22 January 2016

Travel with me: First day in Paris

Good morning girls! Today I want to share with you some pictures from my first day in Paris. Actually you`ll find pictures since we left until we got back in the room to get some rest but is the same thing right?
In the first day, we were super excited and energetic even if we had the chance to sleep only for a couple oh hours... no more than 3! You can see first my airport outfit, my tired face and some pictures taken during the flight. The landscape was just gorgeous and I couldn`t resist the tamptation of sharing them with you.

After that we arrived at the hotel. A small but extremely fancy room was expecting us and I will always recommend you the Opera Frochot Hotel if you decide one day to visit Paris and don`t know where to stay. Is situated at 2 minutes from the subway station, max 10 min of walking to Sacre Coeur Church and also 10 minutes of walking in the opposite direction from Laffayete Galleries. For some, 10 minutes may seem too much, but believe me that the streets are just gorgeous and you just don`t feel the time passing by.

So as I can guess, we decided to visit first the Sacre Coeur Church and you have pictures just from the outside because inside it was too gorgeous and I just forgot to picture more.
The rest of the day was spent searching the right local restaurant to eat specific food and then we visited by night Moulin Rouge, The Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.

Paris is great by day but is magical by night. I won`t bore you too much and I hope you will enjoy the pictures. For me is was the third time here but I have to confess that I just can`t get enough of it.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend loves,

Bisous, Manuella ♥


  1. Amazing photos! I will have to take your recommendations for this year I plan to travel in my own country and next year venture out to others! Lovely photos.

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