31 July 2013

Red Accents

For today`s post it was prepared another outfit but I`ve changed my mind. I want to present you, two ways of wearing a jumpsuit: Casual and a bit more elegant.
The first way of wearing it, is more suitable for summer evenings or nights. As for the next post and outfit you`ll see the casual one. I choose to combine it with some red accents and even if I`m not a real fan of the shoes-bag match, I decided to try it this time. 
What do you think about it?

Have a great day
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing: Jumpsuit: Here, Bag: Here, Bracelets: B.A.D. Style, Sandals: Here

27 July 2013

Weekend time

 Even if it's summer, and the bright colors are everywhere, I decided to wear this sort of camouflage outfit for a dinner in the city. About the outfit there is not much to be said but my sandals, oh my sandals... are the most comfy ever, even if I wasn`t a real fun of the wedges before( there are max 5 pairs in my wardrobe) and I highly recommend you to visit their site because you`ll find there lots of gorgeous pairs of shoes and when you`ll see their prices you`ll e fascinated.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend 
Kisses, Manuella

I was wearing: Blouse: H&M, Shorts: Here, Sandals: Here, Bag: Local Market

24 July 2013

Flower power

Hey girls! Today I`m showing you another summer outfit. I consider it perfect for the daytime due to the fact that is a casual outfit with which you can spend the entire day outside, walking from a place to another (as in my case). I hope you like it and I wait to see your impressions :D

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing: Blouse: Here, Shorts: Koton, Sneakers: Here, Bag: Here

22 July 2013

Black jumpsuit

Hi girls! Today I want to tell you that lately I have ordered( If I`m not wrong) 4 new jumpsuits :D. It`s crazy, but in the same time I love how they look and mostly because they are so easy to wear and accessorize ! This one for example, is the most recent one that came and even though I have other outfits to show you, I couldn`t wait more. You can find it available also on neon yellow and orange, but for me, I have decided that is more suitable on black due to the fact that in this period I`m very tanned and also my hair is now bright blonde. 
What do you think?

Have a great week,
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing: Jumpsuit: Here, Sunglasses: Here, Bag: Here, Sandals: Here

20 July 2013

Pink Love

Do you enjoy the weekend girls? Because right now, I'm enjoying it in my bad, relaxing after the all faculty stuff. Lazy, right? :) But I decided also to stay active here and to show you another outfit that I wore lately. Initially, I found this combo a bit wierd, sneakers and this  kind of dress, but is damn comfortable and still chic, don`t you think? :D

Wish you all the best,
Kisses, Manuella

I was wearing: Dress: Here, Sneackers: Here, Clutch: Carpisa, Bracelets: Here , Sunglasses: Ray Ban

18 July 2013

Sporty outfit

Sporty outfit!! Sometimes we all need to relax our feet and wear sneakers. So for a casual day, I decided to wear what you can see in this images and yes, it was comfortable...nothing else to wish for( or maybe a limo and some fresh fruits are also welcome).
I hope you like it :D
Kisses, Manuella

I was wearing: Vest: Zara, T-shirt: Guess, Short jeans: H&M, Bag: Here, Sneakers: Here
        Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Watch: Guess

17 July 2013

I feel like Cinderela !

Ei bine, multi ar spune: "Ce poate face o persoana cu 8 perechi noi de pantofi?" Insa cand vine vorba de mine, sincer aceasta intrebare este mai mult una retorica iar cei de la fShoes au inteles acest lucru :)). Aceste perechi plus muulte alte perechi de pantofi de dama la preturi extrem de accesibile le veti putea gasi pe site-ul lor!!
Pentru a va face o idee va invit sa le vizitati site-ul care este extrem de usor de navigat incaltamintea fiind impartita pe categorii: pantofi, sandale, platforme, balerini si asa mai departe :D
Ce va pot spune, este ca deja am purtat 3 dintre aceste perechi, iar in curand veti vedea si cum am decis sa ii port :D
Pentru a va facilita cautarea, puteti gasi perechile de incaltaminte de mai sus dupa cum urmeaza:
1. Sandale rosii : Aici
2. Platforme: Aici
3. Sandale: Aici
4. Sandale: Aici
5. Tenesi albi: Aici
6. Tenesi negrii: Aici
7. Sandale rock: Aici
8. Balerini: Aici

Care este preferata voastra? :D Si ce pereche sunteti curiosi sa o vedeti prima? 
Va doresc o seara minunata
Kisses, Manuella ♥

15 July 2013

Urban Ballerina

Good  evening loves! Today I was very busy and it seems to be the same the entire week. But I didn`t want to neglect you, so with one eye open I managed to upload some pictures with this outfit which was worn last week. I hope you like it!!

