23 February 2015

A small story about a true Shoe Lover ♥

 Hi loves! Today is not a sunny day anymore, but, I will show you my bright outfit that made my day yesterday when outside was extremely nice. You can find all the details about each piece of clothing that I`m wearing at the end of the text but I want to insist more on my currently  most fav pair of heels.

I don`t know if there are many of you that heard about Garkony. Either way, I can say they made the perfect shoes: Gorgeous, comfy and made out of leather ( inside and outfide) ♥ You may know the other pair of nude heels that I own and is also from Garkony, but the pair that I`m wearing in this post... oh, this pair :D

I decided together with the Garkony teams, to make my own pair of shoes... How awesome is this? I wanted for a long time to own a pair of tiger printed heels and not leopard and they made my wish come true ♥

You can also order this pair, but you`ll need to contact them HERE, because this pair is available only by pre order and you`ll not find them on the website. And if you need more info, the price of my pair of heels is around 330 ron and you can have a 10% discount if it`s your first order on their website and if you subscribe to newsletter.

So, do you want to own a pair of heels that is not available in each store in the entire country and that it will also be in a limited number? Make a change and order them :D And if you`re not the tiger print, find out that there are also classic pairs that will make you want them all ♥

I hope you like it and can`t wait to hear your impressions :D
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Coat: Here
Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Garkony
Bag: Moschino Available Here
Bracelet: Pandora
Watch: Wood Watch by Jord

21 February 2015

Pink Panter

Rise and shine girls! Today is such a wonderful day ♥ Sunny and perfect for a walk in the park or anything else that will make us enjoy the weekend. 
For today I want to show you my pink outfit. I know, it is a bit too pink but still I love it and it brings me the smell of spring. You`ll have all the details of the outfit and items as you`re used to, at the end of the text. You all realize that the wonderful weather is so close and nothing can`t change it, or maybe it can but let`s be positive :D

So I`m not going to spend to much of my time and yours today. Let`s go out and do something nice ♥

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Pink Jacket: Here
Blouse: Old
Skirt: Here
Sunglasses: Here
Heels: Il Passo

19 February 2015

When we have a passion for bags

Pe langa faptul ca sunt superbe, gentile YVY Bags au lansat saptamana aceasta un nou concept: Smartbag Fashion Statement. Stiti cat de mult imi plac aceste genti, iar faptul ca le-ati vazut in postarile mele destul de des, cred ca afirmatia mea devine din ce in ce mai plauzibila. 
Pe langa designul atragator care pe mine m-a cucerit iremediabil de ceva timp, noul concept aduce 2 accesorii care din punctul meu de vedere sunt mai mult decat necesare: incarcator pentru gadgeturi in primul rand. In cazul meu, mereu port incarcatorul in geanta...probabil de aceea a trebuit sa schimb deja cateva, fiindca se stricau firele (minunat, stiu) insa nu mereu gaseam si o priza in care sa incarc telefonul si de asemenea sa am si timpul necesar de a poposi pret de cateva minute in acel loc pana cand am macar 40%. Ei bine, de acum aceasta problema este rezolvata, incarcatorul este atasat de geana si il pot incarca din mers... Extrem de util as spune.
In al doilea rand, gentile vin cu un alt accesoriu, mai exact o lumina led cu ajutorul careia poti cauta cele mai mici lucruri si nu numai, "disparute" fara urma in geanta. 
 Ce spuneti? Eu sunt convinsa ca trebuie sa imi largesc colectia de genti... si trebuie sa o fac urgent :D
Cat despre tinuta, as dori sa va spun ca este preferata mea din ultima vreme... Ca vorbim despre jacheta pe care o consider adorabila, ceasul de lemn care il port non stop sau geanta Michael Kors... Sper sa va placa si voua la fel de mult si mai jos gasiti toate informatiile necesare :D

Va doresc o seara minunata 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

Tinuta este compusa din:
Jacheta: Aici
Camasa: H&M
Pantaloni: Aici
Incaltaminte: Aici
Geanta : Michael Kors Aici
Bratara: Pandora
Ceas: Wood Watch by Jord

18 February 2015

Fringes as the perfect trend this season

Today I`m lazy. I don`t know if this is the proper way to start my post but still, I`m lazy. I wish I can lay on my bed the entire day, to eat some comfort food and watch tv series. But in the end, this is just a dream because some days seem to be so short and we need to add a few extra hours in order to finish everything we wanted, right?

