16 April 2015

Casual Boy

The Easter Holiday is officially over and now we must get back to work, right girls? In my case, the dissertation paper is making me loose the nights and spend a lot of time on it, but I promise you a lot of great things to come. I have 2 surprises for you that will be revealed soon and I really hope that you`ll love them and that will match your tastes :D I won`t say too much right now, because I don`t want to ruin them but stay tuned and you`ll not be disappointed.

About today`s outfit, well is the proof that we can buy items at discounts or on sales and we will have some statement items that will last for a while in our wardrobe. 
As you already knew, the latest entry was the Michael Kors bag, brought at a 25% discount from Here. They always have good prices and from time to time share some incredible discounts that can`t be neglected :D I have some more items on my wishlist from their website but, you`ll see them at the right time.

About the clothing items, well Kurtmann is incredible. Maybe you wanted to buy something from Zara, Bershka, Only, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti and so on, but they were out of stock or maybe they were a bit too expensive? You`ll find Here, so many items at huge discounts, check my picks and you`ll see what I`m talking about :D

Also find the links for each item I`m wearing below and let me know your impressions :D It is always useful to know what you all think!!

Wish you a wonderful day,
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Vest: Here
Blouse: Zara, available Here
Pants: Only: Available Here
Bag: Michael Kors Available Here
Shoes: Here
Sunglasses: Here


  1. I really like your outfit and hair color!

  2. Interesting shoes and very nice bag!


  3. Love the shoes!


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