23 August 2016

Time to be the Prom Queen is close ♥

September is just around the corner and the new season on wedings and proms is about to start. All the girls dream to be the Prom Queens and we all know how hard is this. Together with Sherry London we made some selections of Prom Dresses that will help you to get through all the drama and the shopping crisis in outfits that you`ll shine and get the entire attention!

First of all the red dress never gets out of style. The elegance of a qualitative lace that creates a one shoulder long dress will help you make a statement. If you also pick the right accessories the outfit can be even more attractive. I was never quite a fan of the combination of red and black so this is why I`m suggesting you this time a combination of red and nude.

Another combination has pastels in the center of attentions. A floor length mint dress will help you look like a modern princess.
I always loved the combination of mint and different shades of nude or powder pink and this will be again my recommendation for a successful combination this time. Also, since the dress has a sweet heart shape I will recommend adding a precious necklace that will cover a bit the bottom part and that will help you shine.

Is aquamarine between your preferences? This Backless princess dress combined with the silver accessories for sure will make you look stunning. You can find this dress at an affordable price which in the end will help you invest more in accessories that will complete your outfit.

Maybe some of you expected to bring also black prom dresses suggestions but, for sure, most of the girls will decided to go safe and pick it. Why don`t you stand out of the crowd and pick one of the multitude of available colors and be different in your own way?
You can also find for example short prom dresses if you prefer a different length and if this type of dress is more suitable for your body shape. You have a multitude of choices and the perfect one for you is waiting to be picked.
You can find more dresses on SherryLondon.co.uk and for sure one of them will help you shine bright like a diamond.. as Rihanna says.

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