10 September 2015

What not to wear during the windy days :))

 Today as you all know was a windy and cloudy kind of a day. Indeed, is autumn and this kind of weather is actually appropriate for this time of the year. If yesterday I showed you a wonderful summerish outfit, today things had changed. 

Regarding the title: " What not to wear during the windy days" it refers to my outfit, obviously. I mean, who decides to wear hats on windy days? And also who decides to wear large dresses with high slit?! 
The answer to all this questions is ... Me :)) It sounds like in those commercial when they try to sell you something and the only answer to all your problems is that specific product or service...

Anyway, talking more about the outfit, if you want to be comfortable and still be updated and wear items from the a/w 2015-2016, you can for sure go for this kind of red plaid shirtdress. Sporty yet chic due to the my new pair of boots. And another inside aspect, the only thing I was thinking during the day was that the rain won`t start because I didn`t want to get wet on my feet fingers :))

I hope you like it and let`s hope for more sunny days :D Fingers crossed. 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
Persunmall Dress Here
Jessica Buurman Boots Here
Zara Belt from Kurtmann
YVY Bags Black Leather Bag
Old Hat


  1. You look fantastic :)
    great dress;)


  2. Do I like that dress more.. or those boots?! :)

    I can't choose! :P

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