11 December 2015

The Bag Issue

How many bags do we need to own in order to say that we have enough bags?
For example, in my case, after buying the third Michael Kors Bag, I`ve said that I will take a break and change a bit the focus on other brands. For how long? I don`t know yet, but I know is not for ever.
So, changing the focus... great idea on paper, but I`ve change it to another brand that I love, YVY Bags. I was the happy owner of 3 bags too, but this changed since I added 2 more with a total number of 5 right now. So, was my strategy effective? Not really... but at least I have 2 new gorgeous bags and I will show you one today and the mustard one later this week ♥

I always have purposes like this and I have to admit that some of them are more inspired than the others but in this case I'm more than happy becayse I have 2 new colors :D
So evwn if the weather is not that great I wish you all a happy weekend!

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  1. beautiful, stylish and above all feminine :)



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