17 October 2015

Bags, shoes and everything nice

 Good evening already!! I know I came with this post later than I am using to, but today, after a long while I overslept. It was extremely needed since the entire week I was fighting the horrible flu and I couldn`t take a breath and stay one day in bed in order to be back on track faster. 

But, today I want to present you my latest outfit that includes 2 of my favorite new in accessories: The Camel Safiano bag from YVY Bags and the Red Pumps from Jessica Buurman. The rest of the items are nothing complicated but it completes the entire outfit. 

And yes, lately I think I`ve made a small addiction to hats. I have some and I`m planning to add some more shapes and colors in order to create a small personal collection. And this will be added to my bags and shoes collections hahaha. 

I hope you like the entire outfit and let me know your impressions.
Wish you all a wonderful weekend and see you soon!!
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Choies Hat Here
Asos Coat from Kurtmann
Shein Blouse
Front Row Shop jeans
Jessica Buurman Red Heels Here
Stefanel Scarf 
YVY Bags Camel Safiano


  1. perfect winter look from top to toe!
    well done baby!!!

  2. Fabulous shoes! xx


  3. I looove how edgy this look! Those heels are the coolest, love the back details!


  4. so beautiful! those shoes are perfect, and i LOVE your hair!!
    great blog, by the way!! i can't wait to read more!! if you get the chance, i'd love it if you would check out my blog and let me know what you think! you're opinion would be great!

    also, i have a discount code for an etsy store that i think you would really like (it fits your style). i figured you might be interested!
    it's in my most recent post

    have a great week! :)
    love, rach.
    So, hi.


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