11 September 2015

Do we wear jumpsuits this season?

 The answer is for sure yes and also yes for denim jumpsuits. Jeans are always part of the fashion shows in different forms and shapes from one season to another. The denim jumpsuits are quite funny for me. I had others in the past and this year I changed a bit the style, to look more like a constructor worker. Yes, I`m joking, but I`ve tried to combine a bit the sportish items with the chic ones as you also have seen in some of the a/w 2015-2016 fashion shows. Also I think that you have noticed that this post together with the previous one include autumn/winter fashion trends that in my case, suit my style. I`m sure is not so difficult to pick your favorite trend and to do it your way, so make a try and you`ll be amazed how things can turn out.

 It was a funny photoshoot and you can also see in the last pictures how things turned out. I`m not used to wear this kind of caps and also not the other way round. But lately I also challenge myself and my style. I want to try new styles but as you can see the feminine part is always present no matter what I`m trying to do. Maybe i should try harder...hmmm!! We`ll see how things will evolve.

I hope this is another outfit that can inspire you and if you think that the no sleeves jumpsuit is not appropriate for this kind of weather you can always add a leather biker jacket :D You`ll change the style a bit but it will look awesome. Another idea will be to add a white or plaid shirt under the jumpsuit..mm? I am sure you can also find other great ideas and I really invite you to share them with me if you want. It will be like a change of experiences :D

Kisses and wish you all a wonderful weekend (sunnier I meant)
Manuella ♥

 I was wearing:
H&M Hat

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