23 March 2016

If you can`t stop thinking about it...

If you can stop thinking about it... buy it!! These are the words written on my t-shirt and it couldn`t be more wright. Do I have to tell you that if they are on sold on it was love at first sight, second thinking is also useless?

Is not the first time when I`m encouraging you to visit Kurtmann. They have most of the brands like: Zara, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, Asos and more at super discounts that you cannot say no to. For example I spent no more than 60 ron ( around 15 euro) on my t-shirt together with the skirt. Even if it was a small investment, I think the outfit is quite a good one.

So, let`s share some good knowledge and tell me your secret shops that are a must to see and buy from :D I`m really curious what I have missed.

Wish you a wonderful day,
Kisses, M ♥

I was wearing:
Rag and Bone Hat
Shein Jacket
Bershka T-shirt from Kurtmann
Berska T-shirt from Kurtmann
Black Clutch
Tommy Hilfiger Watch
Jessica Buurman Boots


  1. Awesome look!! Love the skirt and otk boots combination!! Very sexy

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  2. Absolutely great look! Mini skirt and boots fit ideally. Hat and jacket too.


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