25 March 2012

Mirror, mirror...

 And now, the photos from the shooting i have told you about some days ago are finally in my hands. I was completely in love with the make up and also with the hair and Simona ( the make-up artist and also hair stylist) must receive all the greetings ♥. 
Sadly, i could`t keep them more as a lady in one of Simona`s stories did. I mean she kept the make up for 7 days, yeah this is a good way to prove that the make up will resist ... a lot, but don`t ask me how was this possible because i can`t even imagine( or i just don`t want to :)) ) 
So if you want, just visit her Facebook Page and also her Website and you`ll find there how many gorgeous things she is able to do :D
Also special thanks to the photographer Claudiu Galmeanu

21 March 2012

Spring IN

I`m so glad to wear blazers and to forget about the big winter coats. Also i`m glad that for the first time i wear  my Versace for h&m sandals ♥ What do you think about the outfit?! 
Since my weekend it looks again quite busy, i hope i will be able to post at least once more, and if not i wish you will have a wonderful time ♥

P.S.: If you know the previous post, you already know the gorgeous blazer that was from the courtesy of Oasap. Well i will be happy to offer you a coupon code with which you can save 20% by entering manuela20 at checkout. This is exclusive for my readers and it will be available until April 30th. 

19 March 2012

Pretty Pastel

Such a joy. I`m so happy  and i can say is a huge difference between my mood in the previews posts when mostly everything i wrote in them was about how bad i feel about the snow and the weather . Now i`m super, mega, extra happy and this can be seen in my outfit because of the colors and the items are very springish :))
I wanted to post also in the weekend but due to the fact that i was busy from 10am to 18pm, it was really impossible for me. BUT now since i`m having the time of my life...expect me to post more and i hope you will continue to keep in touch with me ♥

Kisses, and enjoy the wonderful weather as i do ♥

14 March 2012

Urban Ballerina

YES, this is the kind of weather i am madly, deeply, truly in love with!!! 
So i can officially say Goodbye to the winter coats and all the other winter stuffs, which i will completely miss until the next winter...NOT :))
Kisses, Manuella ♥