29 September 2015

Rainy Autumn... don`t care

If the previous days I was wearing shorts and sandals, today things were completely different. I mean, it was extremely cold outside and the plus was brought by the rain. So, my outfit was a complete chaos because I combined all the things that were in the front of my wardrobe. I have to confess that up until this moment, I wasn`t able to completely change and arrange my wardrobe with items suitable for this season. 

But, I promise you that I will do my best to change it asap, since the weather is not going to change too soon. Nothing surprising, is almost October but, I enjoyed so much the previous days...and I think that it is also suitable to say the last days of great weather, that I completely forgot that soon wi
ll be the time to change the wardrobes.

Lucky me, I had some new in items that I loved and combine them all together: This new pair of boyfriend jeans from C&A that I wanted for a while due to their color, the new Tamaris boots ♥ and the perfect lace-up blouse.
Oh and yes, as much as I love to wear heels, from time to time I switch it to flats and feel extremely good and comfortable :D

Wish you all a wonderful day and can`t wait to hear your impressions 
Kisses, Manuella ♥

I was wearing:
C&A Boyfriend Jeans
Guess Watch
Stefanel Scarf


  1. F. frumoasa tinuta pentru o zi de toamna!!!
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  2. Foarte chic tinuta, iar pozele sunt superbe! :)

  3. You look sensational;)


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