28 January 2016

From Paris With Love - Last post

 Good morning loves! Today I`m going to share with you the last part of my trip to Paris! Some of the pictures were already posted on my Facebook and Instagram, but I wanted to share with you more here and to avoid spamming you there ahahaah!!

We decided to wake up early and to enjoy the day as much as possible! We had one more day to stay but during that one we just went for souvenirs, to enjoy a coffee and a meal on the fancy restaurants and to see for the last time during this holiday the Parisian spirit.
Even if it was cloudy the entire day and even if it rained a bit, we went again to see the Eiffel Tower( but this time by day) and to admire the city from above. Sadly, during this winter period, only the 2 floors are open, so if you want to visit the city, you should take this into consideration. The view is still awesome but the 3rd floor is much higher and it will be heartbreaking.

After, we wont by foot on the small streets to see the Mouse de L`Armee together with the Dome des Invalides, since both of them are in the same place. If you loved history in high school and not only these places are a must see. And believe me, if you`re not such a history lover, the architecture will deserve your attention and will capture your interest. The tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte is the most impressive and don`t get my joke wrong but it`s in contrast with his well known height :D

Right in from of these Museums, you will also see Pont Alexandre III which is considered to be the most extravagant bridge in the city with 4 gilt-bronze statues that watch over the bridge and the Nymphs statues that are situated in the center of the bridge.

And the last two activities of the day were to see the Ferris Wheel that is situated at Place de la Concorde and offers you a great view above Paris again. Different from the view offered by the Eiffel Tower, I recommend you this one too.  The last but not least activity was to go on a walk through Champs Elysee and if you`re in for the shopping, take your time and go along both sides. I hope you`ll get prepared before this and have your arms strong enough because it will be difficult to carry all the bags :))
P.S.: As mentioned before, during this period you can also enjoy high discounts since it`s the sale period.

I hope you enjoyed my trip through pictures and I have to confess that I`m already thinking on my next destination and I have in my mind at the moment London and Barcelona. Any other suggestions?

Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Jacket similar Here
Zara Pants from Kurtmann
Michael Kors Bag Here
Tamaris Boots
Stefanel Scarf
Prada Sunglasses Here

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