7 April 2015

Into MK Bags and 25% Discounts

Hi loves!  What do you think if today we are going to talk about bags? I may be a bit late with this topic, but until recently my best topic would have been about shoes and there is no reason to explain this. And we will sure discuss this too, but please wait and be patient because I`m preparing something special for you and I really want to do it well.

But first bags. I became addicted to Michael Kors bag and my collection is small, but I am planning to develop it. For the moment, I`m the happy owner of 2 types of bags and waiting for the third one. The last one that will be added soon to my small collection is the Jet Set Top Zip Tote MK that you can see on the first picture: Classic, chic and perfect for different occasions. Did I mentioned that is extremely practical? Can`t wait for it ♥

And by the way, I got it at a 25% discount from one of my favorite websites: Here. They started a great 3 days sale where you can get this exact discount on each and every purchase :D 
Please visit the following pages for the official coupon code on the day of the sale:
Shopbop: Here
Eastdane: Here
*Note: Some brand restriction apply for this sale, please see links above for details. 
The discount is available from now until Friday, so I suggest you to hurry up and buy your favorite items at the best prices ♥ Not only bags, but designer clothes, accessories, shoes and so on.

More pictures and info will be available by continuing to read the post :D

Kisses, Manuella ♥

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Satchel: Available Here

 Michael Kors Selma Messenger Bag: Available Here

Both Bags are available Here

And now, I`m constantly craving on these two bags and cannot decide which one will be first :D What do you think? Both are perfect for spring/summer and the colors, oh the colors send my mind to something delicious and did I mentioned before how much I love pastels?

Your suggestions will mean much to me, since I have to hurry up in order to catch that 25% discount. It is always smart to buy statement things at a discount, in fact this is actually the so called "Smart Shopping". Something that I suggest you to do, because you`ll save money and have more for you further purchases.

Kisses ♥

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  1. Nice MK bags ;)


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