9 January 2016

Black and red again ♥

Good morning loves! I hope your day is great and I want to wish you a wonderful weekend regardless the weather but we all have to admit that we had the snow we all craved for during the holidays.

About the outfit well, it seems to have a pattern, meaning that both this outfit and the previous one were black and white with a touch of red. I don`t know what happened but it seems that this is my mood and inspiration for the end of this week. What can I do about it?!

Also if you`re asking why I`m wearing this pair of heels during the winter the answer is extremely simple. I was between places and I had to dress nice... you know those days and the only thing that came into my mind was this pair of heels and I felt so sorry about them because even if I love them, they saw the light only 3 times ( including this one). So I decided to wear them more :D

Well, I`m not going to keep you longer because I want you to enjoy  the weekend and we will see each other soon with a new outfit post and inspiration! Don`t forget to check the " I was wearing" section for direct links to each of the items I`m wearing!

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Old Jacket similar Here
Romwe Blouse
Romwe Pants
Jessica Buurman Heels
Michael Kors Bag


  1. I say.. that's a very good reason to wear those gorgeous heels! :)

    Love the rest of your outfit too! :)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

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