22 March 2016

The end of March or September?!

Hi loves! Today I have a small story for you. Nothing fancy, is just about how my last Saturday was spent.
So, hair & make-up done, picking my outfit was quite simple just because I have in mind that what can happened?! Is almost the end of the month and I went out for lunch and to visit my parents, while taking also some pictures... as you have expected.

Said and done. First impact when I got out was that I was freezing. You can see that I had picked a sheer blouse and only a vest. Well, I`m a fighter and I asked myself what can be even worst?! The answer is quite simple: first of all, a strong wind that ruined my hairstyle from the first minute...and then, Manuella, stop touching your hair because it will look awful but then again, fingers in my hair looks better then the hair all over my face... Priceless!!

You might have thought that this is all, but is not. So, second of all, it started snowing... Snowing, really?!?!
Not one of my best days but I managed to get over it and have some fun by the end of the day after all!

I hope you have a wonderful day, not like the one I had!

Kisses, M ♥

I was wearing:
Inia Lavin Vest: Here
Blouse: H&M
Zara Pants: Here
Tamaris Boots
Bag: YVY Bags


Thank you for stopping by and for your comments! I`ll promise to visit you as soon as I can :)