6 March 2016

Red Alert

 Good evening loves! When this week passed? I have to say that I did not even feel it and everything was so fast. But here I am prepared for a new week and with a new outfit that might inspire your new decisions ♥

I won`t write too much, just because I want to enjoy the rest of the day watching a movie and simply do nothing. So, check the I was wearing section and wish you all a wonderful evening!

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Inia Lavin Vest: Here
Plaid Shirt: Here
Old Jeans
Jessica Buurman Heels: Here
Michael Kors Bag: Here
Prada Shades: Here


  1. styling looks perfect;)


  2. Manuela, I have seen a lot of this kind of R+B outfits (its popular set), some of them are nice, some average, but Your belong to VERY GOOD. Comfortabe but with some elegant element - like heels (are great!!! But probably no comfortable :) ) and beauty coat. Bag - I have the same but black, its super for me.
    I forgot - sunglas is also perfect! I bought similar one 3 weekes ago in very good price :) Ok, I am finishing: You looks SUPER!!!

    blog minimalissmo


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