But you know, after I finish my coffee and this post, I`ll be back on track with more energy and good mood. this is a promise :D

Today, I want to tell you more about a trend that I love and I highly recommend you to adopt. Fringes are on high demand and I can tell you that there are so many possibilities that they will fit your style even if my suggestion may be too elegant for you. But never say never, do a small research and you`ll see how amazing they are. 
And I hope you don`t have a problem with my skirt length. I know is cold outside and I don`t even care and sure, this is not really a casual outfit and if I had to walk a lot and to run from one place to another it would have been a higher probability to see me wearing boots and a pair of jeans. But since this was my outfit for a nice dinner with my love I think I`m having the perfect excuse :D

I hope you like my outfit and maybe it will inspire you !
Wish you a wonderful day
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Faux Fur Jacket: Old
Sweater: Here
Wood Watch: Jord Available Here
Fringes Skirt: Here
Clutch: Meli Melo
Heels: Il Passo
Bracelet: Pandora

16 February 2015

Casual with my fav pair of boots on

Hi girls! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and that this week will continue as great as it should. 
Today I want to tell you a bit about the pair of boots I`m wearing and I hope you`re not so judgmental :D I first saw them in a picture of Kim Kardashian and  I was completely in love with them and then their price hit me in the face!! I was struggling with the decision to by to by the similar and cheap version of them for a while now and in the end I couldn`t wait no logger and decided that I should own a pair.

Believe me, now I think it was a great decision. They match perfectly all kind of outfits and styles and they are extremely comfortable too. What should I want more? Nothing from a pair of shoes but still a bag that will match them, right? And here came my love to the rescue.  He saw me once browsing the internet in the search of the perfect bag and saw the one I`m wearing ( You can find similar ones HERE). After around 2 weeks it was nicely packed and standing in my bed ♥

What can I say, good things come to those who wait but still, we have to work hard and take nothing for granted ♥

Have a wonderful week
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Blouse: Here
Vest: Here
Skirt: Here
Boots: Here available on SALE ♥
Bag: Moschino, similar Here
Bracelet: Pandora

14 February 2015

Sporty Chic

Good evening girls ♥ Is there someone that is not out spending the time with their loves at a fancy restaurant? Because as far as I have seen this is the trend this year and I can say that I`m not really part of that crowd because I consider that love is something special that must be shared in my own way not like everybody.

So, in the hope that I`m not the only one that decided to spend some quality time with my love at home, drinking a good wine and order some food just for the sake to do nothing :)) I want to present you today my new outfit and to tell you more about a shop that I recently found.

I`m talking about Kurtmann, a nice website that sells items from Zara, Bershka, Pinkie and so on with super discounts at affordable prices. In my case, I decided to pick this bomber jacket and skirt, both Zara and both being under 200 ron. What can be more amazing than this? Just enter Here to see yourself the prices even lower with an additional %50 discount.

For a nice touch, feminine yet a bit sporty, I also decided to pick this pair of heels and I have to say that I just love the way they look and they are also extremely comfortable ♥

I hope you enjoy it and I can`t wait for you impressions.
Enjoy your night and don`t forget to share the love

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Bomber Jacket: Zara, Available Here
Skirt: Zara, Available Here
Heels: Here
Blouse: H&M
Bag: Dasha
Bracelet: Pandora
Watch: Wood Watch by Jord

12 February 2015

Valentine`s Day Proposal

I know that many of you may not celebrate Valentine`s day but can can still consider it as an opportunity to look great since it is celebrated this Saturday night, right? I have to admit that for the moment I don`t have any plans but maybe I will be surprised ( I just love to be optimist :D ) but let`s admit that we don`t really need a special day to share and show our love. We also don`t need a special day or a special reason to look great just because these must be some of our main concerns.

You may say that I`m a bit superficial and that I put a lot of accent on the appearance, but we live in these days were the first impression is very important and is not enough to stick just to that first impression but we need to maintain it together with all the other qualities that we may have.

