24 January 2016

Furry Coat and Faux Leather Culottes

Hi loves! Today I want to present you two things: I will start first with my new outfit and I will continue ( now) by telling you that I have a small surprise for you but it will be shared at the right time.

So, about the outfit, this is something that I wore yesterday when the weather was extremely unpleasant and cold and I still had to go out, but I have to say that I`m happy because is not snowing anymore. I think that it would have been great if we had this kind of weather during the holidays but there is nothing that we can actually do, right?

I decided yo wear my own design furry coat and the boots that are part of my Inia Lavin Project, the YVY Bags statement bag and the Shein faux leather culottes. In my opinion, you can go for short pants with over the knee boots because they make the perfect combo and who said that we cannot wear culottes in the winter was so wrong!!

That`s it for today, I hope you enjoy this sunny day and I promise you that I will be back soon with  some new pictures from my trip to Paris.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend,
Kisses, Manuella ♥ 
I was wearing:
Inia Lavin Furry Coat
Shein Leather Culottes
Inia Lavin Leather Boots
YVY Bags camel safiano bag
Guess Watch
Pandora Pracelet and Charm


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