21 March 2016

Office and Pom Poms

Hi loves! I just got back from a run and wanted to share with you a new outfit post. Office was the first thing that comes into our mind when we see this outfit, but I`m sure that most of you will tell me that you cannot go to work wearing this gorgeous pair of pom poms shoes.

I, somehow, understand your opinion but then again, I have to ask why so? It is different, it is brave and it is fashionable, while excluding the ugly shoes, women prefer to wear instead of these, just because the ugly one are comfortable, but ugly. And you can see that I`m insisting on this not so kind word, mostly because they are not ugly only because of their aspect but also because they create the impression of short legs and thick ankles.
So why in this world a women will want or will deliberately wear something even if she knows that it will not show the best version of herself?!

Anyway, the shoes together with this Shop Andreea Raicu dress are making quite a team, don`t you think?
Check the I was wearing section for more and wish you all a wonderful and sunny new week

Kisses, M ♥

I was wearing:
Prada Sunglasses: Here
Andreea Raicu Dress: Here
Pom Poms Heels: Here
Clutch: Here
Swarovski Bracelet
Guess Watch :Similar Here

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  1. Rochia este foarte simpatica Si iti vine perfect acest model. Iti scoate talia in evidentă. In plus ador acele pufoșenii din picioarele tale!


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