29 November 2014

Lary Beauty Center Experience

Dragele mele, stiu ca este putin neobisnuit pentru voi sa vedeti astfel de postari, insa in ultima vreme datorita mesajelor voastre cu multiple intrebari m-am gandit sa vin in intampinarea voastra si cu cateva sfaturi de beauty.
Daca am avut o postare in care v-am povestit despre vopsitul parului, acum vin cu informatii despre manichiura si nu numai. Acum ceva timp, am avut ocazia sa testez tehnicile rusesti in salonul Lary Beauty Center. Eram foarte curioasa ce este drept, fiindca am tot auzit de minunile pe care scoala ruseasca le realizeaza si sincer va spun ca intr-adevar rezultatele sunt pe masura.
Eu am decis sa incerc extensiile de unghii, care si acum, dupa 2 saptamani arata perfect: nu s-au rupt, crapat iar problema mea vesnica era legata de faptul ca imi intra aer pe sub ele si desigur acest lucru nu s-a intamplat. 
Rezultatul il puteti vedea si voi in prima poza. Stiu, eu mereu abordez o manichiura clasica, rosu, french sau nuante nude, nimic iesit din comun, insa fetele sunt extrem de talentate cand vine vorba de pictura pe unghii si cu siguranta dispuse sa satisfaca toate gusturile voastre.

Serviciile salonului sunt pe cat de bune pe atat de diverse: coafat, extensii de par si gene, tatuaj sprancene la care am si luat parte iar rezultatul creat de Lary a fost wow, machiaje samd ♥ Insa va invit pe site-ul lor pentru a vedea serviciile dar si ofertele de nerefuzat: Aici

Atmosfera minunata creata nu ar fi fost posibila fara delicioasele preparate create de Chef Gabriela Simion si Cofetaria Abramburici, iar pozele au fost realizate de The Storyalist .

Sper sa va fie utile aceste informatii si sa incercatii si voi serviciile lor cu incredere ♥ mai ales ca in curand vin si sarbatorile si trebuie sa fim pregatite :D Iar eu, ca tot a venit vorba, trebuie sa sun cat de curand pentru a imi face o noua programare!!

Kisses, Manuella ♥

25 November 2014

Powder pink and Baby blue

Hy girls ♥ Today I want to change a bit the tendency of wearing black and move to my favorite combo of pastels: powder pink and baby blue :D And what makes me proud is the fact that each and every item in my outfit was made by me. So I can`t wait to hear your impressions about it and sure, the honest ones because this is the most important aspect of my passion...to clearly understand your desire and tastes ♥

And the surprise here is that you can order the items together or separately and the variety of colors will allow us to create something that suits you the best :D So if you have any questions, feel free to email me at manuela.lupascu91@gmail.com and I will answer you asap. 

I wish you a wonderful day 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

23 November 2014

Sunday #ootd

Hi girls! A while ago I`ve mentioned you about my fav pair of boots from Staccato. And now I`m showing you a combination that for sure is casual yet a bit differenre due to its details... in the end everything is about details : My old brooch that I took it from an old blouse, the simplicity of black, the bag chain and the skull attached at the back of my boots ♥

Without all these, the outfit would have been boring and my attitude sad.. but is not the case :D
And some great news: When I first added pictures with my boots, you asked me if you can also buy them online and well, from now on you actually can, because they have a brand new facebook shop :D for those that are not living in Bucharest ♥ you`ll have the direct link at the I was wearing section!

 I hope you like it and maybe it can inspire you in your future outfits. 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Jacket: My own design ( you can also order it : manuela.lupascu91@gmail.com )
Blouse: H&M
Bag: Dasha
Boots: Staccato Available Here

P.S.: What do you think about the jacket? :D I`m always curious to hear your impressions!!

20 November 2014

Sporty Chic

Hi loves! Lately even if I`m so in love with pastels I think I`m going through a dark period where black is the key of each and every outfit. And I have to admit that even if you see me wearing heels, I wore this pair of gorgeous pants from Front Row Shop with biker boots and the result was perfect :D Maybe I will take some new pictures soon to sow you what I`m talking about.
But I still try to picture all the wonderful new items that I have but...this weather, believe me, this weather  is not really on my side. Even more I couldn`t picture all the new items I`ve made lately but I promise you that these days I`ll do my best to surprise you ♥ Untill the, you can check my work Here and for more info you can email me anytime.

I hope you enjoy it and I wish you a wonderful day loves
Kisses, Manuella

I was wearing:
Coat: Here
Pants: Here
Boots: Zara
Bag: Dasha
Watch: Guess

18 November 2014

Black and Sequins

Hi loves! Today I just want to admit that lately I have some crushes :D : the leather pants from Front Row Shop, the leather jacket from Sheinside and the sequined sneakers from Oasap... Match made in heaven :))
What do you think? It suits your tastes too? 

I hope you like my outfit and for more details click " here" and you`ll be directed to the product link ♥

Kisses, Manuella ♥

O was wearing: 
Jacket: Here
Sweater: Here
Leather Pants: Here
Sneakers: Here
Bag: Dasha

17 November 2014

Long Coat for a rainy Monday

Hi girls ♥ I have to tell you that lately I wasn`t feeling so good I don`t want to get to much into details but I`m doing my best to recover the absence!  But I invite you to visit and follow my Instagram and Facebook accounts in order to be more updated with the latest news.

