12 January 2016

Sport as part of our lives

Good morning loves! Today I`m much more into a casual/sport mood. Actually is the yesterday`s outfit but today I`m in the same mood because it`s way too comfortable and since a black tie outfit wasn`t needed...why not wearing sportswear?!

Also, I have to tell you that starting from the previous week, I decided to go again back to the gym and get in shape asap, not only for the bikini season but also for myself and for a better feeling and for a great state of mind. I always feel exhausted after the gym, but I like it so much that it feels so wrong to like something that hurts hahaha.

I hope you like my outfit and don`t forget that I will post from Paris in 3 days ♥ Can`t wait!!!!

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Choies Bomber Jacket
Romwe Reindeer Sweatshirt
H&M Trousers
Calvin Klein Sneakers
Sunglasses Here


  1. great set :)
    You have a lovely blouse :)


  2. Such a cute reindeer sweatshirt, it looks so fun!

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