16 December 2015

What to wear on Christmas Eve or NYE

I think that during the holidays most girls search for the perfect outfits in which they`ll shine in these 2 wonderful occasions of the year. Even more because after so much work and effort done for the beloved ones like searching for gifts, cooking, cleaning the house, search for the right Christmas Tree and so on, we need to feel gorgeous and to have our moment.
So, my post today will come with outfit suggestions that will make your decision easier. Sammydress, is one of those website from which I am constantly placing orders because they have good offers and because the price/quality ratio is perfect.
So, for you today, I will start with the dresses. Here are some suggestions and below the pictures you can see the direct link to the one you like the most: 

As you might guesses, is time that we continue with the shoes. I prefer stiletto since it`s cold outside but if you dare, you can also decide from the wide range of styles on their website:

So, what is left? Accessories, of course. I decided to share some clutches instead of earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings, because when it comes to them, we all have different tastes and for sure plenty of them in our wardrobes so I will let you decide by your own:

I hope that my suggestions can inspire you and I have no doubts that you`ll all look stunning!
Enjoy the shopping and do not neglect your outfits :D
Kisses, Manuella


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