16 October 2015

Black outfit with a touch of burgundy

 How was your day by far?  Mine started really good but the only problem that I`m facing is the flu that it seems it doesn`t want to give me some peace. I couldn`t sleep last night and neither the night before but I`m doing my fest to maximize the results of my activities and actions in order to have more time to rest and to stay in bed, drinking hot tea and sure taking the right medicines. 

Anyway, I will stop complaining right now because it wouldn`t help me. I want to tell you more about my outfit. I might look a bit overdressed but I was quite afraid to go out in my casual outfits in which I feel every wind. 

So these are my new items, just added to my wardrobe: The Asos coat & the burgundy leather pants. Both were bought from Kurtmann. And if you don`t know much about it, you have to know that is an amazing outlet where you can find mass market brands at super low pricess. Check the I was wearing section for direct links to the website.

Today I will also be on the run, but you also know what Beyonce says: "who run the worl? .... Girls" hhaha 

I hope I put a small smile on your face.
Let me know your impressions because it is always extremely important for me to know you feedback

Wish you all a wonderful weekend.
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
H&M shirt
Old knitted vest
Deichmann Shoes

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