26 January 2016

Handle the cold in style

 Facing and handling the cold during the winter is quite a challenge for us and I`m not excluded. I never enjoyed clothing items that makes us look like we are going to Narnia. So I decided a while ago to follow my instinct and wear cozy, fashionable and somehow warm items.
Today I can give you the type of outfit that I do accept wearing. Sure, if you have a full day, in a crowded city like Bucharest with no parking places, is not really a good idea but I will always pick the good looking instead of being too comfortable.

I hope you can be inspired by my outfit and stay fashionable :D
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Pepa Love Cape
Romwe Shirt
Zara Pants From Kurtmann
Jessica Buurman boots
YVY Bags Bag


  1. wow you look perfectly in this set;)


  2. Love this outfit. The colors are beautiful. Following you! Check out my blog and maybe follow back?


  3. loving everything about your outfit !


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