4 December 2015

Casual outfit for busy days

Who said you can`t stay True to Fashion even if you`re wearing a casual/sport outfit? You might have guessed, this post comes as a second part of the "stay True to Fashion" series in collaboration with a website I just found called True Fashion.
There you can find designer items at great discounts and this is always the motto of all the smart girls:"Smart Investments". I like to invest in statement pieces or classic ones that will last in my wardrobe more than just a season. And  by doing this, you`ll find that in the long run, you`re savings will increase and you`re items will still be ready to be worn.
During the years, I managed to keep my enthusiasm and to buy only the things that count the most. Don`t get me wrong, it's not a 100% rate but is close to it and I`m extremely proud of myself ♥

And by the way, this leather jacket is something you shouldn`t miss out on because it`s extremely soft and versatile that for sure you`ll love always and forever as it was my case!!

As usual, for direct links check the "I was wearing" section and each description will bring you to the specific website.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend loves
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Calvin Klein Leather Jacket
Tommy Hilfiger Shirt
C&A Boyfriend Jeans
Guess Sunglasses
Cavalli Class Bag
Michael Kors Allie Trainers


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