example 1 swimsuit and 1 dress, or a pair of sunglasses and a skirt ( and so on) from the following link: http://www.sheinside.com/Summer-Vacation-Giveaway-vc-459-p4.html
You can see some of my favorite items in the picture :D

Rules :
1. Register on Sheinside HERE
3. Share the contest picture that is available Here
4. Leave a comment here, on blog, with the email address that you also registered on Sheinside so we can contact you

The contest will end in 20 days from now so I will be back from my holiday :D more precisely on July 16.
Good luck loves ♥

Green mood

Hi loves!! Today I`m showing you a fast out that I enjoyed to wear during my last day in Sibiu, while visiting the city ♥ I will not keet you for too long because I also want to prepare a new Giveaway for you, in collaboration with my favorite site and I know for sure that you LOVE it too: Sheinside !!

So, I hope you like my outfit and stay tuned because something awesome will come next later on!

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing: T-shirt: Zara, Bag: Dasha, Skirt: My own design, Boots: Mart of china

24 June 2014

Feeric Fashion Days - Day 5

A sosit momentul sa va prezint si ultima zi a Galei Feeric Fashion Days, cel mai important eveniment de moda din balcani. Experienta mea a fost scurta, insa extrem de frumoasa si cu siguranta s-a observat acest lucru si din pozele puse pe Facebook si Instagram in timp real.

Ultima zi de festival a programat trei prezentări individuale. Designerul sibian Anca Stănilă a adus la Palatul Brukenthal din Avrig ultima ei colecție, una de inspirație marină unde albastrul a predominat. Intitulată Ocean Blue, colecția a fost prezentată pe poteca ce leagă Palatul Brukenthal de Oranjerie, într-un decor de-a dreptul feeric. Iris Șerban a uimit cu noua ei colecție, prezentată pe vechiul pod de piatră de peste Cibin. „E o colecție făcută foarte repede, motivul inspirației a fost brocartul Ludovic adus în perioada noastră. Am mers pe juxtapuneri de materiale, brocart, piele, pantaloni chiar cu turul jos, inserții de brodaje foarte late care puse pe corsete evidențiază corpul. E o colecție pentru femeile rafinate și cu mult curaj”, spune Iris Șerban despre noua ei colecție.

Din Suedia, Yvette Hass a venit la Sibiu, în curtea interioară a Muzeului de Istorie, pentru a-și prezenta ultimele sale creații vestimentare. Modelele au pășit prin curtea muzeului înspre balconul ce duce în camera tezaurului pentru a prezenta o colecție în care au dominat albul și negrul. 
Cea de-a șaptea ediție a Feeric Fashion Days s-a încheiat pe pasarela suspendată din Piața Mică. Seara de gală a început cu un concert Anca Mărginean & Magic Band și s-a încheiat cu opt prezentări de modă. Pe pasarelă au fost prezentate colecțiile semnate de Paula Păduroiu, Cristina Dan, Georgiana Nicolaescu – Giuka, Guban, Bojana Dolamic, La Mode Toujours, Ana Maria Șut și Adina Buzatu.

Iar seara s-a incheiat, evident cu o petrecere la Hala Balanta pe care am decis sa o numim de acum inainte Feeric Hall, unde am reusit sa cream inca o data amintiri frumoase pe care sa le luam cu noi acasa.

Am inceput prin a va arata prima tinuta de Sambata si promit sa revin cu o alta postare in care sa va prezint si cea de a 2a tinuta fiindca pe a3a, nu am mai apucat sa o pozez, insa o puteti vedea pe Facebook sau Instagram. Iar acum va voi arata o parte din piesele mele vestimetare preferare, prezentate in acea zi, iar la sfarsitul postari mai multe detalii si despre tinuta mea ♥

Kisses, Manuella

23 June 2014

My first day at Feeric Fashion Days - Day 4

Buna fetelor! Am decis sa incep aceasta postare a zilei 4 din cadrul Feeric Fashion Days cu un filmulet care sper sa va placa si in care veti vedea pe scurt cam ce s-a intamplat: Prezentarile Filip Roth, Ana Maria Cornea si Gala Feeric Fashion Days unde au prezentat Mihaela Cirlugea, Diana Voevutki, Filomena Chifor & Madalina Lazu, Adriana Delia Barar, Alina Maria Margulescu si Evgheni Hudorojcov.

