1 February 2016

Spring Summer Collection by C&A

 I know I just finished sharing with you my trip to Paris but it`s time to share with you another journey. C&A had the new collection release last Thursday and it was incredible. They change their style in time and right now, they because the place where we can go and buy fashionable items that also comes at a great quality.

I was happy to see the girls again and because the time spent at Annart Gallery wasn`t enough, we decided to continue our night at one of my favorite places in town: E3 by entourage.

 You can see more pictures and how fun we had that night also on my facebook and instagram pages♥

I was wearing:
Hat Here
Leather Jacket Here
Khaki Blouse Here
Bershka Pants (Old)/ Here
Sequins Boots Here
Michael Kors Bag Here


  1. Great post and photos !


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