21 October 2015

Lately I`m so into casual outfits

You all feel my mood described in the title right? I mean in my case, there are days when I just want to be...let`s say a princess and I act accordingly: nice and girlish outfits and behave in the same way. But on the other hand are the other days when I would like to be a boy: casual outfits, large jeans, flats and a ponytail that helps me to forget about my long hair !!

It may sound silly but usually my mood in most of the cases inspires my outfits for each and every single day. Why in most of the cases? Well, I already told you that some of the outfits are prepared in advanced for the entire week. There can be changes and also outfits added if the schedule ask for them. 

You can also see the change in attitude and outfits between this post and the previous one. I think it is obvious but I have to tell you that sometimes this is the fun part of the fashion, that we can play with our wardrobes and that we can change everything all over again if we feel the need ♥

I hope you like it and I know, this outfit is more appropriate for the outside weather now. Even if I love the spring/summer weather I have to get used with this :))

Wish you all a wonderful day and check the I was wearing section for more details about the items I`m wearing

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Zara Jacket
H&M White Blouse
C&A Boyfriend jeans
Choies Shoes
Freyrs sunglasses
YVY Bags 
Marc Jacobs Watch

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  1. You look fantastic :)



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