13 April 2014

Ballerina Style

Hi Loves!! I back with a new outfit and a short story of my new Ray Ban shades. So let`s begin first with my outfit: Is made by me of course and I`m so happy that I can finally share it with you because I finished it for a while but the weather didn`t allowed me to wear it...It is so ballerina style, obviously a contemparary one ♥ You can order it, so if you`re interested don`t hesitate and contact me on my personal email: manuela.lupascu91@gmail.com

And about the sunglasses, well, is a sad story behind it because I had a similar pair, it was a gift from my boyfriend and I lost it and I don`t know where :( Since then, I was searching for a pair that looks like the one I had but with no success. But now things have changed and I`m extremely happy to wear them again thanks to Ray Ban Originals.
 I highly recommend you to check their website because they have many, and when I say many... I really mean it, pairs of sunglasses, different shades and different models, you`ll be delighted. And what can I say more?? That their prices are so affordable? I know, I convinced you, haha ♥

So I hope you enjoy it and let`s have a new great week
Kisses, Manuella♥

I was wearing: Sunglasses: Here, Dress and Skirt: My own design, Bag: Here, Heels: Here  


  1. Love the mix of cream and gray, and love the bow detail on the skirt! So pretty!


  2. foarte draguta fustita!!! Si tu ca deobicei,stilata!


  3. Fustita aceasta este disponibila in shop? Daca nu este, va fi?


    1. Buna ❤️ este disponibila si aceasta fustita asa cum am mentionat si in postare:) nu am apucat sa o postez in sectiunea ei dar daca doresti, trimite-mi un mail si vorbim acolo ❤️ Kisses

  4. Tare bine iti sta cu fustita asta.



  5. Cute skirt! :)

    Fashion As I Love It by Dana Oprea


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