2 December 2015

stay True to Fashion

Good evening girls ♥ Today I am presenting you one of my favorite outfits that made Silvia think about Jackie Kennedy while she was looking at me. I have to say that I feel honored for receiving this comparison and it can only bring a huge smile on my face. I know that she would have never worn lace up over the knee boots but it`s just my suggestion for these days.

Also, today I want to share with you this website I just found recently, called True Fashion where you can find designer items at super affordable prices which is a dream to every fashionista, right? Even more, they have prepared some super discounts for this period, in advance for the Christmas Holidays. So, you can make the perfect gift for your beloved ones at a lower price or you can buy more items in your initial budget♥

So, I hope that you like my new suggestion, I know that you`re always in search of new websites as I am and what you should also know is that they deliver the items and in less than 48h you`ll get your hands on the package due to the fact that everything on the website is in stock. I am thrilled about this because I just ordered something for St. Nicholas for my love and I know that it will arrive in time and the shoes will be happy to receive the present hahaha.

For more details about the outfit you can check the "I was wearing" section and you`ll be surprised to see the prices and for sure you`ll make a great wishlist for this season ♥

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Fendi Sunglasses
Tommy Hilfiger Jacket
Versace Dress
Cavali Class Bag
Jessica Buurman Boots

Photos by Silvia Cimpeanu from Bucharest Style
Place: Centrul Shakti


  1. you look beautiful:)
    you have a wonderful skirt :)


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