Desi Gala trebui sa aiba loc in Piata Mica din Sibiu, vremea nefavorabila ne-a mutat in Hala Balanta insa concertul Directia 5 de la sfarsit s-a dovetit a fi extrem de frumos intr-un spatiu intim plin de oameni minunati.
Mai departe va voi arata cateva din tinutele mele preferate din cadrul prezentarilor si de asemenea tinuta purtata de mine pe care probabil o stiti daca sunteti alaturi de mine si pe conturile de Facebook si Instagram

11 June 2014

Fast times

Hi girls ♥ This is a fast post because I have to get back to my reading materials for my next exam. I`m striving to get all the things done in time and you`re one of my priorities too.
So, see you soon again, here on blog and I still have some great new items to show you. 

Have a great evening 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing: Dress: Here, Bag: Dasha, Sandals: Zara, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

6 June 2014

Stripped Suit and Giveaway Winners

Hi Loves! Today I want to present you the Stripped Suit. I have it for a while now, but since the weather is changing from one minute to another I didn`t manage to wear it. In my opinion a suit is very easy to be worn. As in the case of a jumpsuit 80% of the outfit is waiting for you as it is, without making you think and rethink, how to match the blouse, with what pants and so on. 
So in case you want something easy to be picked and combined, I will recommend you to invest in a jumpsuit and also in a suit. You can also choose from a variety of combinations: pencil skirt, tulip skirt, short, midi, short pants, midi pants and also long and so on.

I hope you like my casual interpretation for it, since I`m running from one place to another, heels lately are optional :D Continue reading, because at the end of this post you`ll also find the winners of the 2 giveaways that were organized on my blog.

And also don`t forget to check My Shop where you can order some cute items made with my little hands with a lot of passion and love, haha !!

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing: Suit- Blazer: Here, Shorts: Here Blouse: Here, Necklace: Dior, Bag: Dasha,
Sneakers: Fshoes

2 June 2014

Lace it

Good morning loves! I won`t keep you for too long because I must read something for my next exams and after that to get ready for Digital Divas. So I hope I`ll meet you there and have a great day together. 
About this outfit I can`t say more, because I have some bad memories of that day...mainly about twisting my ankle. And you know the story because I told you about it in the previous posts. 

But since I`m a fighter and a high heels lover, I continued to wear heels and I will also do it today :))

See you later
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing: Blouse: Here Pants: Here, Heels: Here, Necklace: Here, Bag: Dasha

1 June 2014

Fierce Chihuahua

I know that you`re not even close to be scared if I will start with the title. And in fact, there is nothing scary around here, everything is just nice and joyfull ♥ 
Today I will tell you a bit about the wonderful event that is coming in town: Digital Divas. Is not at the first edition, if you remember I participated also last year where I had the pleasure to meet wonderful people that I knew just online. This time I think it will be the same and by the way I am also a nominee. Don`t get too enthusiastic, the other blogs are great too, but somehow I`m one of them and this makes me feel great.
This edition will be splited again in two parts: the conference and the gala and I really hope that I will be able to take part to both of them. And I`m saying this because tomorrow is my first exam, not great but it means that the summer holiday is so close ♥
Ok this is it for today, I hope I`ll have the chance to meet you on the 3th of June and to have a great chit chat during the event!! 
P.S.: For more info about the event, you can enter their website here

Kisses,Manuella ♥

I was wearing: Pants and Blouse: 6ks, Bag: Jadu, Heels: Lovelyshoes