30 June 2016

Pre Birthday Outfit Post ♥

I was so enthusiastic to share with you this pictures that I could not wait until tomorrow. The sad thing about this pictures is the fact that a lose a big part of them and I just can`t recover them in any way :( And some of them were so great, because the sun was extremely strong and we have waited a while for a cloud to appear and once it was in the right spot everything was just perfect.
But you`ll not be able to see them and I just had the chance to see them on the camera while we were shooting. Well sad story but I managed to find some nice one to and share this ones!

I wanted to make this post a bit festive, due to this gorgeous dress and to the fact that soon ( on Monday) I will turn 25. I can`t even realize how fast time past by but I`m grateful for everything and stay tuned because I`m preparing a nice post for you ♥

Until then, the weekend is near and I have to prepare a party :D
Kisses, M ♥

 I was wearing:
Shein Red Dress: Here
Pink Basis Nude Sandals: Here

27 June 2016

Rome and Vatincan

In our last full day in Italy we decided to visit Vatican and this is the outfit I wore. It is extremely important to know that if you want to visit the Vatican Museum and the Basilica San Pietro  this kind of outfit is not allowed since I had open shoulders. But there is no problem: you either come with something in your bag to cover yourself or buy a scarf like I did from the Piazza San Pietro and I think it`s quite a business for them.

For more details check the following section about what I`m wearing and if you are interested in Vatican, read down more for pictures and info.

 I was wearing:
Prada Sunglasses: Here
Choies Jumpsuit: Here
Bag, The Morodan By YVY Bags: Here
Marc Jacobs Watch: Here
Mood Bracelets: Here
Flats: Similar Here

25 June 2016

All roads lead to Rome

The first full day in Rome and we were truly amazed by the beauty of this incredible city.
I`ve told you in my previous post that we stayed nead Piazza de Popolo so this was our first stop. But we found out that we can go up and have a perfect view from above over the entire square and also enjoy a gorgeous & peaceful place which was more like a park. you can see more in the following pictures ♥

Then, when we went down we succeeded in arriving at Piazza di Spagna but since the stairs ( Spanish Steps) were closed for restoration we couldn`t take too many pictures there. But I think that they were closed until the end of this month, so if you have planned a trip to Rome starting from next one, you`ll have more luck for sure.

I will invite you to read the entire story because you`ll see more tourist attraction and in the meantime if you`re curious about my outfit don`t forget to check the next section because you`ll find there all the details you need ♥

 I was wearing:
Giuseppe Zanotti Espadrilles: Here
Romwe Studded Shorts: Here
Choies Blue Shirt: Here
Croco Bag from YVY Bags: Here
Earings: C&A
Watch: Guess Similar Here
Sammydress Sunglasses: Here

23 June 2016

Last day in Naples and First evening in Rome ♥

So the time for our last day in Naples has arrived. We already had in mind what was left to visit and we kept our schedule as planed.Our first "destination" was up to Castel Sant`Elmo which is the highest places in Naples and we got the 360 degrees view above the city and it was amazing.
If you want to get there you can take the Funiculare from a street near the Piazza Plebiscito or from 2 other metro Stations but I don`t really know their names. Is a must if you plan to visit Naples but just take care because even if it`s a quite area we had a bad incident with an immigrant while  I was taking a few pictures to Iustin. We thought I was actually picturing him and he wanted to broke my camera and he acted quite dangerous... but lucky me, it was a railing between us and it was a bit difficult for him to reach me.

I will let you enjoy the view together with some nice buildings and places from that part of the city and I will continue with the other destination and with our trip and first evening in Rome!

 I was wearing:
Michael Kors Bag: Find it at a discount HERE
C&A Sunflasses
Romwe Skirt: Here
Choies Sandals: Here
Marc Jacobs Watch: Here
Mood Bracelets: Flash Tattoos Romania Here
H&M basic blouse

22 June 2016

I`m all pink and sweet ♥

Today I took a short break from the holiday posts and decided to share with you some important news about a great Sale. If you haven`t seen it just click Here and you`ll be directed to the posts where you can find more details, or Here to be directed straight to the online shop.

Meanwhile, here is a new outfit post for you, perfect for these summer days that keep my mind thinking only at a big pool or at the seaside. Probably we will leave for a few days again just to get some tan and refresh our bodies.

I hope you like it and for more details check the I was wearing section because you can find there all the details!
Kisses, M ♥

 I was wearing:
Sammydress Sunglasses: Here
T-shirt: Similar Here
Romwe Shorts: Here
Bag Albertine for YVY Bags: Here
Amiclubwear Sandals: Here

Aquazzura, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein Underwear, Casadei and many more at more than 70% DISCOUNT

I want to tell you something super cool, that you can use only until this Friday: 25% Discount, on the already discounted items. Does it sound awesome to you? What`s even better and I couldn`t take advantage of it because I did not knew about it in time, is the fact that you can have up to 70% discount and add 25% discount more at check-out by using the code: 25EXTRA 

I hope I have your interest now and you can Click Here and you`ll be directed straight to the website. Don`t forget is for 3 days only available so pick your favorites and order them asap.  If you like something from the pictures, don`t forget that you have a direct link to each so you can have a fast access to your favorites.

