23 April 2014

Animal Instinct/ Dear Romania

Hi Loves! Today I want to tell you about my crush. I mean, from time to time I have a small crush for animal printed items, you may have seen it: Boots, High Heels and now this dress ♥
 I didn`t thought that I will ever wear a short animal printed dress, but you know...never say never. I think it is perfect for a late evening event and with the right accessories and heels for sure you`ll manage to stay away from that kind of outfit that includes this type of prints ( if you know what I mean).
So, in my case a small leather clutch without so many details and the pair of sandals that I was able to order from Zara Online Shop a while ago, but I didn`t manage to wear them due to the rainy weather, completed my outfit. 
And to change a bit the subject, what can it be more awesome than Zara having an online shop ♥ I was delighted and excited to search through the site and be able to buy anything I want without searching it in all the Zara stores from Bucharest ( you know that one store has something that another one may not have).
So go and try by yourself, you`ll be happy to receive the items at home I think, or if you prefer get it from the nearest store ♥

That`s it for today, I have to get back to work now
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing: Sunglasses: Here, Dress: Here, Bag: Here, Sandals: Zara


  1. Îndrăzneață rochița ! Îmi place și îți vine foarte bine ^^

  2. Ce-mi place outfitul ales de tine. Iti vine perfect !

  3. Sandalele sunt absolut superbe, iubita. Iti sta minunat,



  4. Imi plac la nebunie sandalele, arata minunat!

  5. Super rochita! :)

    Fashion As I Love It by Dana Oprea

  6. I love this outfit!!!

  7. This is such a beautiful dress! it is awesome and your sandals into the net! super!


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