22 October 2015

What goes around comes back around

 Good morning again loves ♥ Cold weather wouldn`t be enough if it would be without rain and wind! So these days we are facing dramatic changes in weather: one sunny day and another one rainy. I don`t want to say that it is perfect but we have nothing to do than to adapt. 
During the autumn days, when the weather still allows us, I love to wear short skirts combined with over the knee boots. And by chance, since I had these items, again between the ones in the front of my wardrobe, I realized that is not the first time when I`m combining this skirt with this cape. Well, I have to admit that I love how it looks, chic and elegant but in the same time casual and cozy. 

And also by chance I ended up wearing black in the upper part and grey to the bottom. I think that outfits created on a rush, can also look good too... what can I say in my defense?! :)) I can still add one more thing in my defense though and I think it can also be a small advice: Usually we don`t buy items just to wear them once. We also love one outfit that we can`t stop wearing it. In addition we make smart investments that last over the years and are not out of fashion. In this situation, the only thing left is to switch some items or to add a small accessory that change the perspective or the outfit and we can wear it once more. 

I have items that were never worn or maybe just once, but I also have items that I love to add in more than just one outfit. This is nothing wrong and it proves that the particular item is versatile, great picked and also a good investment.

What do you think about this? Did you faced the same situation when you wanted to wear more and more one item and on the other hand when you bought something impulsively and never had the chance to wear it?

I`m so curious to hear your answers and some concrete examples :D
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
She In Cape
Zara Turtleneck
Choies Skirt
Choies Grey Over The knee Boots
Leather Bag Similar Here

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  1. Da, cam asa se intampla, sunt lucruri pe care le cumpar apoi nu le port si lucruri pe care le port la epuizare. Imi place pelerina, arata foarte bine ;)



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