23 October 2015

Autumn Colors

 Ok, these kind of autumn days are perfect: Not too cold, sunny and if you have seen, during this season we can enjoy the most wonderful colors of the year thanks to the course of nature.
We can also use these colors in different combinations for our outfits, but when is cloudy and rainy the only thing I`m thinking about is black or maybe grey. It depends on our mood a lot, I think, as I`ve told you also on my previous posts.

Regarding the outfit well, in the first instance I was a bit unsure about culottes, but lately I love them and I decided beside the black ones that I own to add a new pair of burgundy ones. Also, I wanted to combine them with a pair of over the knee boots because until now, I had the chance to wear them only with short or mini skirt in order to create the effect of extremely long legs. But things have changes and I moved to a different interpretation. What do you think about it? 

I hope you like it and maybe it will inspire your casual outfits for the weekend :D
Wish you all a wonderful Friday,
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Shein Leather Jacket
Zara Turtleneck
Bershka Culottes from Kurtmann
Jessica Buurman Lace-up boots
Marc Jacobs Watch
Leather bag similar Here
Sunglasses Similar Here


  1. You look phenomenal :)


  2. #motherfucker <3



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