25 January 2016

Travel with me in Paris: Part II

 It`s time for the part II of my trip to Paris. As I`ve already told you, most of my pictures were taken with the phone and even more in this specific day that I`m sharing today I also forgot my camera at the hotel. But there is no problem for me but I really want to share with you my day in pictures and hope that you`ll love the city as much as I do ♥

I think that half of the day was spent at the Lafayette Galleries. Besides the fact that you can simply walk in there and admire everything from the architecture to the large number of stores, we were lucky enough to be there during the Sales period. Chaos... Believe me this is the best work to describe the situation. We bought some items, mostly for my boyfriend ahaha but if you plan to visit this city and enjoy sales, well prepare to be patient enough if you want to get through this activity.

Since we were extremely tired after this exhausting activity ahahaha, we had a chill lunch and after went to visit Louvre Museum outside and from the inside which is amazing, I mean extremely big and is incredible how people managed to build such impressive buildings transformed into art.
During that day, the time allowed us to visit only the Notre Dame Church and the wine and dine at a fancy restaurant just across the street from our hotel ♥

Everything was just perfect, maybe if the day could have been longer....

Wish you a wonderful day girls and don`t forget to smile... your day will be better!
Kisses, Manuella

I was wearing:
Shein Coat
Zara Turtleneck from Kurtaman
Jeans similar Here
Tamaris Boots
Michael Kors bag Here


  1. Paris, Paris....
    Ce dragut! Orice perioada a anului este potrivita pentru vacante si plimbari, dar faptul ca ai prins perioada de reduceri e mare lucru :))))

    Te invit pe blogul meu > wwww.whitecharm.wordpress.com

    1. Este foarte dragut dar din experienta proprie fiindca am fost vara, toamna si iarna acum, cred ca in final, cel mai potrivit sa vizitezi Parisul este vara.
      Iar despre reduceri.... nu mai vorbesc :))



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