7 December 2015

Blue jeans, White shirt

 I know, big jacket, boyfriend jeans and large shirt. Last week when I wore this outfit I felt the need to have large items on me and to be extremely comfortable since it was a long busy day with thousand places to be in. I have to admit, the heels were only on when I was outside of the car, otherwise I had the most wanted sneakers :)) Why so?! Because this is what I understand when we talk about comfort and the heels are not getting even closer to it, no matter how comfortable they are for the first 2 or 3h, in the end my feet will be in pain.
So sorry for my tired face, even the wonderful make-up made by the Mac girls is not listening anymore :)) But I have to say that I just love this type of smokey eyes and for sure I will try it again, even more because it`s part of this season trends.  

So, I wish you all a wonderful week and remember... we have 2 and a half weeks until Christmas ♥ Can`t wait for it!!

Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
Shein Pu Jachet
H&M Shirt
C&A Boyfriend Jeans
Garkony Heels
Love Moschino Bag similar here


  1. You look fantastic in this set;)
    you have beautiful shoes :)


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  3. Love the leather jacket and boyfriend jeans look!
    The Lady Fairer

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