Stay tuned because I have more outfits to show you :D
Kisses, Manuella <3 p="">

I was wearing: Jacket: Here, Black tee: Zara, Skirt: Here, Heels: In Vogue, Sunglasses: Ray Ban,
Clutch: Carpisa (My fav lately)

13 July 2013

MNK Dress

Good evening girls! This is the outfit of the day that I completely adore and for which I have to thank to Monica Ivanovici. You can find this wonderful asymmetric dress and the accessories ( I supposed it is called harness) on her website, but also many other wonderful items and some more that are to come, Here.
I highly recommend her and I hope you like it. As usual I wait for your impressions :D

Kisses, Manuella

I was wearing: Dress: Here, Harness: Here, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Clutch: Carpisa, Boots: Here

11 July 2013

Perfect outfit for tanned skin

Some of you may not know, that in the summer holiday I spend my time at the swimming pool, teaching kids how to swim. The perfect activity, I can say. The cold water is perfect when the summer heat is too high, I can have a gorgeous tan that is extremely long lasting and the satisfaction when a child learns how to swim alone is priceless.
So for my "new skin" I decided to wear this outfit in bright colors. Besides the fact that it emphasize the tan, I can say is perfect during the day but also for an evening outdoor party.

I hope you like it, and also I invite you to enter my latest Giveaway Here :D

Kisses, Manuella

I was wearing: 
Vest: Here
Shorts: Here
Sandals: Zara
Clutch: Carpisa
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Necklace: Here
Bracelet: Here

10 July 2013

Giveaway Raluca Martinescu

Buna dragele mele!! Astazi v-am pregatit un nou Giveaway, al doilea, in colaborare cu Raluca Martinescu. Ca si data trecuta veti putea alege dintre cele doua tinute, mai exact: fusta impreuna cu maieul din prima poza sau rochita alba din urmatoarele doua poze.
Regulile, evident de simple :D
2. Share pozei de concurs pe care o gasiti Aici
3. Adaugati un comentariu pe blog cu adresa de email si cu premiul pe care doriti sa il castigati 

Mai simplu nici ca se putea. Concursul o sa dureze doua saptamani, pana pe data de 24 Iulie, iar castigatoarea o sa fie anuntata pe 25 Iulie si contacta de noi.

Care este preferata voastra?
Mult succes tuturor <3 p="">

Kisses, Manuella

8 July 2013

High heels and broken bones

Don`t worry, my legs are in a perfect condition. I even managed to wear this incredible high heels also on the prom night but believe me is not easy at all :)) But with all the pain, I`m completely sure I`m not the only one who suffers in silence because you know what they say: shoes make your legs look perfectly gorgeous.
I hope you enjoy my new outfit and I can`t wait to see your impressions!!
And by the way, now you can also follow me on Instagram

Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing: 
Blouse: Here
Shorts: Here
Sunglasses: Here
 Bag: Here
 Heels: Here
Necklace: Here

6 July 2013

Hippie day - Peace !

When I went out this morning, it didn`t even came to my mind that a horrible storm will start and as you can see in this pictures my outfit was completely inappropriate. 
Nevertheless, I managed to take some pictures in from of The Romanian Peasant Museum and I've had a big surprise, not a pleasant one, when a nice lady came and told us that the fee for taking pictures in front of the museum is 900 Ron in weekend ( which means around 200 something euro). And no, we dind't pay it because that's why I've said she was nice, although I can't understand why they imposed such a tax for a space that we should all enjoy and promote as much as possible because is one of the few beautiful places in Bucharest.
Anyway, I will leave it this way because I can't do much in this regard. I hope you like my new outfit and I expect you impressions :D For more details about it, check the section "I was wearing".

Kisses, Manuella <3 nbsp="" p="">
I was wearing: Blouse: Here, Shorts: Here, Bag: Here, shoes: Here, Bracelets: Here