1 March 2016

Best Friend Jacket together with up to 25% Spring Sale


The internet was full of pictures with these 2 besties: Caroline Vreeland and Shea Marie with their "Best Friend jackets. Indeed they made a statement and they were extremely eye-catching.
Since it`s 1st of March, I want to tell you that you can have these jackets and even more items (designers one included, of course) at 25% discount.
You don`t know where to find them? I am here to help and just click HERE or on the picture and you`ll be directed to the jacket`s link ♥

Spring Sale is also perfect for this time of the year when we have to change our wardrobes and if you want to make some smart investments that will last more than one season, now it is time to do it. So check my favorite website Here and enjoy discounts up to 25% and I will continue by showing you some of the new added items on my wishlist ♥


So, since Spring is officially here, we can start to invest in swimwear and get prepared if we want to have a great appearance. Here are my picks:
 Swimwear: Here, Here & Here
 Swimwear: Here, Here & Here
 For love & Lemons Lingerie: Here, Here & Here

And now, some clothing items that we all should invest in ♥



  1. Cat de tari sunt gecile Best Friends! shopbop rules ! :)


    1. Indeed Shopbop is great! Si gecile nu mai spun :D ♥

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