My pick for the Saturday night? As you can see, a short sequins dress, a pair of stilettos and a small bag that will change a bit the chromatic. Oh and maybe I don`t really need to mention it, but still everybody got crazy with the color of the year and as you can see I picked marsala as the color of my bag :D

I hope that my outfit will inspire you and it will give you the needed confidence for a special night

Enjoy your day,
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Sequins Dress: Here
Bag: YVY Bags

Photo credit: Adrian D Photography

10 February 2015

Black outfit with a touch of wine red

 If in my previous post I decided to wear sweet pastels to bring a bit of happiness in your eyes, this time I decided to go for a more casual and suitable outfit taking into consideration the "wonderful" weather.
 I have to admit that all black outfits are another crush of mine, but I have this sweater for a while now and even if I wore if I wore it very often I didn`t managed to show it to you until now :D But since it continues to snow for, like 3 days already, this kind of item is a must have in our wardrobes right now...

You can see all the details about my outfit now and click on the links for a direct link to each product.
I wish you a wonderful day 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Fur Coat: Here
Wine Red Sweater: Here
Jeans: Here
Boots: Here ( Available at a discount)
Watch: Daniel Wellington ( Use the 15% discount code: manuellal when you order your own ♥)

Bracelet: Pandora

8 February 2015

Is winter in towm?! Hmm I didn`t noticed :D

 Good evening Girls! I have to confess that yesterday I was extremely pissed off due to the snow that covered the town and I decided to cancel all my activities. Today, I woke up in such a good mood and I told myself: 2 days in a row to do...nothing?! Impossible. Get out of bed and do something, anything that will keep you active. 

So, I decided to take my love out, we took some pictures of my outfit and then we went to eat something absolutely delicious and not really healthy, but usually Sunday for us is the cheat day :D You can see all my updates on my Facebook Page and Instagram,  account that I kindly invite you to see ♥

I hope that my outfit can inspire you and make you forgot about the cold weather, that for sure will be off soon.

Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Leather Jacket: Here
Blouse: Here 
Boots: Zara
Trousers: Here
Bag: Dasha
Watch: Guess
Bracelets: Pandora

5 February 2015

Win $100 to spend on your fav items from SHEINSIDE

Hi loves! I have another surprise for you ♥ A new giveaway is now on my blog. You can win a $100 voucher to spend on Sheinside on your favorite items. On the above picture you can see some of my favorite products and I saw that you also liked them when they were posted on my blog. 
I`ve made a small selection of my fav items for you to make an idea of how many things you can order for free :D
1.  Dress similar Here
2.  Special Blazer Here
3. Pink Leaher Jachet Here
4. Cape Here
5. Grey  Coat Here
6.  Black leather Jachet Here

So, what do you think about my suggestions? :D Take a look and see their amazing prices and after that I invite you to follow the simple mandatory rules:
1. Register on Sheinside Here
2. Like Manuela from Let`s talk about fashion Here
3. Share the contest picture (Public). Available Here
4. Leave a comment under this post with your email address. Same one you used to register.

So, this is all basically. I can`t wait to see your impressions ♥
The Giveaway is available from today until March 28. The winner will be announced soon after the last day of contest. 

Kisses ♥

4 February 2015

My fav pair of boots is in the house ♥

Hi! I just started my day the way I love the most: A cup of coffee, a new post on my blog and a short check on my social media accounts ♥ I didn`t managed to take a look on my emails but there is plenty of time for today. I`m going back to my routine since the exams session is over and I can do whatever I want and is exciting :D

You may have seen a preview of this outfit on my Facebook Page and Instagram, but since these gorgeous boots from Jessica Buurman arrived yesterday at my place and I`m in love with them, I decided to change the shoes and go for them. Most probably you`ll see them quite frequent on my blog from now on and you`ll see how versatile they are and how good they can look ♥

So I hope you`ll enjoy it and maybe find your inspiration for the next days ♥
Wish you a wonderful day
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Jachet: Here
T-shirt: Zara
Leggings: Here
Boots: Available on Sale Here
Bag: YVY Bags
Watch: Daniel Wellington ( Use the 15% discount code: manuellal when you order your own ♥)