1. Aquazzura style. If you follow me on Snapchat already, you know which is the pair between this Aquazzura ones I have picked. If you don`t, I will let you guess or wait until Friday when they will arrive, in time for my B-Day.

21 June 2016

Capri Island

Hi loves! Today I will tell you a few things you need to know about Capri, one of the most gorgeous islands that I`ve even been.
So, since we have stayed in Naples we took the speed boat and we arrived in Capri in one hour . The ticket was around 20euro per person for one way but it is worth it. You can buy the tickets in Naples from the their sea port which is right behind Castel Nuovo.

My outfit for today was perfect and it was a suit ( Blouse and skirt from L`Armario) flats and a super gorgeous gold bag from YVY Bags. But you`ll see all the details in the I was wearing section ♥
I made also a things for the Mood Bracelets from Flash Tattoos Romania, picked for this trip in gold and rose gold combine with the rose gold watch from Marc Jacobs

I was wearing:
Sammydress Sunglasses: Here
L`Armarion Suit: Here
YVY Bags Gold Bag: Here
Flash Tattoos Romania Mood Bracelets: Here
Marc Jacobs Watch: Here
Flat Sandals: Similar Here

20 June 2016

Summer Holiday: First Day in Naples

Well, sadly, we are back home!  And this post will be about our first day in Naples: how we got there, where we have stayed and what we managed to see. I will start quickly by telling you what I was wearing and I will continue with the pictures and stories!

 I was wearing: 
Hat: Similar Here
Sunglasses: Here
Dress: H&M
Marc Jacobs Watch: Here
Flash Tattoos Romania: Mood Bracelets
Michael Kors Bag: Here ( Find it at a discount) 
Ami Club wear Sandals: Here

10 June 2016

Somewhere in between two styles

Hi loves,

Today I want to show you the outfit I wore at the C&A event. Well, you might have seen more on Instagram and Snapchat ( user: manuellalupascu) about how it was and also you might have seen the fact that I had a different pair of sandals.
And indeed, you were right. Since it was a day event, I considered these lace-up sandals a bit too much and decided upon a pair of classic beige sandals.
Regarding the other details of this ourfit I might say that the Selby Michael Kors bag together with this skirt will be my summer favorites and most probably you`ll see them quite a lot, if not here on blog, for sure on the other social media accounts ♥

Well, that`s it for today, I hope you like my new outfit and for more details check the I was wearing section.
Kisses, M ♥

I was wearing:
Shein Shirt: Here
Romwe Skirt: Here
Jessica Buurman Lace-up Sandals: Here 
Michael Kors Selby Medium Sarchel: Here

6 June 2016

Vacante de vara cu Deichmann

 Trebuie sa va recunosc ca mi-a luat ceva sa realizez aceasta postare si totusi, ma gandesc cu teama ca o sa mai dureze minim 30 min pana cand termin si textul. Totul a pornit de la concertul de aseara Maroon 5, care pentru mine a dat startul oficial la vacanta de vara si la tot ce tine calatorii, distractie si noi amintiri.
De cand m-am trezit, destul de tarziu ce este drept, ma uit la filmuletele realizate de mine si de altii si retraiesc acele clipe minunate de fericire si entuziasm. Stiam fiecare melodie si fiecare vers, iar preferata mea " She will be loved", care este de fapt preferata mea ever, s-a lasat ceva asteptata insa nu se putea incheia concertul fara ea.

Dar gata, nu va mai vorbesc de concert fiindca asta fac de aseara. Si o sa va vorbesc despre tinuta mea de astazi, inspirata de viitoarea vacanta in care o sa plec saptamana viitoare.
Ciao Italia... Roma, Naploli si Capri. Aceste destinatii ma duc mereu cu gandul la tinute albe la care sunt adaugate accesorii maro, precum aceste sandale extrem de comode de la Deichmann.

Si in timp ce scriam aceasta postare, chiar am realizat ac mai este foarte putin pana la mult asteptata mea vacanta. ♥ Cu siguranta aceasta tinuta o sa fie in bagaj si  abia astept sa impartasesc cu voi poze din vacanta.

Voi ce tinuta ati alege pentru urmatoarea calatorie?

Va pup si va doresc o saptamana minunata,
Kisses, M ♥

Tinuta este compusa din:
Rochie Zara: Similara Aici
Palarie: Aici
Sandale: Deichmann
Geanta: Similara Aici
Ochelari Ray Ban- Aici

2 June 2016

Summer Style

 Hi loves! Today I have to keep it short. I am back with a new outfit post and all I can think is about my holiday. Even my outfits are inspired by the holiday mood and I just can`t stop it.

I will invite you to check the I was wearing section and stay tuned because more outfits are to come.
Wish you all a wonderful day!
Kisses, M ♥

 I was wearing:
Shein Blouse: Here
Romwe Shorts: Here
Prada Sunglasses: Here
Michael Kors Bag: Here
Inia Lavin Fringe Boots