About today outfit I can`t say too much because I combined some basic items in the end just to keep it simple and classy. I wasn`t so much into the long coats because I thought they don`t fit me quite well but when I received this wonderful grey coat from Sheinside  I completely changed my mind :D

I hope you like it and maybe it will inspire you for the autumn outfits. Don`t forget to check also the latest items I`ve made lately that you can order from Here.

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Blouse: H&M
Leather pants: Here
Coat: Here
Heels: Il Passo ♥
Bag: Dasha

10 November 2014

Casual vs Classic: Part one

Hi loves! Today I will present you my first part of the Casual vs Classic outfits. The idea behind this posts will be based on how to change the outfit and still keeping one item unchanged. In my case, the leather pants were the starting point.
 I`m quite in love with leather in each and every form of it: pants, jackets, heels, bags ♥ Can`t get enough! 
Now, let's talk a bit about my first pick: Casual and extremely comfortable, perfect for a cold but still sunny day of autumn. And if you`re willing to change your heels with a pair of ugg boots, at least for one day, you`ll make you feet happy for sure :D

Why I like this outfit even more? Just because is mainly black. I adore this combo and the fact that the weather got a bit colder, this combo si much more possible right now. But stay tunned because I have 2 other color crushes this autumn and you`ll find them soon ♥

P.S.: Lately I`m so much into wet hair look. I didn`t try it until now, don`t know actually why, but after my first experience I can`t get enough :D

I hope you like it and I wish you a wonderful day
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing: 
Vest: Here
Blouse: KVL
Leather Pants: Here
Boots: KVL
Bag: Old
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Watch: Guess
Bracelets: Swarovski

6 November 2014

Cold weather + Sheinside Giveaway Winner

Hi loves,
Today I will present you one of my latest outfits, perfect for the cold days that we are just facing. Sure, it goes well with a cup of white mocha from Starbucks, one of my favorite hot drinks ever ♥
I have to confess, that lately I am so into my new cut out boots, available Here, that I can`t stop wearing them. Actually there is one more pair that I love, from Staccato but you`ll see it soon on my blog too.

I hope you enjoy it and I have some good news for you too. Today I`m going to announce the Sheinside Giveaway... tamtamtamta....: Luminita Zamfir is the lucky one. Dear, please let me know if they don`t email you in around 5 working days. So I will check again to see if they received my email correctly.

Thank you all and wish you a wonderful evening 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Cape: Here
Leather Pants: Here
Cut Out Boots: Here
Bag: Dasha

4 November 2014

New hair color by Maison Estetique

Buna fetelor ♥ Astazi vreau sa va vorbesc putin despre impasul prin care am trecut in ultima vreme si da, o sa va vorbesc despre Par. Stiu ca este un subiect de interes pentru multe dintre voi, asa ca sper sa va fie util acest articol.
Nu stiu daca ati observat insa era lipsit de viata, intr-o culoare usor (mai mult) ambigua si destul de degradat. Totul s-a datorat multiplelor schimbari si experiente pe care le-a suferit de-a lungul timpului.

Ideea mea a fost sa ii las radacinile sa creasca pentru a evita vopsirea o perioada insa vopseaua initial apliacata s-a dus in timp si a ajuns un roscat/galbui de toata "frumusetea" (cred ca este singura culoare de care toate fugim) Apoi m-am gandit sa optez pentru o tunsoare medie, mai exact bob lung insa m-am gandit ca o sa regret alegerea facuta si ca o sa imi doresc parul lung inapoi. Cum arata parul meu necoafat veti vedea mai jos in urmatoarele poze...jalnic, patetic...alegeti voi.

Insa ieri m-am hotarat sa fac o schimbare, sa imi exprim dorinta dar sa ma las pe mana lui Iulian, hairstylist la Maison Estetique. A spus NU categoric ideii de a ma tunde bob lung, iar in ceea ce priveste culoarea am decis sa mergem in continuare pe ombre insa varianta upgraded fiindca nu se putea altfel. L-am si tuns putin desigur, bine 5 cm nu sunt chiar putini dar erau necesari. 

Cum vi se pare rezultatul? 
Si nu as vrea sa ma opresc aici. Am descoperit tot la ei un sistem de aplicare a extensiilor pe banda care ma incanta foarte tare fiindca nu agreseaza parul. Din moment ce podoaba mea si-a pierdut din volum, iar expresia mai rarut ca e mai dragut nu se aplica in acest caz, pana se regenereaza cred ca o sa fie o solutie  destul de buna pentru a capata volum si pentru a putea realiza coafurile de altadata :D

Este un salon pe care vi-l recomand cu drag si ca ultima mentiune pentru cele interesate cabinetul de cosmetica face de asemenea minuni cu aparatele pentru mezoterapie si microdermoabraziune. It`s a must for all of us ♥ Dar pentru mai multe info despre serviciile lor puteti accesa site-ul lor AICI.

Cat despre tinuta mea, ei bine este compusa din:
Jacheta: Creatie proprie pe care o puteti comanda si voi ♥ (manuela.lupascu91@gmail.com)
Camasa: H&M
Blugi: Zara
Pantofi: Il Passo
Geanta: Disponibila AICI