23 June 2016

Last day in Naples and First evening in Rome ♥

So the time for our last day in Naples has arrived. We already had in mind what was left to visit and we kept our schedule as planed.Our first "destination" was up to Castel Sant`Elmo which is the highest places in Naples and we got the 360 degrees view above the city and it was amazing.
If you want to get there you can take the Funiculare from a street near the Piazza Plebiscito or from 2 other metro Stations but I don`t really know their names. Is a must if you plan to visit Naples but just take care because even if it`s a quite area we had a bad incident with an immigrant while  I was taking a few pictures to Iustin. We thought I was actually picturing him and he wanted to broke my camera and he acted quite dangerous... but lucky me, it was a railing between us and it was a bit difficult for him to reach me.

I will let you enjoy the view together with some nice buildings and places from that part of the city and I will continue with the other destination and with our trip and first evening in Rome!

 I was wearing:
Michael Kors Bag: Find it at a discount HERE
C&A Sunflasses
Romwe Skirt: Here
Choies Sandals: Here
Marc Jacobs Watch: Here
Mood Bracelets: Flash Tattoos Romania Here
H&M basic blouse

 We already saw Castel Dell`Ovo from the outside but we also took some time to visit it from the inside and admire the view over the sea and also over the coast. The Castle was amazing but sadly in all my pictures the wind took care of my hair....awesome! But again, this is one of their most known tourist attractions and one of the oldest too. You will not get to see old furniture and things like this, but for sure you`ll be amazed by it`s structure, views and in the end you`ll find it impressive.

 And this is how we ended our trip to Naples and took our train ( Again Frecciarossa) to our final destination, Rome, the one hour trip I have already told you about in a previous post.
We arrived in Rome around 5p.m. and it was the first time when we have booked something via Airbnb. I have to confess that I was a bit scared because I never knew how the place will be, we paid the entire amount when we booked and we both had some questions about this.

But I have to tell you that everything was perfect. We stayed at Residenza Penna and both the house and the host were extremely nice. So if you want to visit Rome this is the perfect place to stay. Near Piazza del Popolo  and 10 min of walking from Piazza di Spagna. Bot from both places you have the Metro stations that will take you to Coloseum. But our entire itinerary will be shared the next days. ♥
But after we checked in, we decided to stay an hour in bed and then to explore a small part of the city and to Piazza Navona. And then turned back home after a small dinner.

The next days I will present you Rome in detail by day with all its beautiful places. We both decided that we will turn back again because we felt in love with everything.
See you the next days!
Kisses, M ♥

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