21 June 2016

Capri Island

Hi loves! Today I will tell you a few things you need to know about Capri, one of the most gorgeous islands that I`ve even been.
So, since we have stayed in Naples we took the speed boat and we arrived in Capri in one hour . The ticket was around 20euro per person for one way but it is worth it. You can buy the tickets in Naples from the their sea port which is right behind Castel Nuovo.

My outfit for today was perfect and it was a suit ( Blouse and skirt from L`Armario) flats and a super gorgeous gold bag from YVY Bags. But you`ll see all the details in the I was wearing section ♥
I made also a things for the Mood Bracelets from Flash Tattoos Romania, picked for this trip in gold and rose gold combine with the rose gold watch from Marc Jacobs

I was wearing:
Sammydress Sunglasses: Here
L`Armarion Suit: Here
YVY Bags Gold Bag: Here
Flash Tattoos Romania Mood Bracelets: Here
Marc Jacobs Watch: Here
Flat Sandals: Similar Here

Starting with our arrival in Capri`s touristic port, we made a few steps to check the area and decided to take the Funiculare up to P-za Umberto and you also have to pay the tickets for this one. Be prepared because you`ll have to wait in a long line and it will take a while. Once we got up, the view is just amazing. You can see the entire coast and I decided to make some pictures in here, at first just to have some great memories but then also to share them with you.
And if you think that I was alone in this place, you`re a bit wrong ahahah. Everyone took pictures here but between the rides, it was a pause where everyone left, until the other ride of people arrived and I enjoyed it at the fullest.

Once we started to explore the city, we continued to see amazing views, gardens full of flowers and amazing arhitectures. I think this is one of the trips in which I took so many pictures, like never before: from every angle, to every garden and to every details on the streets. Just for you to know, these is a small selection from the more than 500 pictures took in Capri!!

While visiting the island, we also found this amazing garden full of red flowers. Well, they have a thing for flowers in Capri, as you have already seen in many of the pictures here, but this was called Giardini di Augusto and it was amazing.
And in the picture above you can see how amazing the view was, while we were taking a short break to drink something refreshing!

And last but not least, this was the Touristic Port. Basically here is where the boat stops and from where it goes back to Naples. As you can see in this picture, on the right was a small beach where we decided to spend our last hour and a half, before we go back to Naples.

The good thing was that it was near the port so we had time to enjoy it, the water is crystal clear and even if the beach was small, it wasn`t so full and we had the personal space needed.
The bad thing, if you`re used with sand beaches, well, this will not be the most preferred place to stay. But as we`ve heard all the beaches around the island are the same, more precisely they have rocks instead of the sand. I have to say that it`s painful and if you do not pay attention when the waves strike the shore, you might end up with some bruises as it was my case.

For the rest of the time, I decided just to stay in the water and swim, in order to avoid another drop.

And last but not least, we turned back to Naples by the boat and we decided to eat at Pizzeria Brandi near the Piazza Plebiscito where the first margherita pizza was made in 1889. It is definitely delicious and it`s different than any other pizza I have ever ate.
Iustin also bought a pizza specific for this city, I don`t remember it`s name but it was also amazing  ♥ and this is a place you should visit if you have in mind a trip to Naples.

I hope you enjoyed my second day and that all the tips were useful!
Kisses, M ♥

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